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More and more people choose to listen to audiobook instead of reading ebooks or physical books these days. Why the most common answer would be I don't get enough time. And to some extent this is true. Life is busy. And to listen to an audiobook on your iPhone, you first have to purchase the audiobook, and where you purchase it determines how you listen to it. You can buy audiobooks from iBooks or Audible.com, or download free audiobooks from Librivox and AudioBooksforFree.com or borrow audiobooks from the public library using Overdrive. So I am going to mainly introduce two powerful audiobook iOS apps for you.

1. Listening to Audiobook on iPhone via iBook

iBooks is an e-book application for Apple iOS and Mac OS operating systems and devices. You can use iBooks to buy and download books, manage your purchases, organize your library and find audiobooks in the iBooks app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and in iTunes on a Mac or PC.

iBooks supports the ePub file format, iBooks Author books, PDFs, MP3 audiobooks, AAC audiobooks, and Audible.com audiobooks. If you want to add books, audiobooks, and PDFs that you didn't buy from the iBooks Store, iTunes Store, or Audible.com to iBooks, they must be DRM-free.


1.1 Get audiobooks from the iBooks Store

When you're in the iBooks app, you can browse books by Featured, Top Charts, or Search for a specific title. Tap any audiobook you're interested in to learn more about the book, read reviews, or see related titles. If a sample is available, tap Sampleon the right side of the screen to read a few pages.

To buy a book, tap the price on the right side of the screen, then tap Buy.

To get a free book, tap Get on the right side of the screen, then tap Get Book.

To find a book you've purchased in the past, or to get the latest version of a book you own, tap Purchased.

1.2 Listen to audiobooks on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

In the iBooks app, tap a book cover to start listening. When you stop listening, iBooks remembers where you stopped and and starts there the next time that you return to your audiobook.

If you would like iBooks to remember where you left off on your other devices, turn on Settings iBooks Sync Bookmarks and Notes.

1.3 Access your audiobooks on all of your devices

Before you can access your audiobooks on all of your devices, make sure that you're signed in to all of them with the same Apple ID. Audiobooks that you buy from the iBooks Store or iTunes Store are automatically available in the iBooks app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using iOS 9 and later, and in iTunes on a computer with iTunes 12.4 or later.

If you use iCloud Drive, you can access your imported ePub, iBook Author books and PDFs across all of your devices.

You can also manually sync Audiobooks that you didn't buy from the iTunes Store using iTunes and USB.

Note: You might not be able to redownload a previous purchases if the item is no longer available from the iBooks Store or iTunes Store.

2. Listening to Audiobook on iPhone via Audible

Audible is an Amazon company, and home to an unmatched selection of audio books. And now Amazon Prime and Audible members(a monthly membership fee of $15 provides access to one free download per month and 30 percent off the price of additional audiobooks) also have access to Audible Channels, offering unlimited listening to original series and handcrafted playlists for every interest.


2.1 How to purchase audiobooks using Audible App on an iOS device

At this time, you cannot make Audible purchases from the Audible app for iPhone. You can, however, purchase Audible audiobooks on your iPhone's web browser by following these steps on your device:

This video tutorial will show you how to purchase Audible audiobooks from your web browser.

1. Go to the Audible mobile site.

2. Sign in by tapping Menu if you are not signed in.

3. Browse for your audiobook either by using the magnifying glass at the top of the page, or by tapping the left navigation menu and searching by categories, best sellers, or new releases.

4. From the product description page of your selected audiobook, tap Buy With 1 Credit or Buy for $X.XX.

Note: Unlike the desktop version of Audible, you cannot purchase multiple audiobooks at one time.

You can also use the Discover feature on the Audible for iOS app to add titles to your Wishlist for future purchase. The Discover Tab is a feature within the Audible application that allows you to browse available content on the Audible website. And if you add a title to your Wishlist, you can then purchase the title through the desktop site or Audible mobile site and download it onto your device.

2.2 How to download my audiobooks to my iOS device?

After you purchase the audiobook, you can open Audible app on your iPhone signing in with the same account you used to purchase the audiobook on Amazon or Audible. And you'll see the title automatically appears in the Cloud tab of your Audible app.

1. Tap My Library at the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap the Cloud tab in your library.

3. Click the audiobook's cover to download.

4. Tap the book cover to start listening after it finishes downloading. Audible can remember where you stopped last time. can also adjust the reading speed and set the sleep timer.

Note: When finished with a title, delete it from your iPhone. Audiobooks occupy large chunks of memory and each book you purchase is always available in the Cloud tab if you want to hear it again.

With iBooks and Audible.com, you can definitely find your favorite audiobooks there. Besides these, you can also download a lot of free audiobooks from other audiobook apps for iOS device. Here's the Best 6 Audiobook Player Apps for iPhone that I recommend for you.


Now turn any time into storytime: listen to your favorite stories anywhere, on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Speed through your commute with a thriller, fuel your next training session with facts. With iBooks and Audible, the possibilities are endless. And you've got several options for listening to audiobooks on your iOS device. Try them all out and see which works best for you.

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