How to Manage & Export Kindle Highlights and Notes?

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If you want to retain more knowledge after finishing a book, making highlights and notes is the first and the most effectively method you need. Kindle provides a convenient way to highlight and write notes throughout you reading. But in most cases, there is no options to export those annotations to access them outside the book. Fortunately, Epubor release a new tool to export Kindle highlights and notes to MOBI/EPUB/PDF/TXT to read on computer or e-Readers. With this tool, It is very convenient for us to review our notes and highlights, and consolidate what's been learned!

Here to meet Epubor Kindle highlight & Note manager---Epubor Kclippings. With Epubor Kclippings, all notes and highlights saved in your Kindle device can be exported, edited, formated and published as an eBook! To be mentioned, this is a total free software!

Download Epubor Kclippings

Import Kindle Highlights and Notes With Epubor Kclippings

Kclipping is a wonderful tool for exporting Kindle highlights and notes. As a easy to use software, the interface is very clean and uncluttered, and let you know exactly what to do to get started.

epubor kclippings

For now, it works with the Kindle’s “My Clippings.txt” file for Kindle eReaders. Plug in Kindle eReader to your computer at first. Then open the Epubor Kclippings, and click on the "K" icon at the tool bar at the lef side. It will pop up a window as below picture.

set cliiping path

Usually, Epubor Kclippings will display My clippings.txt file path automatically so you just have to click on "OK" to load your Kindle highlight and notes to Kclipping. When all highlights and notes of your read books have been imported to your Epubor Kclippings. You can view or read them at any time even if you have eject your Kindle eReader.

Edit Kindle hightlights and notes

Epubor Kclippings enables you search, edit and even delete your Kindle highlights and notes.

Search --There is a search box at the top left corner. You can easily find the content you want to know. You can not only search the book title, but also the content of your highlights and notes.

Edit & Delete--When you move your mouse to the highlight or note, it will show where this highlights or notes located on your ebook and the date you made this notes. Before these information, you can see three icons 'Edit note', 'Finish' and 'Delete'. Click on 'Edit', you can edit your notes. When you have finished the editing, just click on" Finish" icon. If you do not like this notes, you can even delete it by clicking on 'Delete'.

import kindle highlights to Kclippings

Export Kindle Highlights and Notes

Don't you think that publishing your Kindle highlights and notes as eBooks is amazing? Epubor Kclippings will make this dream come true. It allows you export the Kindle highlights as MOBI/EPUB/TXT/PDF format.

At the toolbar, you can see a export icon, click on this icon, you are able to convert the Kindle highlights and notes to MOBI/EPUB/TXT/PDF format.

export kindle highlight and notes as ebooks

As you can see that the formatting of converted eBooks is beautiful and clearly show you every details that you marked on your Kindle eBooks. You will never miss anything if you want to quick browse your highlights and notes.

converted epub ebook

What's more, there is registration requirement. You just have to download it and enjoy it. It is definitely the best Kindle highlights and notes manager you've ever seen. Do not hesitate! Just download it now!

Download Epubor Kclippings

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07/30/2016 04:02:53
good reads and thanks for your helpful tools.
10/27/2016 00:51:50
hello johnny
your epubor software is really nice but i am looking for a way to remove the limitations on how many highlighted notes i can export.
after one has processed the kindle book with epubor, are the restrictions on the amount of highlighted text that i can export, removed?
best wishes
12/29/2017 18:37:38
Did you get a reply?
01/2/2018 16:25:04
You can download the latest version of Epubor Kclippings in this article. It has no limitation and totally free.
04/4/2017 18:32:46

Hi Jonny and All,

Welcome to try Klib, new way to manage Kindle highlights on macOS.

05/31/2017 14:15:16

Hi Jonny,

Here is another option: www.notehound.com

Note Hound creates page numbered, print edition citations from Kindle highlights that can be copied to writing/note-taking programs or downloaded as text or markdown files.

Please feel free to try it!


Graeme (Note Hound Developer)

03/18/2019 18:10:33
Thank you for the article.
You can also use Snippet - https://gosnippet.com/?kindle. This tool offers the possibility to sync your Kindle highlights in one place. It gives you the possibility to Review, Edit, Organize, and Save as PDF, Word, Text or Excel files!
Give it a try!
03/20/2019 16:04:50
You're welcome!
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