How to Read Kindle Books on BlackBerry 10

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No matter BlackBerry 10 hits a significant sales record or not, it is no doubt that Blackberry is catching our eyesights by BB10, Blackberry Z10 and Q10, compared to months ago when few people remembered there is a company called Blackberry.

Months ago we compiled a post about how to read eBooks on BlackBerry Z10, from the feedback we can see that people concern most is how to read Kindle books on BlackBerry 10 as Amazon doesn't release a Kindle app for BB10 yet. Following this post, I guarantee you can read Kindle books on Blackberry 10 successfully.

Get Kindle app on Blackberry 10

On Mar 21st, 2013, Kindle app for BlackBerry 10 entered BlackBerry World, you can get it directly by searching in BlackBerry10 device's appstore or click this access to Kindle app's BlackBerry World webpage.

kindle for blackberry 10

After installing this app on your BlackBerry 10, run it and register with your Amazon acount, wait for seconds you will see all your purchased contents in Cloud. Tap on the item you can download it to your device.

read kindle books on blackberry 10

But this app still gets a long long way to go

Pity is this app doesn't perform that well on BlackBerry 10, on the app page in BlackBerry World you can half of the reviews are reporting problems, such as "Started out great. Now it won't sync so can't read anything", "The site will not let you order books from a Z10", and "Don't even bother downloading". Even for a good review, it is just "Better than nothing".

kindle app for blackberry 10 reviews

Read them on better reading apps and make the most of your Kindle books

Although Kindle app for BB10 is barely satisfactory, but the Kindle books remain a nice quality and friendly price. So if we can read Amazon Kindle books on Blackberry 10 with other better reading apps, that will be an enjoyment. And it is definitely possible.

1Remove DRM from Kindle books

Only by removing DRM from the purchased Kindle books, you are able to read them on other apps or convert them to more acceptable ePub or PDF formats.

To break the limitation on your Kindle books, the Kindle DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate can do you a favor, click the buttons below you can get the free-trial.


2Install a more superior app to read eBooks

As far as I know, Book Reader app is the best among those eBook reading apps on BlackBerry platform, it costs you $0.99 but it absolutely worths the money.

It supports EPUB, MOBI, AZW, PDB, PRC, FB2, FB.ZIP,TXT and CHM formats. Notice: it doesn't support PDF, and in fact few professional eBook reading apps on BlackBerry support PDF. If you need to read PDF, please install Adobe Reader, it's free to get.

book reader app for blackberry 10

3Use this app to read your Kindle books

Now find your Kindle books which have been decrypted in the first step, they must be DRM-free, or you can only read them by official Kindle app.

You can transfer them to your BlackBerry 10 device via official PC suit, and I will recommend you use cloud store service like DropBox to transfer the decrypted books to your device.

Transfer the books from your computer to DropBox via PC application or webpage, then install the DropBox app on your BlackBerry 10. Run this app and login your account, you can see all the documents saved in your cloud, click the book to sync it to your mobile device, then choose "Open with Book Reader", or add the book to your library in Book Reader app.

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