How to Jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite 2022

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With the development of Android and iOS devices, jailbreak is no longer so strange to people at present. After jailbroken we can easily modify our device and add some new and interesting features which the native system doesn't support. We've written an article of how to jailbreak Kindle Fire that has helped many Kindle Fire users. Today we'll show you how to jailbreak another popular Amazon ebook reader – the Kindle Paperwhite.

You may be confused of jailbreaking Kindle Paperwhite as it's only an e-ink eReader which runs Linux. It does not have various features like the Android-based Kindle Fire. Actually jailbreaking a Kindle Paperwhite will give you much convenience. For example, you can change the wallpaper. I bet you have been tired of the original wallpaper for a long time. Wanna change it? Just jailbreak your Kindle Paperwhite first!

Jailbreak Kindle with Firmware Version 5.3.0/ 5.3.1/ 5.3.4/ 5.3.5

Due to the fact that Amazon has made much limitation on their devices, jailbreaking Kindle device is more difficult than others like the Android phones. In this section, the jialbreak method only applies to 5.3.0, 5.3.1, 5.3.4 and 5.3.5. Tap the setting icon at the home page to enter setting menu. Then tap the setting icon again and choose "Device Info" from the drop down menu. You'll see the Kindle Paperwhite's firmware version.


Step 1. Change Kindle Paperwhite OS version

If your OS version is 5.3.0, 5.3.1, or 5.3.5, you don't need to change the OS version. Just go to step 2 directly; if your OS version is 5.3.4 or 5.3.6, you need to upgrade or downgrade it to 5.3.5. The following is the tutorial for upgrading/downgrading Kindle Paperwhite OS version.

1. Click here to download 5.3.5 OS .bin file

2. Turn Kindle Paperwhite into airplane mode and connect it to computer. Copy the .bin file to the root directory.

3. Eject Kindle Paperwhite. Choose menu – setting – menu – Update Your Kindle. Then the device will reboot and you will see an upgrading progress bar. After several minutes the upgrading will finish. You can check the OS version again to see if the Kindle Paperwhite has updated to 5.3.5.


Step 2. Install jailbreak files

At this step, we need to put the jailbreak files into Kindle Paperwhite. Click here to download the jailbreak zip file. Extract the zip file and you will see these files:


Connect Kindle Paperwhite to your computer. Now you need to put these files into different directories of your device: Put MOBI8_DEBUG and jailbreak.sh in the root directory and put jailbreak.mobi in the "documents" folder. Just leave the README.txt alone.



Eject the device and you'll find there is a new personal document at home page.


Open this file and click the "Jailbreak" link on the first page.


You'll see this page.


Follow these instructions and then your device will start the jailbreak process.


After the process has been completed, the Kindle Paperwhite will turn back to normal. You will see the new document we mentioned above has changed into another one. This means the jailbreaking is successful.


Jailbreak Kindle with Firmware Version 5.6.5

Kindle 5.6.5 jailbreak was released, it is not complicated to complete. But, make sure your Kindle's firmware version is 5.6.5. If the firmware version is lower than 5.6.5, please maually update it to 5.6.5. If it is upper than 5.6.5, such as 5.7.2, you need to downgrade to 5.6.5. jailbreak-kindle-paperwhite

Support Firmware version: Only firmware version 5.6.5.

Support Devices: Kindle Paperwhite 2, Kindle Paperwhite 3, Kindle Touch 2, and Kindle Voyage.

Before jailbreaking, turn on Airplane Mode; Update or downgrade to the firmware version 5.6.5.

Step 1. Download the jailbreak packages.

Download The Jailbreak archive (jb.zip) and the Hotfix package.

These two files are an essential part of successfully jailbreak. After downloading these .zip files, uncompress jb.zip and you will get a file named JB, save it and we will use it soon. Then connect Kindle to your computer with USB cable. Drag the file named JB (notice it''s not the jb.zip) to your Kindle's root directory beside the "documents" folder. Then "Safety remove" or "eject" your Kindle from computer.

