How to Listen to Audible on Apple Watch without iPhone

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Do you know why I purchase Apple watch? The main reason I purchased the Apple Watch is to track my workouts and listen to audiobooks on long walks without carrying my iPhone. If this is also what you want, you come to the right place. Here you will discover two effective ways to listen to Audible on Apple watch without iPhone.

listen audible apple watch

1. Sync Audible to Apple Watch via Audible Watch App for Listening Offline

Since Apple Watch OS5, you can listen to your Audible audiobooks and podcasts without an iPhone with the help of Audible app for iPhone. Want to know how? Read the following detailed guide on syncing Audible to Apple watch and listening to audible on Apple watch via Audible app.

Requirement for syncing Audible to Apple Watch via Audible app:

  • 1. Audible for iOS App version 3.0 or higher
  • 2. iOS version 12 or higher on your iPhone
  • 3. Apple Watch OS5 or higher

1 Add Audible app to your apple watch.

  • 1. Pair your Apple watch with your iPhone.
  • 2. Tap "Apple Watch" app on your iPhone and then "My Watch".
  • 3. Scroll down to "Available APPS" and tap "Install" besides Audible to install Audible app to your apple watch.
  • install audible to apple watch
2 Sync Audible books to apple watch.

  • 1. Before syncing your audible books to apple watch, please download your audible books to your iPhone at first.
  • 2. Tap the ellipsis ("..." icon) besides the book title at Audible library on iPhone and then "Sync to Apple Watch". Note: Remember to keep your Apple Watch on its charger while the book syncs.
  • sync to apple watch
  • 3. Once the audible book has been added to Apple watch, a watch icon will show next to ellipsis on your iPhone.

3 Listen to audible on Apple watch without iPhone.

To listen to audible books on your Apple watch, you need to pair Bluetooth headphones to your Apple watch. Just say "Siri, open the Audible app" to open the Audible app, and find the book you want to listen and tap "Play" button to start your listening.

listen to audible apple watch

Frequently asked questions on sync audible to Apple watch via Audible app for iOS
Q1: Error message: "Paired Apple watch is not responding" when transferring an audible book.

A: Before everything, please ensure your devices meet the requirements listed at the very beginning.
Official Solution from Audible customer service:
1. Ensure both the paired iPhone and Apple watch are in proximity and both connected with chargers;
2. Ensure iPhone and Watch are connected to the same wireless network;
3. Restart the Apple watch and Audible App etc..
If you have tried everything above mentioned, but still failed. Please try the following workaround which helps many Apple watch users sync their Audible books to Apple watch successfully.
Workaround : Please ignore the "no responding" error message and leave the apple watch in charger overnight during syncing. It seems the Apple watch run its course in the background. Finally, the audible books will be transferred to Apple watch.

Q2: Audible sync to Apple watch slowly.

Workaround: Try to disable Bluetooth on the iPhone before syncing but ensure your Apple watch and iPhone are on the same wifi. It will take sometime without any reaction, but the book will be synchronized to your Apple watch in the end anyway.

Q3: I cannot see the book on my Apple watch after successfully synced?

A: Please restart your Apple watch, the synced audible books will appear this time.

Q4: "Audible Apple watch sync location" issue--my watch syncs to the latest position, but the app on my iPhone doesn’t.

A: Here is the official answer form Audible:
1. Make sure the phone player window isn't in focus;
2. Hit play on the watch for a few seconds while near the phone;
3. Wait a few seconds for it to sync back to the phone.
Workaround: Don't open the iPhone app and Apple watch app at the same time, and this problem will not exist. Please close your audible APP on your Apple watch, then access your audible app on your iPhone. Your iPhone will know where you left off on the watch and pick up from there, so there is no worry about syncing to where you were on the watch.

Q5: Audible app has frozen on apple watch several times a day. How to fix?

A: It seems this is the biggest flaw of Audible APP. I only hope the Audible app updates can fix this issue. So please always keep your app updated to the latest version.
Workaround: You can restart this Apple watch, but this takes longer than just restarting Audible watch app. Instead of restarting your Apple watch, you can hold down the side button and then the Digital Crown. Then the active app is force-quit without having to fully shut down the watch. So you can just restart the Audible app.

2. Listen to Audible on Apple Watch OS4 or Earlier without iPhone

If you have an Apple watch with the OS 4 or earlier but don't want to upgrade it to OS5, is there any way to play audible on Apple watch without iPhone? Sure, with the help of Epubor Audible converter, listening to audible books on apple watch OS4 or ealier version without iPhone can never be so easy.

Epubor Audible Converter is the best Audible DRM removal as well the audiobook format converter. With it, you can easily convert Audible book into MP3 or M4B format. Splitting Audible into chapters is also supported well.

1 Convert Audible into DRM-free MP3 files.

Please install Epubor Audible Converter and download your Audible books to your PC at first. Then run Epubor Audible Converter, add Audible books, select "MP3" as the output format and then click on "Convert to MP3" button to start the conversion. Please read the detailed steps on converting audible to MP3 with Audible converter.

convert audible books to mp3

Notice: The trial version user can only convert 10 minutes for each audiobook. However, you can break the limitation by purchasing the full version.

2 Transfer audible to Apple watch.

Once the conversion finished, the folder storing the converting MP3 file will pop up. Or you can just click on "Output folder" icon at the bottom right corner of the Audible converter. Now you've already get the DRM-free audible file, here comes syncing your audible books to Apple watch.

  • 1. Open iTunes on your computer and click the Music tab. Then create a new playlist (Sample is the playlist I created) and import the converted Audible audiobooks to it. Then transfer DRM-free mp3 to your iPhone.
  • 2. Open the Watch app on iPhone > Music > Synced Music, and select your "Sample" playlist (it should say "Sync Pending").
  • sync mp3 audible to apple watch
  • 3. Attach your Apple Watch to its charger and please ensure your iphone within Bluetooth range. Wait it to sync.

After your MP3 audible files are synced to Apple watch, you can just play your audible on apple watch without your iPhone nearby.

Now can you listen to your audible on your Apple watch now? If you have any other idea on syncing audible books to Apple watch, please share them in the comments.

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