How to Put Kindle Books on iPad

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If you want to put kindle books on iPad, there are 2 options that you can choose, and I will discuss them in detail in this post. From here you can know more information about Kindle and iPad.

Option 1: Put Kindle books on iPad Kindle app

Though Amazon Kindle limit us to read kindle books on its own devices, such as Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire, and so on, but Amazon also provide a free reading app for iPad so that we iPad users can directly read kindle books on iPad.

Tap your "App store" icon on iPad, then input "Kindle" to search the free Kindle reading app. After finding it, click to download and install this app for free. Before get the access to install, you should enter your Apple ID, don't forget it.

kindle app on ipad

After installed, double-click to run it, for the first launch you should input your own Amazon account to register your Kindle app on iPad. Then you can see all your purchased kindle books listed and saved on this library. Tap the cover to download them.

After downloaded, you can tap to begin your reading within this app.

Option 2: Put Kindle books on iPad iBooks app

We know that iBooks is definitely the best reading app on iPad, so if we can put kindle books to this app, it would be a wonderful reading journey.

But the problem is that Kindle prevent us using non-Kindle app to read their books. How can they achieve this?

Firstly, Kindle DRM:

Almost all the Kindle books are protected by DRM. Amazon applies the DRM scheme to protect Kindle books, which limit us to copy, transfer, and share with friends, family members.

Secondly, Kindle Format:

Kindle books have their own formats, kfx, azw3, mobi, azw, prc, etc. They can only be supported on Kindle devices and apps. But, you know, the common ebook formats are EPUB and PDF, they can be read on many eReaders and apps, such as Kobo, iPad, Sony, Nook, android, etc.

But don't worry, here I will recommend you a good tool to help you make your kindle books convertible. It combines the best DRM Removal function with the ebook conversion feature.

It's Epubor Ultimate. Download it for free at first.

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How to put kindle books on iPad with Ultimate Converter

Why I recommend you this tool? Because it can not only help you put kindle books on iPad, but also put kindle books on Nook, Kobo.

1Sync Kindle books to computer via Kindle for PC/Mac

It would be better to sync books with Kindle for PC/Mac, for it can download your books from your library to your local compute drive.

2Launch Epubor Ultimate

After launching Epubor Ultimate, you will see that all your synced kindle books are listed below the “Kindle” tab in the left side.

add books to the Ultiamte Converter

3Add Kindle books to remove drm and convert format

Drag and drop kindle books from the left side-bar to the right main window. As soon as they are added, DRM protection will be removed from kindle books immediately.

decrypt kfx via Kindle for PC1

Then from the "Output Format" list, please select epub or pdf and click the convert button.

convert kfx to pdf

After conversion completed, it will say "Succeeded" on the right of the book title. And you find you converted books by clicking Succeeded.

4Transfer Kindle books to iPad iBooks

Now you can transfer converted Kindle books to your iPad. If you don't know how to do it, you can read this guide to learn how to transfer books to iPad.

put kindle books to ipad

As the image shows, iBooks get us a more friendly reading interface than the kindle for iPad app.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download




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