How to Print An EPUB File

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how to print an epub fileAs a free and open eBook format, EPUB files are popular among eBook lovers. Many of us may often download EPUB files online and enjoy them with our eBook devices or app. But sometimes, it's necessary for us to print EPUB files out and read them as paper books. Especially for some text books, or guide books like cookbook. But how to print an EPUB file? From this guide, you will get the detailed information about printing EPUB books.

Pro Tips: (Updated 2020): Complete Guide to Print All Kinds of eBook including Kindle/Kobo/Google Play/Nook Books.

Step1: Remove DRM from EPUB files

As we know, most of EPUB files we downloaded online are always DRM protected, except Adobe DRM, some Nook EPUB books are also protected by Nook DRM. But it's obvious that DRMed books are not allowed to be printed, so if we want to print EPUB files, we have to remove DRM from EPUB first. Therefore, a DRM Removal software is needed. But there are so many DRM removal tools on the market, which one is better? Here I strongly recommend you a powerful program Ultimate eBook Converter, which contains both DRM decryption and eBook conversion features. With this tool, we can decrypt both Adobe DRMed and Nook DRMed books, easily remove DRM from Kobo, Nook, Google books, etc, and convert DRM protected EPUB to PDF. Besides, it supports drag and drop mode. We can even remove DRM without any clicks. You can download it for free trial.

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Remove Adobe DRM from EPUB files

Before removing Adobe DRM, please install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer first. Then authorize the computer with your Adobe ID and make sure you can read EPUB files with ADE. It's important as it help DRM removal tool to find the key to decrypt Adobe Adept books.

Now let's start removing Adobe DRM. It's very easy. First please run the software, if your books are saved in the default folder, this tool will detect and upload your EPUB books automatically. All your EPUB books will show up under "ADE" icon on the right side.Then just drag EPUB books from the left side to the right main window of this program. And they will be decrypted soon.

remove drm from epub

If your books don't appear automatically, you can click setting icon on the upper right corner to set your EPUB books path. Or just click "Add" button to upload EPUB books by yourself. For detailed information about removing Adobe DRM, please read the guide how to remove DRM from eBooks Adobe Digital Editions.

Remove Nook DRM from EPUB books

For removing Nook DRM, please download Nook for PC/Mac, sync Nook books via it and make sure you can read them on your computer. It's also easy to operate. Just drag Nook books from the left side to the main interface of this tool to decrypt Nook books. You can read the guide how to remove Nook DRM to learn more details.

remove nook drm from epub

Step2: Convert EPUB to PDF

Though we can directly print EPUB files with ADE, here I advise you to convert EPUB to PDF to get a better print quality and result. As this tool also has eBook conversion feature, after removing DRM from EPUB files, now we can use this tool to convert EPUB DRM to PDF, no need to download another eBook converter. So convenient, right?

Just select PDF as output format, this software provides us 2 choices, we can choose the "Customized" or "Common Font" as we like. For customized output PDF, we can select to change the page size, page margin and the font. Really friendly, right?

Then click "Convert" button to start conversion. Once the EPUB books have been converted PDF successfully, the output folder will pop up automatically, it shows us all the converted PDF files.

convert epub drm to pdf

Step3: Print EPUB files

After we have got converted PDF files, now we can open the DRM free PDF books via ADE, Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader or other reading software, and press "Ctrl+P" to print EPUB books out. We can customize our PDF files to meet our print demand and select EPUB printer we like to start printing.

how to print an epub file

Now what we have to do is only to enjoy our printed files.

That's all I want to share with you about how to print an EPUB file. Do not forget to remove DRM before printing, or you cannot print EPUB books successfully!

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03/14/2016 10:58:35

Does the application storages any information within the book? would it work offline?


03/15/2016 18:53:17


This program can work offline and it will find the key to decrypt your files once you sync it.

It won't storage any information of your eBooks.

10/26/2016 20:52:12


How long does it take to convert to pdf ?

I follow your instructions, here more than 70 minutes for a 49 mb Epub file and not finished yet...

It is a bug ?

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