Step 2. Set up jailbreak in Kindle Device.

This step requires you to act quickly or you may failed. Open Experimental Browser on Kindle and connect to "", If this address is failed to load, try this URL "http://kindlefere.com/jb/". You must type the full URL, include "http://", but do not contains quotation marks.

When opening it, read the notice in this page. If you fully understand the consequense of jailbreak and still want to do it, click "I Agree" button.

In the opened new page, Go to "Stage 1" first. And when it fails to load, return to the URL you entered. Go to "Stage 2" and watch the instructions on your titlebar.

Jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite 5.6.5

After it appears "run the ;fc-cache in the search bar", click "Search bar", type “;fc-cache” and click enter button.

When you see a message "Jailbreak Succeeded", it means the process is finished, Turn on airplane mode quickly.

Step 3. Update your Kindle Device.

Connect Kindle to computer again, uncompress "JailBreak-1.14.N-FW-5.x-hotfix" zip file and you will get a file named "Update_jailbreak_bridge_1.14.N_install.bin". Copy this file to your Kindle's root directory. Then eject Kindle from computer.

Open your Kindle eReader and find "Update Device" option and click it. Normally the location is Home -> Menu (Three vertical dot) ->Settings -> Menu -> Update Your Kindle. And wait for restarting.

After Kindle restarted, your kindle is fully jailbroken, and you can change the screensaver and read epub books now.

Jailbreak Kindle with Firmware Version 5.7.x/ 5.8.x

Kindle devices which have the firmware version 5.6.5 can be jailbroken by taking the above method. But as time's going, the Kindle firmware version has been upgraded by Amazon. And if your firmware versions are more advanced than 5.6.5 such as 5.7.x or 5.8.x, you can try this method to jailbreak your Kindle device.

1 Prerequisite conditions for jailbreak

Before you start to jailbreak your Kindle, please make sure all the below conditions are satisfied. And you must take responsibility for the risks of jailbreak your Kindle. Because of the risk of jailbreak, backing up all the contents of your Kindle is a good idea.

  1. 1. Make sure the first four or six serial numbers of your Kindle have been found in this Table 1. If not, please don't continue. If you don't know where you can find the Kindle Serial Number, you can read the full guide on How to Easily Find the Kindle Serial Number.

  2. 2. Support Devices: Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite 2/3, Kindle Touch 2/3

  3. 3. Make sure your Kindle has been bound with an Amazon account.

  4. 4. Your Kindle device must be with full battery.

  5. 5. Remove device password and turn off parental controls.

  6. 6. Turn off "Special Offers" option.

  7. 7. Turn on "Airplane Mode" and Close off WIFI/3G. Keep off-line during this procedure.

2 Downgrade Kindle to a specific firmware

Downgrading Kindle firmware is a prerequisite for jailbreak. If you want to jailbreak your Kindle, you should downgrade the Kindle device firstly. Until the Kindle device succeeds to downgrade, you can check the following steps.

You can download these specific firmware and learn how to downgrade your Kindle here.

3 Jailbreak your Kindle with a specific firmware

As long as you have downgraded your Kindle device to the specific version, you can continue the following important steps. For this part, you have two choices to jailbreak. If you have the Kindle Paperwhite 2, you can try below two methods to jailbreak. If not, you can directly check the method suitable for other Kindle versions.

Only Suitable for Kindle Paperwhite 2

1. Download kindle-jailbreak-1.14.N.zip

2. Decompress "kindle-jailbreak-1.14.N.zip" and you will find "kindle-5.4-jailbreak.zip".
    Decompress "kindle-5.4-jailbreak.zip" and you will get below files.

Update_jb_$(cd mnt && cd us && sh jb.sh).bin

3. Copy these files you got from "kindle-5.4-jailbreak.zip" to the root path of Kindle (at the same level with the documents folder).

