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open acsm file

After downloading an ebook online, you will get a .acsm file. Often at this time you will double click it to open, but failed. You wondered why and how to open acsm file, but still couldn't find a satisfactory answer, yes?

But don't lose your heart please. This content collects the fullest information about this file extension, and guide you how to open acsm file on mac, ipad, windows, linux, android, online, and even on kindle.

Part 1
Open acsm file on PC (Windows/Mac)

Part 2
Open acsm files on iPad

Part 3
Open acsm file on Nexus7

Part 4
Open acsm file on Kindle


What Program Will Open ACSM File

What is acsm file? ACSM is the short name for "Adobe Content Server Message", created by Adobe. It's not a real book, just a link that allows you to download your books under adobe's permission. It's used to manage and download the digital content, only give you the right to open, but need a program.

At this time acsm files are most commonly associated with the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), also created by Adobe. In other words, we can only open acsm file with ADE. Other eReader softwares such as Kobo desktop, Kindle for PC, doesn't support it at all. We must install ADE to open acsm file, convert them to real ebooks format epub or pdf. Then it is possible to read, manage and transfer them to other eReaders.

Below I will tell you how to open acsm file with ADE.

Step 1: Install ADE.

Adobe Digital Editions can be downloaded and installed on windows and mac. Firstly get it ready please.

Step 2: Authorize Adobe ID.

The first time you use ADE, you will receive a dialogue to creat your own adobe account. It is used to authorize your computer with ade. Creat your Adobe ID, then input it to authorize.

authorize adobe id to open acsm file

Step 3: Open ACSM with ADE

At this step you should find the acsm files on your computer. If couldn't find them, here are some free acsm samples to download.

download sample acsm file

Click on "Download eBook", you will get it downloaded soon. If the book file is with .acsm extension, you can recognize it soon.

download acsm file

Click it to open. As you have installed ADE on your current computer, so these files will be opened by ADE by default. If not, choose "Open with"--"Adobe Digital Editions".

Then your acsm files will be opened, and opened to epub or pdf. You can review them in library. And here what I want to stress is that the ADE will convert your acsm files to epub or pdf automatically. The location of the downloaded books is:

For Windows: ...\ My Documents (Documents)\ My Digital Editions ...
For Mac: Users/ Your computer name/ Digital Editions/ ...

Your acsm files are downloaded to adobe digital editions with .epub or .pdf now. These two formats are real ebooks. It means you can read them on computer. And you can also transfer to other devices. But these devices must be Adobe supported ones, such as Kobo Aura, Sony eReader. And you'd better make sure that they are with the same adobe email address.

In fact acsm files are always the DRM protected Adobe files, even though we have opened them with ade on our computer, and we can now read and transfer them to other ereaders, but the drm limitation still exists in them. On dedicated devices, we can open them without any problems, but we should make sure they are with the same Adobe ID. On non-supported devices, such as Kindle, iPad, we even can't open them, just because of DRM.

So if you want to open a acsm file, and then read it on any devices, the best way is to remove drm from acsm file. Don't worry step is very simple, just with the tool ACSM DRM Removal.


After they be changed to drm free files, they are no drm epub or pdf books. We can transfer them to any devices, no need to use the same adobe ID. For example, we can open acsm file on iPad with iBooks.

Above is the best and easiest way to open acsm files. Open on PC with ADE, then remove drm. I believe it is enough for you to open your acsm files. But the left I want to add more contents about this topic, you concern it very much.

Open ACSM File on iPad

How do I read an acsm file on my iPad? If you met this question, this part could give you some good advice, 2 methods are available.

Method 1: Remove ACSM and Open with iBooks

When asked about how to open acsm file on ipad, the most recommended method is to transfer acsm from ADE to iPad. But as I have spoken that iPad is not Adobe supported device, so before transferring we must remove adobe drm from acsm. Then we can open these converted files with iBooks.

Method 2: Open ACSM with ADE for iPad alternative

But in fact there is another way that we can use. On our ipad we can install a third-party reader that supports acsm. I like calling it "Adobe Digital Editions for iPad alternative".

Bluefire Reader, here I suggest you getting it a trial. Install the latest version on ipad at first. Then after you downloaded acsm on computer, send it to your email so that you can get it on your ipad. Then on ipad fire up your email to select the acsm, choose " Open in ‘Bluefire Reader’”, "Read Now".

open acsm file on ipad with bluefire

There is no need for you to install ade on computer, but you need an Adobe ID.

