How to Read Google Play Books on Remarkable Tablet

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Can I transfer and read Google Play books on reMarkable tablet?

Transferring Google Play Books directly to a Remarkable tablet may not be straightforward due to DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection on many Google Play Books. Still you can transfer non-drm Google epub or pdf to reMarkable.

The reMarkable is primarily a note-taking device. reMarkable 1 and 2 are compatible with PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, and EPUB ebooks. But how to read Google Play books on reMarkable tablet? Here's a general guideline of how you can do this.

Step 1. Download Google books to your computer.

To transfer Google books, download them to your computer local storage first.

1 On your computer, access the Google Play Books website (play.google.com/books). Go to "My Books" and locate the book you want to transfer.

2 Click on the book and select "Export as PDF" or "Export as ePub," if available.

google book download option

Note: Google Books can be divided into Google Play Books and Google Free Books.
Google Free Books are not protected by DRM and can be downloaded in EPUB or PDF formats directly.
In the case of Google Play Books, there is a high probability that you will receive the ACSM file after downloading. In such a situation, you will need the assistance of Adobe Digital Editions to convert ACSM to PDF.
How to Download Google Books to PDF in 2023 will guide you through the detailed steps for downloading Google Books to your computer and converting ACSM to PDF.

Step 2. Remove drm from Google books.

Most of the downloaded Google play books are protected by drm.  To remove drm from Google play books, Epubor ultimate is your best pick. It not only can remove drm from Google play books, but also convert them to pdf, or epub format.

1 Download and install Epubor Ultimate.

Download the Epubor ULtimate for free:

2 launch Epubor Ultimate to remove google drm.

Launch Epubor Ultimate, the Google books will be detected and displayed in the "Adobe" tab at the left column, then drag and drop Google books from left to right side. The Google DRM will be cracked.

decrypt googleplay book

Step 3. Tranfer and read Google books on reMarkable.

Now you can transfer these drm-free Google PDF/EPUB files to your reMarkable paper tablet with a USB cable or using the desktop app.

Watch Video Tutorial to Learn How to tranfer files to remarkable

Download the Epubor ULtimate for free to remove drm from Google Play Books Now

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