4. Eject your Kindle from the computer.

5. Come back to your Kindle device and enter into the Kindle homepage. Choose the setting option and tap device option. You can see "Update your Kindle" option. Just tap it to update your Kindle device.

6. After you tap "Update your Kindle" option, don't do anything with your Kindle. When the "**** JAILBREAK ****" information comes out below your Kindle screen, it means the jailbreak procedure has been succeeded.

jailbreak kindle

Suitable for Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite 2/3, Kindle Touch 2/3

1. Download main-htmlviewer.tar.gz

2. Plug your Kindle device in a computer. When the Kindle disk displays, you can copy "main-htmlviewer.tar.gz" file to the Kindle root directory (at the same level with the documents folder).

3. Eject your Kindle device. At the home page of your Kindle device, you can see the search bar. Enter ;installHtml and confirm. The semicolon is a part of the contents you must input.

4. After the above steps, if the Kindle screen flashes and Kindle begin to reboot, it means you keep the right pace and you can continue the rest of the procession.

5. Download JailBreak-1.14.N-FW-5.x-hotfix.zip

6. Decompress JailBreak-1.14.N-FW-5.x-hotfix.zip. You can get a file named Update_jailbreak_hotfix_1.14.N_install.bin.

7. Plug your Kindle device in a computer. When the Kindle disk appears, you can transfer Update_jailbreak_hotfix_1.14.N_install.bin to your Kindle root directory.

8. Eject your Kindle from the computer and remove the USB cable.

9. Come back to your Kindle device and enter into the homepage screen. Tap the setting option and choose the device option. Find the "Update your Kindle" option and choose it to reboot your Kindle.

update your kindle

10. After the rebooting procession, your Kindle has been jailbroken.

cro buttom

You must try these methods step by step. When the jailbreak procedure has been done, you can update your firmware to the latest version with the effective jailbreak. Learn the details of how to update your Kindle firmware.

With these methods, you can jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite or other Kindle versions freely. If you have tried above methods and succeed, please leave your Kindle versions through the comment column to give others a reference.

Jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite3-4GB & Paperwhite3–32GB with Firmware

The jailbreaking method provided in this section only applies to Kindle Paperwhite 3 with firmware including Paperwhite 3 - 4GB and Paperwhite - manga 32GB (both devices are without special offers). Your mileage may vary if your device is with Special Offers or you have Special Offers enabled. For example, you may encounter boot loops when the factory firmware starts the first time. And if your device is passcode accessible or/and parental controls enabled, you probably will not bring your device back to normal from such boot loops. So I strongly recommend you to remove Special Offers and disable password access and parental controls before you perform the jailbreak.

How to remove Special Offers from your Kindle Paperwhite 3?

Click the menu icon from the home screen of your Kindle Paperwhite3;
Go to “Settings”-->My Account-->Special Offers;
Turn off “Special Offer Filtering’, “Home Screen Special Offers”, and “Screensaver Special Offers”.

Besides, please pay attention to your Kindle’s registration. Any change to the registration status (such as switching account, deregistration) will make you face the risk of losing the application keys install by the hotfix package. You may have to re-install the hotfix if you change registration status.

To ensure the jailbreak runs smoothly, you also need to block OTA updates before connecting your Kindle device to internet, so as to prevent firmware from updating automatically. Please create an OTA blocker directory folder under your Kindle root directory, and rename the folder to update.bin.tmp.partial. Use the exact folder name, don’t add file extension or put any contents into the folder.

Then please perform the steps written in the previous section in this article “Jailbreak Kindle with Firmware Version 5.8.x” as it share the same jailbreak procedure. Only the specific firmware for Paperwhite 3 and hotfix package need to be updated. Please set your Kindle Paperwhite to airplane mode and make sure it is fully charged during the procedure.