Open ACSM File on Nexus 7

3 Mthods for you. Find the "sweetest candy" please.

Method 1: Transfer from ADE to nexus 7

It is easy to open acsm files on nexus7, as most android tablet are Adobe supported. After you downloaded an ebook with acsm, on computer firstly open them with ADE please, then transfer to your device with USB, with the same adobe ID you can open it directly.

Method 2: Remove ACSM and Open with Play Books

If you don't want to be linked to Adobe ID all the way, you can remove drm from acsm files, and open them with android reading app play books. The tool is also the acsm drm removal.

Method 3: Open ACSM with ADE for android alternative

The same as iPad, on android nexus 7 we can also install ade alternative to help us open acsm a acsm file, instead of ade.

Aldiko, get it from android store, then install it on your nexus 7, input your Adobe ID informations, drag acsm file to the app, open to read.

Open ACSM File on Kindle

On Kindle if you want to open ACSM files, the steps will be a little different, because:

--There are no ade alternatives for us to install on Kindle.

--Though we can remove drm from acsm and open them to epub or pdf, but Kindle doesn't support these formats.

So the good solution is to convert acsm to kindle format. About open acsm on android, ipad, iphone, or kobo, sony, for those devices we just need to remove drm, no need to convert formats. But for Kindle, we must remove drm and convert the format. So the tool I recommend is not the acsm drm removal, but the ACSM File Converter.

Firstly get it free downloaded please.


Then on computer's ADE, make sure you can open acsm files in it. The next is to get this converter started, add files to the right area, drm removing begins. From output format selection choose kindle "Mobi" please, "Convert".

open acsm files on kindle with acsm converter

From pop-up window, transfer your converted mobi files to your Kindle devices with USB. Everything is done, just open it to enjoy your reading.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How to open acsm file online?

A: There is no better way to open acsm file online than opening acsm to epub or pdf.

Q: How to set ADE to open ACSM files automatically?

A: Depends on your computer OS, the steps will be a little different. For details please view this pdf guide.

Q: Downloading an acsm file but doesn't open with ADE. Why and what should I do?

A: Maybe your eBooks are downloaded before your ADE intalled, or your ADE hasn't been installed properly, or your Adobe ID is wrong with current computer. You should open downloaded acsm files again after ade installed, and set the ADE to open your acsm files.

Q: What's the best way to open acsm files?

A: Remove drm and convert acsm to ebook format. Of course you can also choose ade alternatives on your device, if you don't think installing third party apps on devices is inconvenient.


Download Epubor Ultimate:


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

04/24/2015 08:17:12
The ACSM File Converter that you recommend for converting ACSM files for use on Kindle, epubor, does not actually open ACSM files!
04/26/2015 18:35:54

Thanks for using our software!
Yes, Epubor can't convert .acsm file to Kindle books directly.

ACSM file is the key to download Adept ePUB/PDF books, so you need open acsm file with Adobe Digital Editions to download Adept ePUB/PDF book files at first, then use Epubor software.

After you download ePUB/PDF files, then drag to Epubor software, and choose output as Kindle, then click "Convert".

All done.

08/26/2015 02:51:51


I have been having an issue since few days and Kobo support can't help.

I bought a book on their online service, and tried to open it with ADE but get following error :

Error getting License. License Server Communication Problem:

This is the second book I buy with them, I did not have issue to open the first .ACSM file and to transfer it to kindle. The Adobe ID I use has the same email address on the kobo service, I tried to reauthorise ADE various times but it did not help. Also to download new copies of the -ACSM file after installing ADE.

Can you please assist?

Thank you,


08/26/2015 19:17:25


If the ADE told you "Error: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER", that indicates the authorized account is not compatible with the book. If you are sure the Adobe account has no problem, please contact the eBook retailer support to bind the book to your Adobe account.

For more tips you can read this post: http://www.epubor.com/how-to-read-sonykobo-ebooks-on-ade.html


10/31/2015 07:56:39
You haven't said how one can open an acsm file with an Android 5.1 device. I have installed the ADE android app, but can't find out how to link it to acsm files so that it will open them. The Default App Manager doesn't help. Can you help?
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