How to Read Kindle Books on Onyx Boox Reader

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One of the main-trend eReader brands BOOX, created and owned by Onyx, has enjoyed great popularity in the international markets since 2009. In the past ten years, Onyx products have been sold to over 60 countries of 4 continents globally, which includes the MAX2, MAX2 PRO, Nova Pro, Poke, Poke Pro, Note, Note Lite, Note Plus and the Note Pro. However, Amazon Kindle ebooks take the largest market share, so many Onyx Reader owners want to figure out the easiest way to read DRM protected Kindle books on Onyx Boox Reader. Good news is that you can find the best answer after reading this post.

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1. A Brief Introduction of Onyx Boox Reader

Onyx Boox, is a brand of eBook reader produced by Onyx International Inc based in China, has been making e-readers for 10 years and the company has a number of e-readers they are currently selling. Like most e-book readers, the Boox uses electronic paper technology. With a highly professional team in software and hardware development, Onyx offers one-stop solutions to users.

Android 6.0, Open Operating System Beats All

Unlike the closed linux-based E Ink ereader, BOOX Note boasts Android 6.0. which empowers BOOX like never before. It gives you the opportunity to maximize its value. It multitasks, just like normal Android tablets. Powered by quad-core processor and Android 6.0, Note can run multiple apps at the same time. A single tap to the right up corner will display all running apps.

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Professional eBook Reader with Exceptional Reading Experience

Larger Screen and Less Flipping

Big screen Boox series reader display 200% more text than the regular 6-inch eReaders do. For books with same-size fonts, users can be more concentrated due to fewer page turns.

Support over 20 Formats


Highlight, Annotate and Look up Dictionary

When to read your favorite books, you can highlight and annotate the sentences that are important to you. You can also bookmark the whole pages and look up the dictionary when you come across new words.

wonderful reading experience

Robust Web-browsing

Thanks to E-Ink carta's latest refresh technology and powerful quad-core processor, you can browse most websites via our built-in web browser smoothly.

Brand New User Interface, Simple and More Intuitive

After 10 years, Onyx Boox finally introduce a new user interface design. The new layout of the new user interface is more interactive and easier to use.

Built-in Dual Speakers or Bluetooth Allows You to Enjoy Music and Audio Books whenever You Want

All Boox readers can play music and audio books while you are reading. Or feel tired of reading books? The text-to-speech feature reads the book out loud for you from where you left.

2. Ultimate Guide to Reading Kindle Books on Onyx Boox Reader

Step 1remove Kindle DRM with Epubor Ultimate software.

1. Download Kindle books via Kindle for PC/Mac to your computer.

What you need to be aware of is that the latest 1.25 and above version Kindle desktop app and the latest 5.10.2 and above kindle firmware contain changes that make it incompatible with all the existing DeDRM software. So you need to downgrade to an old version Kindle for PC/Mac in order to remove Kindle DRM smoothly. You can learn how to downgrade Kindle for PC automatically here.


For macOS Catalina and higher users, the 34-bit older version Kindle for Mac will not compatible with your mac operating system. So the best way for you to remove Kindle DRM is use the command line solution.

2. After downgrading to the old version Kindle for PC/Mac, you need to sign in before downloading your Kindle books.

3. Download and install Epubor Ultimate software to your computer.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Launch Epubor Ultimate, click Kindle Tab on the left side-bar to upload all of your downloaded Kindle books to the software automatically.

click kindle tab to automatically load books


If you don't want to downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac, you can use the command line to decrypt Kindle books downloaded via the latest Kindle desktop app.

4. Choose the Kindle books you want to decrypt and add them to the right main window to remove DRM. Or you can double click the book title or simply drag and drop Kindle books from the left side-bar to the right main window. After decryption, you can find the DRM free Kindle books by clicking Decrypted or clicking the Folder icon on the lower right corner of the software.

kindle books decrypted

Step 2convert Kindle books to Mobi/EPUB/PDF.

Epubor Ultimate supports five output formats: EPUB/AZW3/Mobi/PDF/TXT, while Onyx Boox Reader also supports EPUB/Mobi/PDF/TXT format, so now you can convert the decrypted Kindle books to EPUB/Mobi/PDF/TXT as you like in order to read Kindle books on Boox Reader. Just choose EPUB/Mobi/PDF/TXT as the output format, then click the Convert button to start the conversion.

choose output format as you like

After the successful conversion, you can find the converted Kindle books by clicking Succeeded or clicking the Folder icon on the lower right corner of the software.

find the converted kindle books

Lastly, plug in your Boox Reader to your computer and transfer the converted Kindle books to it.


1. If you also want to know how to read DRM protected Nook/Kobo/Google Play Books on Onyx Boox Reader, you can follow this step-by-step guide to decrypt Nook, Kobo and Google Play books, then transfer the decrypted books to Onyx Boox Reader for reading.

2. If you are coincidentally a PockerBook Reader user, you can read this simple guide about how to read DRM protected Kindle books on PocketBook Readers.


With high-quality products and wonderful after-sale service, it’s no wonder that Onyx Boox has become a competitive eReader brand. And with the help of Epubor Ultimate software, Onyx Boox Reader can not only attract more potential customers, it can also allow users to read any eBook, whether it has DRM or not, purchased from Kindle/Kobo/Google Play Books on Boox Reader with no limitation.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

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12/16/2019 06:43:28

Some of Onyx have DRM inside.
For example, my old C67ML.

All you need, go to:
- settings
- extension
- DRM settings
- activate your device for DRM with your Adobe ID
- download your books

that's it!

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