Download the specific firmware for Kindle Paperwhite 3:
firmware for PW3 factory

Download the current hotfix package:
current hotfix package

For the last updating your Kindle Paperwhite firmware version part in the previous section of the article, please refer to how-to-downgrade-kindle-firmware-2017, but take notice of the following modification:
For Paperwhite3 – 32GB, please don’t use the firmware link in that article, but use this file or get a or newer firmware from Amazon. ( 5.8.10 or 5.8.11 are also ok).

Part 5. Jailbreak Kindle PaperWhite 4 with Firmware Version 5.10.2-5.13.3

Update on 2022/03/28

A new jailbreaking method called KindleBreak was released by Kindle enthusiasts over on MobileRead. It’s based on the KindleDrip vulnerability that was revealed in 2021.

This jailbreak method only works for Kindle paperwhite 4(10th generation) running 5.13.3 or older firmware. Want to Know which kindle are you holding?

♦ 1. This method doesn't work from Firmwire 5.13.4. So if you've already updated the kindle paperwhite to 5.13.4, this method will not work.

♦ 2. Download the following FW Diags to your computer. Connect Kindle PaperWhite 4 to PC via USB.

FW Diags (this allows downgrading)

md5: 5c777039919a95ff1c80c33a1e2c936b
sha1: c1c612794851d103029bca4de65c3d7292a43ad8
sha256: a24389861760522dd5803b641d561524ab051977c6c78c6e7e f4f013c4af204d

♦ 3. Install the update by going to Home >> Menu >> Settings >> Menu >> Update Your Kindle.

♦ 4. After the Kindle Paperwhite reboots in diags mode, connect it to your PC again via USB and then copy the following package to Kindle root directly.

FW Factory

md5: 538d939c2cb4f05c7952d33d5348f010
sha1: 1cbe605b99d85b92031a9ce6fdd3a6f080489cbe
sha256: 52e0a9067bf58ba835a4200f29560652b0ada9778a538ea433 d2e44a2a26755c

♦ 5. Safely disconnect the Kindle PW4 from your computer and infall the factory firmware by long pressing power button until it reboots. This process will take a long while. So please make sure battery has plenty of charge.

♦ 6. Now you have installed factory firmware successfully. It's time to install the actual jailbreak.

K5 Factory JailBreak: kindle-jb-factory-1.3-r16160.tar.xz 

→ Download this kindle-jb-factory-1.3-r16160.tar.xz file and unzip it. You'll find a zip file named: main-htmlviewer.tar.gz.

→ Connect kindle to your PC, then copy this main-htmlviewer.tar.gz file to the top level of this visible storage. Then disconnect your kindle from your PC.

→ On your kindle, type  ;installHtml to the search bar and press return.

→ Your kindle device should be rebooted automatically. And a You are Jailbroken document will apprear if the process was successful.

→ If everything works as the above mentioned, you can now safely delete both that documents and the main-htmlviewer.tar.gz file.

♦ 7. Download and install the current 'hotfix'.

K5 JailBreak Hotfix:  JailBreak-1.16.N-FW-5.x-hotfix.zip

→Unarchive the release archive package. Then connect your kindle device to your PC.

→Copy and past this Update_jailbreak_hotfix_1.16.N_install.bin in the topmost, visible level of USB storage (alongside of /documents). Safely disconnect the PW4 from USB.

→Go to Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Update Your Kindle.

→Then "Confirm" and wait.

Now you have successfully jailbreak your kindle paperwhite 4. And you can install the kindle firmware before 5.13.4.

Enjoy your jailbroken Kindle PaperWhite now.sss

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What's the benefits of Jailbreak Kindle eReader?

A: With a jailbroken Kindl e, you can change the screensaver and remove ads from Amazon. Install some plugins, such as KUAL and Koreader, these plugins will make it possible to read ePub and other formats on Kindle, and reflow PDF books for better reading experience.

Q: Will it still work when I reset Kindle device?

