How to Download Nook Books to PC 2023

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According to CNN Business, "Barnes & Noble attributed the decline to a drop in store traffic. Online sales also dropped 14.3% because of fewer promotions, including in Barnes & Noble's Nook tablet business". As time goes, readers don't hold so much confident on Barnes & Noble's business, so does the Nook eBook business. Actually, Barnes & Noble is the first company who reduces the download options among the major eBook vendors. Now, it is very hard for Nook users to download Nook books to their computers because they have discontinued Nook for PC/Mac and web downloading option. I know many people have consumed ebooks in this store for a very long time. Apparently, reducing the methods of downloading Nook books push away the customers who want to purchase ebooks from Barnes & Noble. In my aspect, this action will take some responsible for the decline of Barnes & Noble's revenue. To address Bares & Noble's wrong action, I will share 3 different ways to download Nook books so you can back up your purchased nook books safe locally.

Part 1. Download Nooks Books to Computer

Although Barnes & Noble had tried hard to discontinue the Nook book reading on computer, we still can find valid ways to download Nook books to computer, especially for Windows system users.

Download Nook books to Windows

The three methods worked smoothly when I tested them, but now only Nook Windows App is still working.

Method 1 Download Nook books to windows via Nook App from Windows store

Nook offers the Nook app for Windows 10 on Windows Microsoft store. If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8,  you can log in your Windows store to search "Nook" apps and install it on your computer to get your Nook books downloaded.

1. Download and install Nook app for Windows 10 if you still have not installed it. Then launch Nook Windows 10 app and sign in with your Nook account information.

2. When you log in, all Nook books will be displayed at your Nook library. If the book is not downloaded, there will be a download icon at the top left corner. Just click the book cover to download Nook books to your computer.

download button

For Nook books downloaded by this way, you can remove Nook DRM with Epubor Ultimate with only 1 click.

remove nook drm


Note:To decrypt Nook books, please contact support@epubor.com with your Nook account information to request the nook key to decrypt your Nook books. Your Nook account information will be only used for generating Nook key files to decrypt Nook books successfully. Your information will never be leaked out or used for other purpose. It is just for one-time use.


Method 2 Download Nook books to windows via Nook for PC (Old Nook for PC version)


  • Updated: This method does not work any more since 1/1/2019. Many users reported that they will get error code when they try to download the books via Nook for PC although they still can log in their account and read the Nook books via Nook for PC.

When reading this title, you may think where I can find the old version of Nook for PC as Nook has already discontinued this application. Here I have prepared the installation package for you here.

1. Download & install this software on your Windows computer.

2. Run Nook for PC and log in Nook account by inputting the email address & passwords. Then click on "Sign in" to login your Nook library.  

log in Nook for pc

3. As you have logged in, click on " Library" tab at the left side bar, and you can see your books have been listed at the right main interface.

load nook library

4. To download Nook books, you can either click on the book cover to download the ebooks or click on "Option"-->>"Download" to download Nook books.

download nook books to computer

5. This book has been successfully downloaded to my Windows computer.

downloaded nook epub

Method 3 Download Nook books to Windows via Nook study


  • Updated 10/19/2019: This method doesn't work any more since Nook has discontinued its server.

I have tested this method about half a year ago and ensure this method still works. But when I try this application at my Windows again today(5/4/2019), I can not log in my account any more. Below is the error message when I try to log in my account. It never let me sign in successfully even my account information is correct.

nook study log in error

If you like, you can still give a shot. Please let me know if this method is still working on your area. Below is the valid installation package I collect for you guys.

Download Nook Study Old Version

Steps of logging in Nook study and downloading nook books successfully

Step 1. Run Nook study on your PC, fill in your Nook account information and close it before times out.

Step 2. Re-open Nook study, you will see there is a processing bar in the login window showing that Nook is loading your library.

loading nook study library

Once your library has been loaded, you will see all your Nook books in your Nook library.

nook study library

Step 3. Click the book cover, you will download your Nook books successfully.

download nook books

I have tested this method for many times, and it works like a charm. Just give a try, and it will not let you down.

Download Nook books to Mac

I know many people do not have the Windows computer, but only Mac. If you want to download your Nook books to mac for backup, this is a challenge. Just try the below workaround.

As I have mentioned in above part that we can still find some ways to download Nook books to Windows computer, why not change your Mac to Windows? Yes, I mean install Windows system on your Mac computer. I know some of you already are dual-boot users. So you can follow the above instructions to download Nook to Windows system. If you only have one system on your Mac computer, installing the Windows system is still a workaround. If you think this is worth to try, you can search “How to install Windows system on Mac" to get the Windows system installed and then download Nook books to Mac.

