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The Remarkable paper tablet is not only a device where you can freehand draw and edit personal documents, but it can also function as a dedicated ebook reader. When Amazon Kindle books control the largest market share in the ebook industry, many people asked how they can read a Kindle book on their reMarkable device. If you are also pondering this question, you will find the easiest method after reading this post.

Part 1. A Brief Introduction of ReMarkable Paper Tablet

ReMarkable is an e-ink paper tablet for reading documents and ebooks, sketching and note-taking with a paper-like feel. It tries to combine the reading experience of an e-ink display with the writing experience of a high-end tablet, with the goal of replacing your notebooks, sketchbooks and printed books.

reMarkable Paper tablet

reMarkable vs Tablet

Compared with iPad and other tablets which have an LCD-based screen that has screen glare and a glass surface, reMarkable has a higher-friction surface, and a digital paper display without screen glare, which makes it more comfortable and easy on the eyes when reading for a longer period. Without apps for web surfing, social media or games, the reMarkable is a dedicated device around reading, writing and sketching with a paper-like experience through its low lag Linux operating system.

reMarkable vs eReader

E-readers (like Kindle/Kobo/Nook), as well as reMarkable paper tablets, both use an electronic paper display technology and reflect light much in the same way as paper. However, in addition to reading books and documents, reMarkable lets you even write and sketch as well, which can't be done on an eReader.

What file formats does reMarkable support?

ReMarkable supports the ebook format PDF and EPUB. Some ebooks protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) are not supported.

Part 2. How to Read Kindle Books on Remarkable Paper Tablet?

ReMarkable devices support only EPUB or PDF files. However, all Amazon Kindle books are DRM-protected and in Kindle format KFX/AZW/Mobi/AZW3. To read Kindle books on reMarkable, you should remove DRM from Kindle books and convert Kindle to EPUB/PDF as well. Fortunately, you can use a powerful eBook DRM Removal & eBook Converter named Epubor Ultimate to help you do the job in the following easy steps.

Step 1 Download Epubor Ultimate to your computer.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 2 Download Kindle books to your computer via an older version Kindle for PC/Mac desktop app.

Download and run the Kindle for PC/Mac older version V1.24/V1.23 and sign in with your Amazon account. Then all your Kindle books will be synced to the library automatically. Just right-click the book cover and tap "Download" to download them to the computer.

Kindle for PC V1.24 Download Kindle for Mac V1.23 Download

Important Notice

If you download Kindle books via Kindle for PC/MAC 1.25 or higher version, you'll fail to decrypt Kindle books. Therefore, to convert Kindle books successfully, you have to download Kindle books via the older version of Kindle for PC/MAC V1.24/1.23. (If you have already installed a higher latest version of Kindle desktop, you can automatically downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac to an older version.)

Troubleshooting: Kindle for Mac V1.23 can't run on new macOS 10.15 Catalina?

download kindle books to computer


To successfully remove Kindle DRM next time, please stop the auto-update of Kindle for PC/Mac manually by this way:

For Windows: Open Kindle for PC-->>Tools-->Options--General--Uncheck the box "Automatically install updates when they are available without asking me".

For Mac: Open Kindle for Mac-->>Kindle-->>Preference-->>Updates-->>Uncheck the box "Automatically install updates when they are available without asking me".

stop auto update of kindle app

Step 3 Run Epubor Ultimate to remove Kindle DRM and convert Kindle books to ReMarkable supported format EPUB/PDF.

The Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac will be automatically uploaded and you can see them at the left column under the "Kindle" tab. Just drag and drop the Kindle books from the left to the right. From the pop-down menu, choose the output format as EPUB/PDF and start the conversion process.

convert kindle books on mac

After the conversion is completed, there will be a "Succeeded" word at the end of each title. Just click it or the blue folder icon at the bottom-right to find the DRM-free and converted Kindle books.

converted DRM-free Kindle books

Step 4 Transfer Kindle books to reMarkable.

Once you get the DRM-free Kindle books in EPUB or PDF format in the previous step, what you should do now is to transfer these PDF/EPUB files to your reMarkable paper tablet with a USB cable or using the desktop app.

Bonus Tips---Read Kobo books/Google Play Books/Nook books on ReMarkable tablet.

Besides decrypting and converting Kindle books, Epubor software can still help you decrypt Kobo/Nook/Google Play books and read these books on ReMarkable. Here are the detailed guides:

1To read Google Play Books(.ACSM) on ReMarkable: How to Remove DRM from Google Play Books.

2To read Kobo books on ReMarkable: Kobo DRM Removal, Remove DRM from Kobo KEPUB EPUB PDF Files

3To read Nook books on ReMarkable: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Remove Nook DRM.

Frequently Asked Question: Fail to run Kindle for Mac 1.23 on macOS 10.15 Catalina.
Q: I've updated my macOS to the new 10.15 Catalina, but the older version Kindle for Mac no longer runs. How can I remove Kindle DRM and convert Kindle books on macOS Catalina?

A: The new macOS Catalina only supports 64 bits application, but Kindle for Mac 1.23 is 32 bits. So downgrading Kindle for Mac to older version becomes an invalid method for removing Kindle DRM on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

If you have a Kindle e-ink device, then you are still able to remove Kindle DRM on macOS 10.15 Catalina by downloading the Kindle books from Amazon website.

Here is the detailed guide: Remove Kindle DRM Through "Download & Transfer Kindle Books via USB".


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After downgrading the kindle for pc, please redownload the kindle books again. Then Epubor software will detect and display them, just drag and drop them to the  right column, the drm will be removed.
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