A: You can easily recover jailbreak after reset kindle. Just follow the instruction of "Update your Kindle eReader", and reinstall plugins.

Q:Will it still work when update the firmware version?

Yes, the jailbreak will survive when updated to the last firmware untill now, such as 5.7.2. But reinstall plugins is necessary to do.

Q:What if I failed?

If you are failed to jailbreak, first make sure you have followed the tutorial carefully, then factoty reset and try it again. Remember your Kindle's firmware version must be 5.6.5. If it still not work, go to Mobileread for more informations.

Q:How to revoke the jailbreak?

If your Kindle has been jailbroken but you don't like it anymore, you can revoke it by resetting your Kindle. Tap the setting option and choose the "Reset to Factory Defaults" option. Please back up your Kindle books before resetting.

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02/22/2014 09:00:37
I can't get my Kindle to revert to previous firmware version... when i move the bin file over to the kindle and then disconnect, the 'update your kindle' field is grayed out. when i reconnect the kindle to the computer, the bin file is gone.... i can't find anything online about this.
06/26/2014 08:04:57
I have the exact same problem and I too cannot find any workaround for this many month after you posted this.  Arrrgh.  Can somebody update this to tackle this isue?  It would apear that Amazon intentionally did this to block jailbreaking.
08/26/2014 16:01:13

I'm having the same problem and can't find a solution.

Someone please update the jailbreak articles to fix this. Downgrades do not seem possible on the most recent versions.

09/4/2014 12:43:41
I am having the same issue- cannot find any work around or downgrade that works with please someone help!!
11/29/2014 22:10:24
OK, me too. The Update is grayed out. Can't get back down to 5.3.5 HELP PLEASE!
11/29/2014 22:22:59

Finally, today I didn't unplug the Kindle at all, I just kept the power button pressed for something like 30 seconds and it started the "update" procedure which successfully completed. Now I will just do what I had to do from the beginning, jailbreak it.
So, if you have the latest firmware, just copy it in the root and press the power button of the Kindle long enough. Don't bother to close the Kindle directory on the computer - it will close by itself.
Good luck and thanks to the people who came with the idea!

The OS is now back down to 5.3.5

02/1/2015 07:02:49

Hy Bob,

I did what you said but does not work.
I saw in others sites that until now there is no way to downgrade the 5.6.
Your version was 5.6.1?


06/12/2015 06:55:52
This actually worked!
I had I believe.
04/9/2016 05:52:07
Thanks Bob, it works on kindle paperwhite running
05/3/2019 06:32:25
Hey, Bob.  Greetings from the year 2019.  Just wanted to stop in and say thank you for your post. The downgrade just worked on my used 7th gen  
07/9/2015 05:31:55
How is this with (2634390002)?
07/9/2015 10:49:56
Ah, version doesn't like de-updating.
10/23/2016 12:35:52
your shit don't work. invalid or some shit. maybe kindle updated?
10/23/2016 12:41:53
your shit don't work. invalid update or something. maybe kindle updated?
09/25/2021 05:59:06
1. Disable wifi on your Paperwhite 1 (airplane mode).
2. Connect your Kindle Paperwhite 1 to your computer (DO NOT DISCONNECT UNTIL LAST
3. Copy the .bin file you downloaded to root folder of Kindle.
4. Wait at least 2 minutes after copy has completed. (it required to make sure the file is copied).
5. Push and hold power button until your Kindle restarts (the led blinks orange and
light turns on at the screen).
6. Wait until the Kindle has installed the upgrade (really a downgrade).
7. Now you can DISCONNECT from your computer.
02/26/2014 13:42:17
How do you jailbreak the kindle 5.3.9. It is the first edition
04/5/2014 10:01:52
Do your solution apply to Firmware version 5.3.9(2137120010)
04/5/2014 10:02:07
Do your solution apply to Firmware version 5.3.9(2137120010)?
04/8/2014 19:37:11
I'm afraid it won't do...
01/19/2015 15:44:23

Do your solution apply to Firmware version 5.3.9(2137120010)?

