How to Remove DRM from Bol.com Books

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Bol.com, the largest provider of eBooks in the Netherlands and Belgium, has joined forces with Kobo, one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services, to revolutionize how readers enjoy digital books by introducing the world’s most seamless shopping and reading experience. In spite of this, the majority of Dutch people and Belgians choose to purchase ebook from Bol.com instead of Kobo.com. This way you can pay by using your own Dutch bank account instead of just by credit card. We know it’s very easy to decrypt Kobo books, so is it as easy as remove Kobo DRM to remove DRM from bol.com books? Let's check it out.

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About Bol.com

Bol.com is the leading webshop in the Netherlands for books, toys and electronics. Since its launch in 1999, bol.com has become one of the Netherlands' most popular stores. Thanks to its wide range of products, excellent service and convenient shopping experience, bol.com has over 4.5 million loyal customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. With an assortment of approximately 8 million products, customers can find exactly what they are looking for.

The many prizes bol.com has won prove how much customers value the store. In 2014 bol.com was named 'Best Web Shop in the Netherlands' and 'Best Web Shop in Belgium 2014-2015'. According to research published in 2015, it is the strongest retail brand with the highest expected growth in the Netherlands.


How to Link Your Bol.com Account with a Kobo Account

Starting from September 15, 2014, all of Kobo’s eReaders and tablets are available via bol.com. Moreover customers will have access to the combined Kobo and bol.com selection of eBooks – two million eBooks including a full selection of international titles. But you must link your Bol.com account with a Kobo account, then you will see all your books in one library.

Tips: If your Kobo account and your bol.com account use the same email address, you must sign in with your Kobo account first.

If you already have a Kobo account, you can link your Kobo and bol.com accounts by following the steps.

1. Go to Kobo.com >> Click Sign in at the top of the screen >> Enter your bol.com account.

Tips: If a message appears that says that your email is linked to an existing Kobo account, you will be redirected to sign in with that account. Enter your existing Kobo password.

2. Click Continue and you'll sign in to the Kobo website and be redirected to the home page.

3. Click My Account at the top of the screen >> Click Account Settings >> Scroll down to the Sign In Options >> Find My bol.com Account from the list and click Link this account.

link bol to a kobo account

Once you've linked your account with Kobo, you can continue to use your existing bol.com account to sign in to Kobo.

How to Decrypt Bol.com Books

In order to remove DRM, we must use third party DRM Removal tool to help us get rid of DRM protection. