How to Read EPUB on Kindle Paperwhite

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Many Kindle users are searching for solutions to read epub on Kindle Paperwhite, because this e-ink reader doesn't support EPUB natively.Fortunately I've found some good solutions for reading epub on kindle paperwhite.

You'll learn 2 methods to read epub books on kindle paperwhite in this article.

read epub on kindle

Is EPUB compatible with Kindle? To begin with, let's spend several minutes looking for the answer for this question. After we transferred ebook files with epub format to kindle paperwhite, from homepage we still can't see any of them. These transferred files will not be listed. Why we couldn't find and open epub directly on kindle paperwhite? This is because:

--Kindle Paperwhite only supports users reading books purchased from their Kindle store. And these books are in their exclusive Kindle eBook formats, such as kfx, mobi, azw3, azw, etc. Since epub is not Kindle supported ebook format, it cannot be detected in Kindle devices although it has been transferred to Kindle.

--Most of our purchased epub books, such as Google ebooks, Kobo, Sony, are protected with DRM limitation, which prevents us reading epub files on non-supported readers, such as Kindle paperwhite.

Having found the reasons, the solutions will be easy to find. Since there are limitations between the device and the ebook format, why not change the device's property or the book file's format?

Method 1: Convert EPUB to Kindle Format(3 Ways)

To read ePub on Kindle Paperwhite, the best and simplest way is file conversion. As we all know that Kindle reads kindle format, so how about converting epub to kindle readable format?

How to convert epub to Kindle ebook format? Kindle ebook converter is the must-have tool. I'm going to introduce 3 effective tools.

Tool 1: Convert epub to kindle with Calibre

As an ebook fan, have you heard of Calibre? This is a free ebook management tool, which helps you convert ebooks from one format to another. So you can use it to convert your epub files to kindle format.

Download Calibre, and launch it. Then add your downloaded epub books, select them and click on "Convert books" icon.

add epub to calibre

From the pop-up window choose "Mobi" as your output format please. The best file format kindle supported is mobi. Then click on "OK".

convert epub to kindle mobi with calibre

Price: Free

Good Point: Convert any format to another; edit epub metadata; read epub on computer as a reader.

Weak Point: Need to install DRM Removal plugin to convert drmed epub files.

calibre bad point

Tool 2: Convert epub to kindle with Online Converter

Do you have difficulty on installing third-party software? Online converter is a good option. Just convert your epub books to kindle format with online site.

Zamzar--Famous for free online file conversion, and also write some words to introduce the file extension.

CloudConvert--199 formats supported, and also introduce the extension file features. Also can help you send file into dropbox.

Price: Free

Good Point: No need to install on computer; convert files very fast.

Weak Point: Can't convert drm epub to mobi; only convert files one by one, no batch conversion support; need to sign up or log in.

Tool 3: Convert epub to kindle with Ultimate eBook Converter

These 2 converters above are with the same problem: can't convert drm protected epub files directly. But in fact most of our purchased epub books are with drm. So if you want to convert your epub books to kindle without any problems, this software Epubor Ultimate can help you remove ebook drm and convert ebook format at once. What's more, this tool also supports batch conversion. Convert your books in bulk with ease and save your time.

1. Download and install the tool please.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:


2. Then add epub books to this soft. Both drm free and drm protected epub books are supported perfectly. Then select kindle mobi or azw3 as output format, click on "Convert to ..." button.

convert epub to mobi with ultimate converter

Price: $24.99 but free to update in the licensed period.

Good Point: Remove drm from epub and convert epub to mobi; 1-click to convert plenty of books; also can edit ebook metadata, change epub cover, etc.

Video Guide:


1. For drm protected epub books, to get successfully drm stripped, please make sure you can read epub on Adobe Digital Editions. Click this content how to remove drm from epub to learn more.

2. For some Kobo eBooks they are usually with KEPUB format but not the common ePub, but you still can use Epubor Ultimate to convert kepub to Kindle support format.