Yes it does. It worked for me, as of January 19th 2015.

01/29/2015 16:55:46
Gab: Did you downgrade to 5.3.5 first? Or, did you go straight to installing the jailbreak stuff?
01/23/2015 17:05:39
Does it work for paperwhite 2nd gen?
01/25/2015 20:25:47
I want to put the Alreader app on a new paperwhite 2.
01/31/2015 09:36:46
The jailbreak files are missing in the link provided
03/29/2015 23:46:44
How to jailbreak Kindle PW
03/31/2015 18:14:25
No method in the world!
04/15/2015 12:33:23
Damn it. That's my version. Now i'll be stuck with ads i could care less for.
07/9/2015 10:57:10
Which ads specifically? If it's the recommended read thingy, I've heard of a way to get rid of that thing in Cover View with the four little books without jailbreaking.
02/8/2016 08:32:08

A jailbreak for the 7th generation Kindles
(and the 6th generation Paperwhite) running
firmware version 5.6.5 was released at the
Moibleread web-site 2/5/2016.

02/18/2016 11:41:12
Hey bob, I too wanna try this... Just a bit worried... Is it safe? Can I change back to my older version afterwards? Does the warranty get void after jailbreaking? Is there any chance that my kindle could get bricked?
04/7/2016 15:47:52
Works great!!!
Mine is
04/18/2016 13:44:02
Would this work for a Kindle Paperwhite 7th Gen? it's not very specific the post. mine is 7th gen and have 5.6.5 Firmware yet.
05/5/2016 18:08:52
Anyone have instructions for jailbreaking the Paperwhite with a Macintosh?  Thanks
06/21/2016 11:31:13
I upgraded unintentionally the PW3 to FW 5.7.4 and after reinstall Plug-ins it's still jailbroken.
01/7/2017 20:58:51

My Kindle Paperwhite generation 5 automatically updateted to version, which is the last possible version for generation 5 devices. I can't downgrade to any older versions and can't upgrade to versions with better features. So is there a way to jailbreak a PW2 gen 5 with on?

Cheers Jaja

06/20/2017 02:38:28

I followed Bob's instructions above and it worked.  I have a 2012 Paperwhite Kindle and the latest possible OS version was  It wouldn't let me downgrade to 5.3.5 by following the instructions on this post.

-Plug in Kindle to desktop via USB
-Move the update_kindle_5.3.5.bin file to the Kindle root directory
-Do not unplug Kindle from Computer
-Hold the Kindle's power button for about 30 seconds
-I got a message that I didn't eject the device properly, but then my Kindle automatically started updating to 5.3.5

01/27/2017 02:55:24
can you tell me please if it will work on series 7
Serial No G105 6412 OLWL
Version (3085210002)
Many thanks
03/29/2017 17:43:18
Kindle Paperwhite 3? You can try the latest method "Jailbreak Kindle with Firmware Version 5.8.x"
04/25/2017 23:54:26
The link to the jailbreak file doesn't work :(
04/25/2017 23:54:33
The link to the jailbreak file doesn't work :(
06/22/2017 01:58:23
My Paperwhite 3 doesn't want to apply the update to install the jailbreak : i have an error 007 every time. Does anyone have an idea of what could I do to fix it?
Excuse my english...
09/13/2017 19:58:19

I tried to jailbreak my kindle PW3 with serial G090G1 from table1. I started with firmware version 5.8.4 then downgraded according to Jailbreak Kindle with Firmware Version 5.8.x to update_PW3_5.7.4_initial.bin. I then successfully followed step 1 - 8 but then got an error message 007 while installing update Update_jailbreak_hotfix_1.14.N_install.bin

Does anyone know what might have gone wrong?