Part 2. Download Nook Books to eReaders

1. Download Nook books to Nook eReader

As Nook has its own eReader, this is the easiest way to download nook books. Below is the detailed steps.

Step 1. Start your Nook eReader and sign in with your own Nook account information.

Step 2. Go the library, and then tap the book cover to download Nook books to your library. Once the books have been downloaded, the download icon will be disappeared. Your books will be downloaded to your Nook eReader, but Nook books downloaded via Nook eReader are hidden so you cannot find them.

download nook books to nook

2. Download Nook books to Kindle & Kobo

Besides Nook eReader, Kindle and Kobo are the most popular eReaders among the market. Many eBook lovers inquiry if there is any way to download nook books to Kindle or Kobo? Sure, you can get the answer from converting Nook to Kindle or read Nook books on Kindle.

Part 3. Download Nook Books to iOS & Android Devices

1. Download Nook books to iOS device

Step 1. Please go to your Apple store to search "Nook" to download and install your Nook app for iOS.

Step 2. Launch the Nook app for iOS and then sign in with your Nook account information.

Step 3. When you log in, the Nook app will display all your purchased book. You'll also see that there is a "Download" button at bottom of your book cover. Just tap "Download" button to download Nook books.

download nook books ios

2. Download Nook books to Android device

Step 1. Please download and install the Nook from your GooglePlay store. Or you can get it from Nook official website.

Step 2. When the installation has been finished, please launch it and sign in with your Nook account.

Step 3. All books will be displayed at your library with the "Download" button besides it. To download Nook books, just tap the "Download" button and the downloading process will start.

download nook books to android device

Frequently Asked Questions about downloading Nook books to computers
Q1: Why cannot I find the Nook books downloaded to my Nook?

A: You cannot see any books downloaded via your Nook eReader because they are in a hidden partition. If you want to back up your Nook books, please download Nook books to your computer and then run Epubor software to remove Nook DRM.

Q2: How to backup Nook books?

A: For backing up Nook books, please read this article How to Backup Nook Books.

Q3: Where are nook books stored on android?

A: The books downloaded to your Android device will be stored here: /data/data/bn.ereader/files/B&N Downloads/Books. But this path is only accessible to root on the device.

Q4: Where are nook books stored on windows 10?

A: If you download the Nook books via Nook for PC(old version) or Nook study, you can find Nook books stored here: Documents--->My Barnes & Noble eBooks.
If you download Nook books via Windows Store Nook app, you can find it here: C:\Users\"username"\App Data\Local\Packages\BarnesNoble.Nook_ahnzqzva31enc \LocalState
Epubor Ultimate can detect and decrypt Nook books both downloaded via Nook for PC and Nook app for Windows.

Q5: Can I remove Nook DRM with Epubor Ultimate?

A: Sure, you can remove drm from nook ebook with Epubor Ultimate. Here is the detailed guide>>How to Remove Nook DRM (2023 Updated).

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

Q6: I can log into my Nook account and see all my books in the library on Nook Windows app, but I cannot download it to my computer. Why?

Answer: If you are using Proxy, please just close it and try again. Nook forbids the downloading in some area, so you may change the proxy and try again.

For more questions about downloading Nook books, please leave them in the comments.


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03/9/2019 02:55:52
I just tried to follow the Nook Study directions without success.  I had to install the package first as I had never used it.  Perhaps it needs to have a profile set up first of some kind?  I enter my email address and password but no matter how quickly I close it I still have a blank form when I restart it.
03/14/2019 12:37:39
I also had never used Nook Study before and had to download it. When I tried to log in with my B&N info I received the error message that "A network problem has occurred. This may be the result of slow, limited or no connectivity. Please try again later." I have entered the info quite a few times but never got anywhere else. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
03/31/2019 10:46:37
I tried the old Nook for PC and it is giving me the same message as the other two comments.  I am sick over this.  There has to be a way to have a copy of my Nook books for myself.  I am not buying another Nook as my newest (Glowlight3) has been a horrible device.  I wish I would have downloaded my books when I could.  I paid for them!!
04/2/2019 08:54:45
About 2 weeks before, Nook has discontinued the Nook for pc and nook study server. Therefore this is no way to download Nook books from Nook for pc or Nook study now. The only way to download Nook books is using Nook app for windows 10. So you have a try.
04/1/2019 03:11:36

I have tried the old Nook for PC and Nook Study and that didn't work per my previous comment.

I just tried the Nook app from the windows store- I downloaded all of my books but they are not downloading to my computer - at least I can't find them anywhere after searching thoroughly.  I guess Barnes and Noble have figured out a way to keep them in the app and off my computer? I'm not tech savvy and do not understand how apps work. Do you have any other ideas for backing up my Nook books?

