How to Read Kortext Books on Kindle/Kobo/reMarkable?

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Can we read Kortext books on other e-readers like Kindle/Kobo/reMarkable? Kortext is a smart study platform as well as an online bookstore. Especially for University students, academics, and librarians, they can find various useful resources here. As known as Kindle in the educational field, Kortext also provides access to over half a million digital textbooks content from over 1,000 of the world’s leading educational publishers. However, it seems that other e-ink devices are used more widely in our daily life.

Does Kortext books work on other eReaders like Kindle/Kobo/reMarkable?

Currently, Kortext books are not available on other platforms like Amazon Kindle because of DRM protection. You can only access them with a Kortext webpage, or application on Windows, Android, iOS, or Mac devices. The books on Kortext only have two formats: EPUB and PDF. You’re able to download them in the Kortex apps for offline reading. But the Kortext books you download for offline reading are still DRM-protected. Even if some e-readers do support books in EPUB or PDF format, it’s impossible to correctly open a Kortext book on any other e-reader without using Kortext, let alone Kindle devices.

kortext my library

Amazon Kindle occupied the majority of e-book markets, which makes it extremely difficult to read ebooks purchased from other ebook vendors. However, many people want to read their textbooks on different devices at any time or back up them as their own to avoid losing the books.

To achieve this goal, the first step is to download non-DRM Kortext books to your computer and then transfer them to your e-readers. If you want to do so, simply follow the below steps.

Step 1: Download DRM-free Kortext books to your computer.

As you know, you cannot download Kortext books from the Kortext website, and the Kortext books you downloaded in the app are DRM-protected. If you want to download a DRM-free kortext book, Epubor Kortext Downloader is a necessary tool.

It’s an amazing software that allows you to download DRM-free Kortext books to your personal device. Simply sign in to your Kortext account, this software can sync your bookshelf from Kortext, then you're able to save all your Kortext books in PDF/EPUB with original quality. It couldn’t be easier to enjoy reading at anytime no matter where you are!

Download Epubor Kortext Downloader for free:

1 Epubor Kortext Downloader is compatible with Windows and Mac, please download and install it on your computer.

2 Launch Epubor Kortext Downloader, next sign in to this software using your Kortext account and click “Get Kortext Library”, then it can sync all your books from your Kortext bookshelf.

kortext downloader homepage

3 Drag and drop the books you want to download to the right part, then click the "Download" button below, and it will start to download, you can download them individually or in bulk.

kortext downloader downloading

4 Once the download is finished, the status will change to “Succeeded”, and a file folder that includes all the downloaded Kortext books without DRM protection will pop up automatically. If the pop-up window is not showing, you can also click the blue folder button on the right-bottom to find the downloaded Kortext books.

kortext downloader finished

Note: If the Kortext book has more than 300 pages, it will be automatically separated and split every 300 pages into multiple PDF files after the conversion, but the EPUB file will not be split.

split PDF

Step2: Read Kortext books on kindle/Kobo/reMarkable

If you have a Kobo or reMarkable device, it's never going to be difficult to read Kortext books with them. There are 14 file formats supported natively on Kobo, EPUB and PDF are exactly two of them, and the reMarkable tablet is compatible with PDFs and EPUB ebooks too.

Simply using a USB cable, you are able to transfer the downloaded non-protected Kortext books in PDF/EPUB to the Kobo or reMarkable device, then enjoy your reading anytime!

1 Transfer Kortext books in EPUB/PDF to Kobo

Open your Kobo e-reader, and connect it and your computer via a micro USB cable. When "Computer detected" window pops up, just tap "Connect", then you can find a drive named"KOBOeReader" on your computer, next drag the Kortext books in PDF/EPUB into this drive. Finally don't forget to eject your Kobo Reader, now you can read Kortext books on Kobo.

kobo usb computer

2 Transfer Kortext books in EPUB/PDF to reMarkable

reMarkable is not only an e-ink notebook but also a great e-reader. You're able to import DRM-free PDF/EPUB files using reMarkable app for mobile, desktop, or using a USB cable. Furthermore, you can also browse my.remarkable.com and log in to your account to import files online to reMarkable. That’s really convenient for the majority of users, you can read detailed steps of importing files to reMarkable from their official website. At last, just find the Kortext books on your reMarkable and tap the name of the book to start reading.

import file to remarkable

3 Transfer non-protected Kortext books in PDF to Kindle

The simplest way to import your downloaded books in PDF to Kindle is by transferring files via a USB cable. After connecting your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable, you can drag and drop the downloaded DRM-free Kortext books files to the Kindle’s Documents folder.

Note: 1. Unfortunately, we can not do that with EPUB files, as you're not allowed to open correctly EPUB files that are transferred to Kindle via USB cable. Don't worry, next we will introduce another way to transfer EPUB files.

2. You can also import PDF files through the Kindle app, but in this way, it's impossible to select all the PDF files at once, you can only import the PDF file one by one.

3. Some Kortext books in PDF will be split into multiple files, the best choice to transfer those large PDF Kortext book files in bulk is via USB.

4 Transfer non-protected Kortext books in EPUB to Kindle

There is a simple way to let you import downloaded Kortext books in EPUB to Kindle and read them on Kindle. Just use the "Send to Kindle" feature, which makes it very easy to read third-party e-books on your Kindle device or in Kindle apps.

Simply visit the “Send to Kindle” webpage, which allows you to transfer books or documents within 200 MB. If you want to know more "Send to Kindle" instructions, here are detailed steps of Three Methods to Send Converted EPUB to Kindle.



We’ve covered the method and steps for reading Kortext books on Kindle/Kobo/reMarkable. Anyway, I hope it can help you. Please remember, the key point is to download a Kortext book to your computer at first, and Epubor Kortext Downloader allows you to do that easily. That's really simple and convenient, it is worth it for you to have a try!


Hello, my name is Nancy! I’ve been always a book enthusiast, and I love reading very much. As an editor for Epubor, I’m glad to share all my favorite books, audiobooks, and tips to read E-books all I know.

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