09/13/2017 20:05:48
I followed bobs instruction of pressing the power button for 30 seconds and it then successfully installed the jaibreak, hail bob! #itsallinthecomments
09/20/2017 10:36:00
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that everything works well and the jailbreak has been installed successfully.
09/30/2017 08:20:24

not working on 5.8.10 :(

i'm not able to downgrade.

10/11/2017 23:17:28
It's not working for me too on Kindle Paperwhite 3 - running on 5.8.10
10/23/2017 16:07:34
This tutorial doesn't support the firmware version 5.8.8 or higher version and Kindle Paperwhite 32GB device
11/11/2017 02:32:01
I can not downgrade to a Kindle PPW 2, version 5.8.1. I get an error message 16. Does anyone help me?
11/11/2017 02:34:02
I can not downgrade to a Kindle PPW 2, version 5.8.1. I get an error message 16. Does anyone help me?
11/28/2017 05:00:34
Does anyone know if a jailbreak is possible with PW3 firmware 5.9.2?
12/11/2017 15:06:53
Thank you for asking. For now, there is no any new about Jailbreak paperwhite 3 firmware 5.9.2. If there is, we will update this article ASAP.
12/3/2017 22:04:31
PWT3 jailbreak sukcesfull.
12/11/2017 15:52:27
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that!
01/2/2018 18:48:30

5.8.11 pw3 JB successful.
using 5.8.x firmware.
Bought from  AMAZON.AU
Serial Number: G090G1
Question, could I update to 5.9.2 and keep my JB?
I'm sure the JB is working.

01/2/2018 18:57:21
Worked perfectly for me on PW3 initially running 5.8.10.
Can I now update to the latest available version (5.8.10) without loosing the jailbreak? I don't understand from your tutorial if I can update to the latest available version or the latest jailbreak-compatible version.
01/3/2018 00:05:06
Does this work with Kindle Paperwhite 1? I have firmware, but I know how to downgrade it. Just want to be sure that at least part of this article is applicable to my Kindle so I don't brick it.
01/13/2018 18:05:10


Is there a way to Jailbreak Kindle PW 3, fw 5.9.2, 2017, 7 gen, [bought on Prime Day]

Thanks in advance

01/13/2018 18:07:26
firmware for PW3 factory file is not available.
06/28/2018 17:57:59
Hi. I have PW3 (2015) running FW - is this hackable? Not previously jailbroken. Links/instructions would be appreciated...
12/18/2018 08:08:47
Cant download firmware!
12/18/2018 16:34:36
Please tell us which firmware you can not download.
04/11/2021 12:44:56
Can you upload firmware version 5.13.4 for paperwhite 10th gen? I can't find it anywhere, and I believe by copying and keeping the power button pressed 30 secs it will force the update.
01/12/2019 17:14:24

worked well, successfully downgraded firmware on a Paper** 3. everything worked up until step 5..... jailbreak files missing

Suitable for Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paper***te 2/3, Kindle Touch 2/3

1. Download main-html*viewer*tar*   (WORKS)

2. Plug your Kindle device in a computer. When the Kindle disk displays, you can copy "main*html**  file to the Kindle root directory (at the same level with the documents folder).   (WORKS)

3. Eject your Kindle device. At the home page of your Kindle device, you can see the search bar. Enter ;installHtml and confirm. The semicolon is a part of the contents you must input.   (WORKS)

4. After the above steps, if the Kindle screen flashes and Kindle begin to reboot, it means you keep the right pace and you can continue the rest of the procession.   (WORKS)

5. Download Jail*****hot*fix*zip   (THIS STEP DOESN"T WORK, asterisks added so the bots would let me post this question)

When clicking the link on step 5...... takes to the mobil*read page, but the  "Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015)" option is grayed out with no link.   All the instructions on the mobil*read page and the other links lead to other firmware versions... not 5.7.4 that was just installed. I'm afraid to try installing a wrong jailbreak firmware file.  Help?