Thank you.

04/2/2019 08:56:02
Try to download the Nook books via Nook Windows app. This is the only way to download Nook books for now.
04/19/2019 11:05:06
I downloaded a book on the Win 10 app but can't find it on my PC to convert
04/23/2019 22:12:00
I've tried all the options including searches via file extension, manually typing in the path to the files etc. Nothing works.
04/23/2019 23:21:30
I tried downloading the books through the Windows app. When I click on the icon on the upper left of a book, nothing happens. It gets stuck without downloading. Any help?
04/24/2019 08:59:57
Recently, the Nook has changed many things, ever stopped their server for Nook for pc and nook study.
So we are not sure what happen exactly. You can login and out to try more times.
Or you can just contact Nook customer service to see what happened.
02/24/2020 06:52:30
AppData is one word.
08/13/2019 11:19:03
If you download Nook books via Windows Store Nook app, you can find your books here (they will be numbers only with epub extensions): C:\Users\"username"\App Data\Local\Packages\BarnesNoble.Nook_ahnzqzva31enc \LocalState
06/24/2019 02:55:39
Has anyone considered a class action lawsuit against B&N for blocking Nook ebook purchasers from downloading their Nook ebooks?
07/6/2019 00:01:56
Yes.  I have contacted a lawyer but I haven't been gutsy enough to pursue it.  I just want my files, not money.
07/19/2019 07:16:41
None of these work any longer.  Can only read by signing onto your barns and noble account now.  Can't download.  This is why ebooks suck...they can take them away from you anytime they want.
07/22/2019 10:54:41
Thank you for reporting this. We have tested above mentioned methods and the solutions for download nook books to computer don't work any more. The reason is Nook has closed its server for Nook desktop applications.
10/21/2019 22:25:37
I’ve spent so much money on my books for my nook but now I can not download any of them.What is going on?
10/22/2019 11:02:48
Please get the Nook app from Microsoft store and then download Nook books. This is the only way to download nook books to computer(windows 8 and 10 only).
For removing Nook DRM, please use Nook drm removal. Any more  problem, please feel free to contact support@epubor.com
12/4/2019 21:02:45
except that doesn't work - I've tried a variety of nook apps but they no longer have an ability to download the books.  It's a lot of BS really, those are my books and I should be able to download them.
12/9/2019 13:48:31
For download your nook books, please try to use nook app( from windows stor) to download them. It still works.
11/18/2019 20:08:01
Not all for Windows 10 will not install, update, or anything else. I've uninstalled, cleared registry, tried to re install, nothing. Luckily i had all mine backed up in Calibre.
11/20/2019 08:42:57
Do you mean you cannot install nook app on your windows  10?
12/23/2019 08:33:13
I literally just tried to download Nook for Windows 10.  It seems to install ok, but when I open the app and click on a book in my library it does nothing.  The progress bar comes on on the left side, but that's it. I even let it sit for 15 min in case it was a slow connection.  Didn't work.  So p***ed  . .
12/27/2019 08:48:38
Thank you for your feedback. Please check your internet connection. We just check this method after your comments and ensure the nook book still can be downloaded via Nook windows 10 app.
12/26/2019 14:08:17
The iOS Nook app no longer gives the option to download ebooks.
12/27/2019 08:55:21

Earlier this year I downloaded my Nook books via the windows app like you suggested.  I found the files and made a note of where they were located but I tried to retrieve them today and they are gone.  How can they just disappear?

Does it still work to download them using the windows app? I just tried it but I cannot find them.  They aren't here: C:\Users\"username"\App Data\Local\Packages\BarnesNoble.Nook_ahnzqzva31enc \LocalState

I am so frustrated with Barnes and Noble!  I haven't bought anything from them in ages, nor will I ever again.

01/18/2020 22:44:39
The most un-yser frendly sight ever!
04/7/2020 21:51:10
Plz sent any of beautiful noble story
04/8/2020 07:14:45

What does you mean the nook story? If you have any issue on downloading the nook books, please leave in the comments. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Have a nice day!

