How to Read Amazon Books on iPad Mini

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Amazon Kindle store provides a lot of books with lower price. It has a great influence on book lovers. At the same time, iPad Mini is one of the most popular tablet devices in the market. As an iPad user, you may want to read purchased Amazon books on your iPad Mini. But can I buy a Kindle book and read Amazon book on my ipad? And how? Don't worry. There are 2 methods for you to enjoy your Kindle books on your iPad.

Method 1: Read Amazon books on iPad Mini with Kindle app

Are Kindle books compatible with iPad? To read Amazon books on your iPad Mini, you may have this doubt. But I want to tell you that your worry is unnecessary. Because Amazon provides a free Kindle reading app for iPad so that we can read Amazon books on iPad with Kindle app without limits.

Now, do as following steps.

Step 1: Download Kindle app

Open App Store in your iPad Mini, search for Kindle app by putting "Kindle app" into the search pane at the top right of the App Store interface, click "search" button, then download Kindle app for iPad.

Step 2: Install downloaded Kindle app

Click "Install" , enter your Apple ID password and tap the "Ok" button to install the app. After installation has been finished, Kindle app will show up on your iPad Home screen.

install kindle app on ipad

Step 3: Register Kindle app with your Amazon account

Open your Kindle app, it will automatically appear the registration interface. Input your Amazon username and password and click the "Sign In" button.

sign in kindle on ipad

After logging in, you will see all your purchased Kindle books. Tap the book you wish to download onto your iPad, then click the cover of the book to download them in the Kindle app. When the downloading completed (it will have a checkmark next to it), tap the book to open it and enjoy your reading.

Don't have Kindle books yet? you can buy Amazon books on your iPad.

Method 2: Read Kindle books on iPad Mini with iBooks

It's known that Amazon has its own unique eBook format. While iBooks only supports EPUB and PDF formats. Besides, Kindle books are usually protected by their unique Kindle drm scheme. But we can only read Apple DRM books or free DRM EPUB or PDF eBooks on iBooks. So, we can't directly read Kindle books with iBooks. For your protected Kindle books, you have to remove Kindle drm first and convert eBook to iBooks supported formats. Then transfer Amazon books to iPad Mini and read them on your iPad Mini.

You may need the tool: Epubor Ultimate which can not only remove Kindle drm but also can convert eBooks formats between Kindle, ePub and PDF. You can download it for free trial.

Download the tool for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

There will be 3 steps for you to read Kindle books on iPad Mini with iBooks.

Step 1: Remove Kindle drm

Install Ultimate Converter and run it, you will find it automatically recognize your existing books (synced via Kindle for PC/Mac). You can just drag books to main window. It will decrypt your drm books soon.

remove kindle drm

Notice: Make sure you can read your Kindle books on your computer.

Step 2: Convert Kindle books to iBook supported format

After you have finished removing Kindle drm, now, you can convert Kindle books to iPad supports format. Just choose "ePub" or "PDF" as output format.

Then click "Convert to" button to start converting eBook format. When the conversion has been finished, it will show "Succeeded" status. Click on the output folder icon to open the location please.

finish convert kindle books

Notice: If your Kindle books are free drm, you just need to convert the eBook format.

Step 3: Transfer converted books to iPad Mini with iTunes

Now, you can transfer your converted books to iPad Mini through iTunes.

First, run iTunes, click "Add file to library" to add converted eBooks to iTunes.

Then connect computer to your iPad with USB. You wil see your iPad show up in the upper right-hand corner of iTunes. Click on your device.

click ipad device

Next, hit "Books" at the navigation bar.

After clicking "Books", active the option "Sync Books". Then click "Sync" button in the bottom right corner to transfer Amazon books to your iPad.

select and sync books

To learn more detailed information, you can go through this article how to transfer books to iPad. As long as you transfer books successfully, you can open your iBooks and find books you like, then read them on your iPad Mini freely.

read amazon books on ipad mini

Download Ultimate Converter for free

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