3 Steps to Read Google eBooks on Kindle Fire

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Google has changed its Google Market to Google Play, and integrated Google Bookstore. 

Now we can download Google Books, android apps, movie, and music there. 

For reading an eBook, most people choose Kindle, while few people like reading eBooks on Android Phone. But Google made it impossible to read Google Books on Kindle.

But Nothing is difficult to the man who will try, we finally find the methods to make Google Books available on Kindle.

All you need to do is 3 things.
#1 - Download Google Books to your computer.
#2 - Remove the Google Books DRM
#3 - Convert its format then transfer to Kindle


Download Google Books to your computer

Google Books offers several ways to read them, including read on WebBrowser, on Android App(you must have Android Device which has installed the Play Books App and register with your Google ID), on IOS App, and download to computer.

To read them on Kindle, we choose the last one.

Purchase the book first, then enter the book information page, choose "How To Read".

read google books

Then scroll the page to the bottom, there are two options: DOWNLOAD EPUB, DOWNLOAD PDF. You can choose the format as you like, but we recommend you choose ePub format, it is more suitable for the majority of popular eReaders.

google epub or pdf

After the downloading finishes, you will get an .acsm file, it can't be read directly, you should convert it to ePub format. 

Learn How to Convert .acsm to .ePub by freeware 

Now you get ePub files, congratulations! You can read the Google Books on your computer now even if you are off-line! But to read them on Kindle, you still have a few things to do.


Remove Google Books DRM

Google Play books are protected by Adobe DRM which prevents you converting, sharing or even printing them freely. If you want to read them without any obstacle on Kindle Fire (HD), you need to decrypt the DRM protection at first.

In the previous step, if you choose "Download EPUB", you won't simply get an .ePub file but an .acsm file. You can't read the .acsm file by any eReaders.

Now you need to download and install a program called Adobe Digital Editions, then open your downloaded .acsm file with ADE. If you have registered your ADE with correct Adobe ID, you will see the download process window as the image shows.

download ade

When the download process finishes, make sure you can read the book in ADE.

read acsm via ade

Now download and install Epubor Ultimate, the program will find the book automatically then decrypt it, if you do the job strictly as the guide above, there won't be any problem.



remove google drm

Run the program, usually it will detect and upload your books automatically if they are saved in the default ADE path. Once you drag them from the left side to the main interface of this tool, all your books will be decrypted quickly. Then simply click "Decrypted" to open the output folder. This is all you need to do for removing DRM from Google Play Books. You can't find an easier-to-operate software in the planet.


Convert and transfer Google Books to Kindle

Now you have get the DRM free Google Play ePub books, but you still cannot read it on Kindle Fire (HD) as Amazon devices don't accept ePub files. You need to convert them to mobi (or azw3) format.

google to kindle mobi

At last, transfer them to Kindle, then you can read Google Books on Kindle now!

Learn 3 Free & Quick Ways to Transfer Books to Kindle

Google eBookstore Supported reading devices:

1.Web browsers: You can read Google eBooks on any popular browser with JavaScript enabled, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari can all do this.

2.Smartphones: You can download and install the Play Books Android App (download link) for free on any compatible Android phone that is running version 2.2 or later and has access to the Google Play, or install Play Books IOS App (download link) on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. (iOS 4.0 or later).

3.iRiver Story HD™: This is the world's first one Google Books integrated eReader Device. It offer you 3 million Google eBooks in the iRiver Story HD eReader. 

4.Other eReader devices: Barnes & Noble Nook™ and Readers™ from Sony. More than 85 devices support the Adobe eBook platform today including Reader™ from Sony devices (PRS-300 - PRS-700), Aluratek Libre, Astak EZ Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook™ and Nook Color™, BeBook, Bookeen, COOL-ER, Elonex eBook, HanLin eBook, IREX Digital Reader, Neolux Nuut, and more.

The main devices are listed below:

Manufacturer Device Name Official Price (In 2012)
iRiver iRiver Story HD Wi-Fi $99.99
Sony Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 $129.99
Apple The New iPad $499.00
Barnes&Noble Nook Simple Touch (with GlowLight) $139.00
Kobo Inc Kobo Vox $199.99
Aluratek eBook Reader Pro "Libre" $97.99


Bonus Tips: If you want to make the full use of Google Play books, you should never miss Google Play 101: 16 Golden Tips and Tricks You Must Know.


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

12/2/2013 16:55:15

You are my saver!!!

100% working guide!

thanks heaps!

12/2/2013 16:55:31

You are my saver!!!

100% working guide!

thanks heaps!

05/30/2015 08:58:13
You are my saver!!!
100% working guide!
thanks heaps!
08/1/2017 18:54:34
You are my saver!!!
100% working guide!
thanks heaps!
08/3/2017 11:48:11
Thank you for your comments. Glad to know it works for you!
05/26/2018 10:34:01

Is it really necessary to convert the google epub to mobi for the Kindle Fire HD?

I just bought and downloaded an epub from google, and opened it in the nook app (side-loaded using 1mobile).

This worked fine on a Kindle Fire HDX.

12/23/2018 20:09:44
It seem Epubor only converts 20 % of the ADE files into epub, for the rest you must pay a license?!
12/24/2018 12:04:10
Thank you for using Epubor software. The licensed version will give you the whole content in its original formatting. Any more problem, please contact support@epubor.com.
03/1/2019 00:24:24
how come I was only able to get 38 pgs? do I have to pay for it to convert a whole book?
03/1/2019 10:00:37
Are you using the trail version? The trial version will allow you decrypt and convert 20% content of each book. The license version will give you the full content of each book.
05/11/2019 07:14:28
Looks like it would work, but doesn't mention anything about buying a license. Costs around $25, which is way more than what I want to pay to convert 1 book
06/26/2019 15:29:36

What won’t work:

Books bought on Google Play won't work on Amazon Kindle devices.You can’t transfer books using a Chromebook.Your highlights and notes won't be available when you read your books on an e-Reader.

01/23/2023 18:39:22
I don't understand,what is the difference between google books and kindle books?
01/28/2023 14:06:21
The google play books are encrypted with adobe drm while kindle books are encrypted with the kindle drm.
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