11/6/2020 13:36:16
I have the Nook for PC app on my Windows 10 computer but it will not let me sign in.  It continues to tell me that my password is wrong, even though it works on the B&N web site.  I have tried resetting the password a few times but that doesn't work either.  Another unsupported B&N Nook issue?
12/22/2020 16:00:43
I just tried using the Nook app in the Windows 10 store and I can't even login.  I get an error every time I click on the account button.  It does not even let me enter my username and password.
12/23/2020 08:57:10
Thank you for reporting this issue. But as my side, I can download nook books via Nook windows app. This error may be caused by the region difference. You can contact the Nook support to get the further assistance or change the internet connection and try again.
04/23/2021 11:52:43
In the past I downloaded, opened and closed a book in the Nook for PC app then went to the LocalState file where I had to find the correct book since it had no title just a bunch of numbers (ISBN + other identifying numbers) then copied the book to a file for Nook books and renamed the copied file with the name of the book.  Now I open the LocalState file to discover that most of the books in this file are just jpg files of the book cover of the book.  The text of the books are no longer actually downloaded to the PC as they were before.  Or am I not in the correct location?  Thank you
04/25/2021 09:30:53
Thank you for using our software. For the Nook books location on PC, please check this default path for downloaded nook books: C:\Users\"username"\App Data\Local\Packages\BarnesNoble.Nook_ahnzqzva31enc \LocalState
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.
06/26/2021 17:12:21
Yeah nice. Doesnt work anymore in 2021 > There seems no way to get the Windows Version (no more available in Store) or the Android App (Not downloadable anymore).
06/28/2021 09:55:43
Thank you for using our software. But we've test the downloading just now and ensure that downloading from windows 10 app is still working.
If you cannot download Nook books, please check your internet.
07/3/2021 01:51:42
Which version of the Nook epub file can be decrypted without me having to send my username and password to you? I assume that not everyone trying to remove DRM from Nook files has to do that, so which way should I access the files so that the app decrypts it immediately? Does it depend on the when the book was originally purchased or which device you use to download it?
07/5/2021 09:28:45
Thank you for asking. The only way to download nook books to computer is via Windows 10 app.
And without the Nook account information, we cannot manually generating a key file for you to decrypting your nook books.
If you have any concern, you can pass our software. It is ok. To be honest, this information will not be collected for any other usage, but to generating the key. And the information will be deleted after the key has been generated. Also you can choose the passwords immediately after you received the nook key file.
Have a nice day.
08/2/2021 17:31:39
I was able to get the nook ap from the microsoft store and install it and then download my old nook books successfully, thanks.
08/3/2021 08:42:50
Thank you for sharing.
12/6/2021 02:18:01

I have an issue where I no longer have a physical nook, but I still have my entire library on it, so I want to download my nook library to my computer so that I would be able to convert it to my kindle. I got the nook for windows 10 app and started downloading books, and it seemed to be working because the loading bar was populating, but when I went to check the file path there was nothing there. I looked under the nook ultimate folder as well as documents and downloads, and there was still nothing. So then I tried to uninstall the app and delete the folders with the hope that it would work upon reinstallation. Still nothing (this time, the installation didn’t even create the nook ultimate folder). I went searching on my computer and checked the file path: C:\Users\”username”\App Data\Local\Packages\BarnesNoble.Nook_ahnzqzva31enc \LocalState and still – you guessed it – nothing. I'm frustrated because I paid for the books, I should be able to download them.

12/7/2021 10:20:55
Please ensure your books have been downloaded successfully. Then you'll find the download nook books at the path you mentioned.
07/24/2022 11:00:40
I'm a fairly technical user. If I buy a license can you send me the instructions for generating the key file? That seems a whole lot more secure than sending you my account credentials, which quite frankly is just not an option.
09/14/2022 23:08:04

Had I known this was going on, I would have never purchased an ebook in the format of NOOK. I am experiencing the same travail as all of you. I found this jewel on looking for a suitable app for windows 10. BN has known of this problem for a long time and will not switch ebook format back to .pdf.

Is Nook app discontinued?
On March 10, Microsoft and Nook Media updated their agreement forged two years ago, according to a new 8-K filing by Barnes & Noble. Under terms of the amendment, Nook Media is allowed to discontinue distributing the Nook Windows app and to cease work on its Windows Phone app.Mar 13, 2014

04/10/2023 04:39:28
I downloaded the Nook for PC.  I then downloaded some of my books from my B & N library.  The Epubor app worked on the few books I converted.  I did them one at at time, but I only had a limited amount of time.  When I came back the next day, it only worked when I re-archived the book and then downloaded it again.  I have a large library so I knew I wasn't going to do this for every book.  So, I uninstalled  and reinstalled everything, the Nook app and Epubor.  Second time around I unarchived and downloaded everything.  Then I highlighted all the books in Epubor and dragged them together.  The DRM was removed from each of them.  I then highlighted all of the files and converted them all at once.  Everything decrypted successfully.  I was then able to load them onto my Kindle.  Worked like a charm!  I have saved a copy of each Epub version and the converted version of all of my
B & N books in my OneDrive since I've never used the 1TB of storage.  I'm good to go, irrespective of anymore changes B & N inevitably will make.  I'm done with them.
04/10/2023 14:46:37
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that you have backed up all your nook books safely.
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