3. After you converted your epub books to kindle format, transfer the converted files to Kindle. Then you read your epub on Kindle. Follows this complete guide on how to send epub to Kindle.

Method 2: Jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite

Jailbreading kindle paperwhate is more suitable to those person who don't want to use kindle's restricted services. If you were the person who prefer to Android rather than Kindle, select this solution please.

You will take high risk to use this method. Please back up everything before jailbreaking your kindle paperwhite.

Step 1: Jailbreak Kindle

Firstly get your kindle paperwhite OS version prepared, then install jailbreak file into kindle paperwhite. For detailed steps please:

Step 2: Install epub reader on new kindle paperwhite

After successful jailbreaking, you also need to install epub reader to help you open epub books (it means you don't have to convert epub to mobi format).

KOReader--Originally created for usage on Kindle e-ink reader, started as Kindle PDF Viewer. But now it supports epub too. When you open an epub file, it will turn this format book to pdf layout. Please click KOReader user guide to know how to.

jailbreak kindle paperwhite to read epub with koreader

FBKindle--FBReader makes you can read epub files with plenty of options. But it only supports DRM-free books. Follow user guide please.

Final Words

Above the two readers are strongly recommended. And don't worry after you jailbreak your kindle paperwhite and install this app, you can still enjoy your Amazon options.

Still if your Epub books are protected by DRM, you need to remove DRM from epub at first with Epubor Ultimate. That's why I recommend you guys download Epubor Ultimate to get all =work done with ease. No jailbreak, no plugin installation! No hard technical issues, easy to use. Just download it for free trial now!

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:



works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

05/11/2015 03:42:26
Very helpful guide, thank you.
06/4/2015 05:54:53
Does it work all with the latest generation of Kindle Paperwhite?
06/10/2015 20:32:57
Yes it supports all generations of Kindle Paperwhite, and even the latest Kindle Voyage.
06/29/2015 00:16:12
It works brilliantly with calibre. Thanks a much. :D
06/30/2015 02:03:06
Good guide, well done. Just bought an Amazon Paper White and this will help me a lot :0)
11/4/2015 13:07:37
Another great site for sending your EPUB to your Kindle is www.sendepubtokindle.com. I've been using for a year now and it's definitely the easiest option I've found.
12/25/2015 12:29:38

sendepubtokindle service is helpful.

Good news is that, now epubor released a new product named Kindle Transfer,which helps transfer books between Kindle, Kobo and computer freely and easily.

11/6/2015 16:55:16
very helpful
12/29/2015 11:01:34
So - have followed all instructions, kindle paperwhite showed it being downloaded but now I can't find it on my list of books or find any way to open it.  What next?  Help needed very simple as not tech. savvy.  Thanks
12/29/2015 20:57:55


Can you tell me more details about your problem? Are you trying to jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite?


06/13/2016 10:03:16
Anyone know if the new Oasis can be jail broken?
06/14/2016 00:27:36
If the Kindle's firmware version is 5.6.5, then it can be jailbroken.
08/1/2016 02:29:11
After converting my epub files to mobi files with epubor for my Kindle Paperwhite, I cant use the dictionary function. I can use it with Kindle purchased books but not the convertef books. do you have any solutions?
08/15/2016 21:13:03
You can install DRM removal plugin to Calibre easily, and from there on all DRM is removed automatically  and mobi conversion possible.
09/1/2016 17:09:34
think you very much.
12/11/2016 18:05:45
I've just landed in this page. Luck me. Thanks for the intel. Very useful info.
12/16/2016 03:36:06

Hi I have converted books to MOBI on my PC, and then saved them in the library of my Kindle for PC App, but how do I actually get these books onto a kindle device? They don't appear in any other Kindle library, despite repeated attempts at syncing.

Many thanks!

03/23/2017 11:17:03
Just copy the mobi files from the converted output path and drag them to your Kindle "documents" folder. Find them by touching your Kindle device "Documents", not "Books".
09/4/2019 15:50:44
Great help! Thank you!
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