How to Read Kindle Books on iPad?

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As one of the most popular tablets in the world, iPad is always attracting many people's attention. With the launch of Apple iPad Pro on November 11, 2015, I guess many Apple fans may have got iPad Pro at hand. With this 12.9-inch iPad, we can read eBooks more conveniently on the big screen. On the other hand, Amazon provides us with various eBooks of lower price, so many eBook lovers may prefer to purchasing books from Amazon. While Amazon confines us to read Kindle books with its own app or device exclusively, many of us may have thought about how to read Kindle books on iPad. This is exactly what I will talk about in this article. Here we've found 3 alternative solutions for you.

read kindle books on ipad 1.Read Kindle books on iPad with Kindle app
2.Read Kindle books on iPad with iBooks
3.Read Kindle books on iPad with 3rd party reading apps

Read Kindle books on iPad with Kindle app

As we know, except Kindle eInk Readers, Amazon also provides us with free reading app on various mobile devices, including Kindle app for iOS. With this tool, we can enjoy reading our downloaded Kindle books freely.

Step1: Install Kindle for iOS on iPad

1. Open the App Store on your iPad, input Kindle app into the search box, tap "Search" button to find the correct app.

2. Click "Get" button to download Kindle for iPad, then hit "Install", enter your Apple ID password and click "OK" to install it on your iPad or iPhone.

Step2: Sync Kindle books

1. Launch the Kindle app, enter your Amazon username and password to log in.

2. Click "Cloud" at the bottom of screen, you will find all your purchased books, just tap the cover of books to download them to your iPad. Then all your downloaded Kindle books will show up in "Devices" tab.

Read Kindle books on iPad with iBooks

Don't want to install too many apps on your iPad or iPhone? Here is another way that enables you to read Kindle books without Kindle app. We can read them with iBooks. You may be confused: iBooks doesn't support Kindle books at all. Yes, it's true. We cannot read Kindle books in iBooks directly. But while there is a will, there is a way. As long as we know the causes that prevent us reading Kindle books on iBooks, we can find the suitable way to solve the problem.

On one hand, our downloaded Kindle books are always DRM protected, on the other hand, Kindle books are in Amazon unique formats, which are not supported by iBooks. So what we have to do is to remove DRM from Kindle DRM protected books and convert decrypted Kindle books to EPUB or PDF that are compatible with iBooks. Thus, a DRM removal tool and eBook converter are needed. Here I highly recommend you a powerful software Epubor Ultimate, which is an all-in-one tool and has both DRM decryption and eBook conversion features. With this software, we need not to install 2 individual tools at all. Besides, it's easy to use. I believe everyone can easily figure out how to use it.

Download Epubor Ultiamte for free

Now please follow the steps below to make our Kindle books readable on iBooks.

Step 1: Sync your Kindle books via Kindle for PC/Mac

First of all, please sync your purchased books via Kindle for PC/Mac. Just double-click the cover of Kindle books and download them to your computer. This step can help Epubor Ultimate to locate your Kindle register info and generate the decryption key upon your Kindle account.

sync kindle books

Step 2: Remove DRM from Kindle books

Launch the program, it will detect and upload your downloaded Kindle books automatically. Click on “Kindle” tab, and you’ll see all your Kindle books are listed in the left side column. You can also drag and drop the Kindle books to the main interface of the program. The Kindle DRM are removed automatically from your Kindle books when they’re loaded to the program.

You can see a checkmark and "Decrypted" next to the Kindle books you've removed DRM from. Double click on "Decrypted", the decrypted file output folder will prompt automatically.

remove drm from Kindle books

As the image shows, this Kindle DRM removal can decrypt Kindle books in batch. And the processing speed is very fast.

Step 3: Convert Kindle to EPUB/PDF

After the DRM of the Kindle books is removed, you can start to convert the Kindle formats to iBooks compatible format - Epub or PDF.

On the bottom part, you can choose the output conversion format, click “Convert to XXX” button, and the program starts to decrypt the books and convert the formats simultaneously. You can find the converted books by clicking "Succeeded".

convert kindle books to epub

Step 4: Transfer Kindle books to iPad

After removing DRM from your Kindle books and converting your Kindle books to Epub/PDF, the last step is to transfer these books to your iPad. For detailed instruction, please read the guide how to transfer books to iPad.

Read Kindle books on iPad with 3rd party reading apps

After removing DRM from your purchased Kindle books with Epubor Ultimate, you can install some 3rd party reading apps on your iPad to read the DRM free Kindle books directly without converting format.


TotalReader: Rating 4.6 points
1. Wide range of supported formats (fb2, epub, mobi, azw, prc, chm, fbz, rtf, txt, djvu, pdf, xps, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pages, numbers, key, cbr, cbz, cb7, cbt)
2. Compatible with all popular archive formats (rar, zip, 7z, gz, tar ...)
3. Speech synthesizer
4. Integration with popular cloud services(Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk)
5. Integration with popular network services(SMB, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, DLNA)

KyBook: Rating 4.3 points
1. Supports eBooks in EPUB, FictionBook (fb2, fbz, fb2.zip), TXT, RTF, PDF, DJVU, CHM, Comic Book (cbr, cbz) and Audio Book (mp3, m4a, m4b) formats.
2. Online book catalogs(OPDS) and network folders
3. Integrated with Google Books, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Yandex Disc
4. Integrated with social networking services (Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte)
5. Flexible reading mode settings
6. DJVU, CHM, Tor Network and 'Speed Reading' requires in-app purchase "Upgrade to Pro Version".

Mobi Reader: Rating 4.6 points
1. Wi-Fi Transfer allows user to download/upload few media files with one click
2. Integrated with cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk)
3. Integrated with network services (SMB, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, DLNA)
4. Maximal support OPDS standards
5. Users can contact technical support and leave a comment without quitting the application

Librairie: Rating 4.3 points
1. iOS Cloud Ebook Reader – works with DRM FREE EPUB, MOBI and AZW3 files
2. Automatically scans your cloud accounts (Dropbox, OneDrive or Goole Drive) to find your ebooks and presents them in a nice looking library
3. Stream your ebooks from the cloud - No space taken on your device
4. Convert your ebooks in ePub, MOBI and PDF file formats and export them to any compatible app on your device.
5. Clean and elegant typography - support for hyphenation and dynamic page numbers


That's all I want to share with you. The above 3 ways can help us enjoy Kindle books on iPad. But I prefer the second efficient method: unlock Kindle DRM protected books and convert eBook format, then enjoy Kindle books with iBooks without any limitations. After all, it's really annoying to install too many apps for reading books downloaded from different eBook retailers. Anyway, we can choose one of the 3 ways we like to read Kindle books on iPad. Hope it can help you solve your problem.

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