How to Edit EPUB with Microsoft Word?

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We download EPUB online but when we open it, we find there are several spelling or formatting errors. Or the cover, publisher, author and other metadata are incorrect. This may make us very uncomfortable when reading, but how can we solve the problem? Editing EPUB file is surely the best way. But the EPUB file cannot be edited directly, how can we achieve this? When it comes to edit EPUB file, the first tool we think of may be Sigil, which is a powerful and professional EPUB editor. But as for those who are not so familiar with this tool, it will be difficult to operate. So here I want to share you an easier way--Edit EPUB with Microsoft word. I guess it's more convenient and easier for us to edit our EPUB files.

Firstly, make your EPUB editable

It's not hard for us to know that DRM protected EPUB files are not allowed to be edited. So before we start to edit EPUB, we'd better make sure our EPUB file is DRM free. Therefore we need an eBook DRM removal to help us, here I want to share a professional software Epubor Ultimate with you. With this tool, we can remove DRM from EPUB files with ease, no matter they are Adobe DRMed, Nook DRMed or Kobo DRMed. Compared with other DRM removal tools, it's easier and friendly to use. Most of its operations are automatic, I guess almost everyone knows how to use it for the first time. You can download it for free trial!

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How to remove DRM from EPUB files?

  1. Download and install ADE, Nook for PC/Nook for Mac. (Depending on where your EPUB files come from)
  2. Open EPUB with ADE or sync files with Nook for PC/Mac.
  3. Launch Epubor Ultimate.
  4. Drag EPUB files to Ultimate to remove DRM, click "File--Open decrypted folder" to check your DRM free EPUB files.

remove drm from epub

Second, install plugin for word--ePUBee Maker

To edit EPUB with Microsoft word, we also need an editing tool to help us. It's ePUBee Maker, a plugin for Microsoft Word. As long as we installed it, we can edit our EPUB files with word easily.

After we install it successfully, once we open a word document, we can see "ePUBee Maker" from the menu bar.

epubee maker installed successfully

Note: This plugin only has Win version, does not support Mac.

Edit EPUB with Microsoft word

Click "Import" on the toolbar under "ePUBee Maker" menu bar, select the DRM free EPUB file you need to edit. Wait moment, soon your EPUB file will be loaded successfully.

Find the content you need to modify and edit it. Just like edit in the Microsoft word.

edit epub with microsoft word

If you don't like the cover, you can also click "Cover" to place the original cover with a more beautiful image.

change the cover

Click "Author" , you will see a dialog below. You can edit its author, publisher and title. Besides, you can also hit "Add basic" and "Add roles" to add other related metadata information.

change metadata

In addition, after we have finished editing EPUB files, we can also save it as "Mobi" , "PDF" or "AZW" format with this plugin. Simply click "Build Mobi" , "Build PDF" or "Publish" to convert EPUB to Mobi/PDF/AZW format.

Now all the job have done. It's really convenient for those who are not very familiar with computer, right? As long as you know how to use Microsoft Word, this plugin will be easy for you to handle. Now just enjoy your eBooks.

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ePUBee Maker website is not safe. beware
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Question:  Does this product run on an i7-based PC running Windows 7 Pro and Word from Office 2003 Pro?

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