How to Listen to Audible on Alexa

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Alexa is the official name for Amazon’s voice assistant that talks to you when you ask her a question. Basically, Alexa is to Amazon as Siri is to Apple. It has been integrated into many smart speakers including Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot Kids Edition, Echo Plus, Echo Show (1st Generation), Echo Show (2nd Generation), Echo Spot and Echo Input. You can use intuitive voice commands to get these Alexa-enabled devices in your smart home to help you perform a variety of tasks such as making calls, setting up routines, playing music, turning off the lights, locking the doors and more.

Can Alexa read Audible books? The answer to this question is a definite "Yes". You can listen to Audible audiobooks using Alexa on the Amazon Echo and freely control the playback of any audiobook merely via your personal voice commands. Let's check out 2 simple ways to listen to Audible on Alexa.

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Listen to Audible on Alexa

Method 1. Play Audible on Amazon Echo Devices via Alexa App
Method 2. Best Tool to Help you Play Audible on Alexa and More Devices

Method 1. Play Audible on Amazon Echo Devices via Alexa App

The Amazon Alexa app is a companion to your Echo devices that lets you easily manage your Alexa experience at home or on-the-go. You can access your Audible books on the app as long as you have combined your Audible and Amazon account.

Step 1Download the Amazon Alexa App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Step 2Open Alexa App, sign into your Amazon account, and tap "Play" at the bottom of the screen to access "Music & Books."

Step 3Under the "Audible Library", all your Audible books will show. Choose one title you'd like to listen.

Alexa App

Step 4Make sure your Audible and Amazon account are combined, and your Echo is connected to WIFI. Then choose one device you'd like the audiobook to play from when a menu pops up showing all your Amazon devices.

Step 5Simply say: "Alexa, read XX" to your Echo speaker and it will start reading the audiobook for you.

Here are some funny Alexa commands you can give to Alexa to ask it to play, pause, set a sleep timer, go forward or back while listening to Audible audiobooks on Amazon Echo devices.

“Alexa, read [title].”
"Alexa, pause"
"Alexa, resume"
"Alexa, go back [45 seconds]"
"Alexa, next chapter"
"Alexa, read faster"
"Alexa, set a [6 minute] sleep timer"
"Alexa, what's in my Audible library?"

Discover more Audible voice commands for Alexa.

Method 2. Best Tool to Help you Play Audible on Alexa and More Devices

The other method to play Audible on Alexa-enabled devices is to store your Audible book as MP3 formats into My Media for Alexa with the help of an Audible Converter. This is highly recommended to Audible listeners who want to get rid of the DRM restriction and play Audible on multiple devices and players or for back-up.

If you are an avid Audible book lover, you must have known that Audible books are all protected with DRM, which severely restricts you to playing Audible on very limited devices. That can be much troubling when you want to listen to Audible on any other mobile device or MP3 player because they are not compatible with DRMed Audible books. To solve this vexed problem, you just need a tool—Epubor Audible Converter—the best Audible DRM removal tool and audiobook converter.

  • Unlock and convert Audible AAX&AA to MP3/M4B with 100% original quality preserved.
  • 60X faster conversion speed.
  • Easily split Audible audiobooks into multiple chapters.
  • Much clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • Much cheaper than other audiobook converters.

Step 1Download, install and run Epubor Audible Converter on your computer. Convert Audible books to MP3 using this program.


To remove DRM from Audible books, you just need to add audiobooks to Audible Converter, click on the button "Convert to MP3" at the bottom and then all things are done. You can also split large audiobooks into several small parts. The steps are much simple, right?
For more details, you can read Epubor Audible Converter User Guide.

Audible Converter for Alexa

Step 2Download and install My Media for Alexa on your computer.

Step 3Run My Media for Alexa, and sign in with your Amazon account.

Step 4Select "Watch Folders" on the left sidebar, click on the green "Add Folder" and then select the folder where your MP3 audiobooks are stored.

My Media for Amazon Alexa

Step 5Enable My Media skill for Alexa trough the web browser.

Enable My Media skill for Alexa

Step 6Now you can use My Media to play Audible on the Alexa devices. Just say "Alexa, ask My Media to read [book title]".

One Final Word

From the above two methods, it seems that using the Amazon Alexa app is more convenient in listening to Audible on Alexa devices. However, the most compatible audio format is MP3 which is accepted by almost all audio players. What's more, if you wan to share with your friend some interesting Audible books you like most, the AAX/AA Audible books may not be accessible to your friend's players. Therefore, the ultimate way is to remove the DRM and back up them as MP3 files for multiple usages with Epubor Audible Converter. Otherwise, it's impossible for you to listen to Audible on any other device or MP3 player. It is much annoying, right? So let's get this most easy-to-use Audible Converter started!

Download Epubor Audible Converter for Free



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