05/6/2019 00:39:08
Seems firmware for PW3 factory is not anymore available.
(Message: "file you are trying to access is no longer available")
Where can i find a copy of it?
06/11/2019 12:40:36
The link for the .zip is dead.
08/20/2019 23:22:34
How do I jailbreak my paperwhite v 5.12.1
08/21/2019 08:49:38
Thank you for asking. For now, there is no way to jailbreak kindle firmware 5.12.1
12/1/2019 09:01:41
Just testing if comments are legit.
02/22/2020 13:50:49
Do you think it will be possible to jailbroke for v5.12.1 in the near future?
02/23/2020 14:09:06

Since you can't downgrade the kindle firmware 5.12.1 to older version, so you cannot jailbreak it any more.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

07/9/2020 14:30:31
Hey, I have a PPW3, firmware 5.12.5
Can this be jailbroken? Do I need the jailbreak for managing collections with calibre?
05/19/2021 22:08:41
"Part 5. Jailbreak Kindle PaperWhite 4 with Firmware Version 5.10.2-5.13.3"
Part 5 has a broken link:
FW Diags which directs to https://mega.nz/file/fjYCAbxC#qGYDDn...lppriic_CB6oio
Mega.nz says the decryption key is invalid. Maybe this is because the key #qGYDDn...lppriic_CB6oio has three dots because something shrunk it and deleted characters? For example the file "FW Factory"'s key is a lot longer: #qrjmx6KI156yAUcHF4_1s-gYl4Vp9N3JHaaw-da0VXQ and directs to valid file. Thank you in forward :)
05/28/2021 11:32:02
same here. waiting for the key
02/21/2022 16:25:46
to download F W5.10.1.3 Diags replace dots with:
08/20/2021 18:36:36
I really hope you can provide a method for downgrading the latest firmware (5.13.7) with its laggy and ugly interface!
08/28/2021 14:25:58
hi my kindle oasis (8th) is 5.13.6
can i jailbreak that?
08/30/2021 09:23:15
Thank you for asking. But there is still no way to jailbeak kindle with firmware 5.13.6.
08/28/2021 14:52:26
my kindle oasis(8th) is on 5.13.6 (today amazon has 5.13.7 but mine is 5.13.6)
and i couldn't find "JailBreak-1.14.N-FW-5.x-hotfix.zip"
link forward me to topic and that topic lead me to another and another !
i want to jailbreak that just for personal Screensaver.
can u help me please?
08/30/2021 09:24:50
We are sincerely sorry to inform you that there is no way to jailbreak kindle with firmware later than 5.13.4.  
09/3/2021 14:30:46
thanks for reply. so ill don't update and wait on 5.13.6.
10/4/2021 06:36:13
Is anyone still trying to crack the current firmware or has everyone given up on it?
10/12/2021 01:58:59
for kindle oasis 8th there is new update ver 5.14.1
but mine is 5.13.6
can i jailbreak now?
if answer is No:
how can i know about new jailbreak firmware at future ?
11/23/2021 03:45:57
Same question as OilyBlob from 10/4. Can someone please tell us? I'd like to buy a new Paperwhite during Black Friday sales but even the previous generation model apparently comes with 5.13.6 and I have many ePubs I don't want to convert. It's a PITA plus some don't convert correctly. So if I can't put a native ePub reader on it, I won't buy.
03/31/2022 12:08:36
Paperwhite 10th gen / 5.14.2 here. I would love to know if anyone has done this yet before I potentially brick mine!
04/1/2022 14:35:26


thanks for your great HowTo. Now my PW 10th Generation is Jailbroken and Firmware 5.10.13
Do you have a source for firmware 5.13.3? All links I found are linked to amazon and there I can find only Firmware 5.14.2

Thans for any download Link

05/31/2023 02:21:52


I can't download the jailbreak files for Firmware Version 5.3.5. Could anyone help me out with a working link?

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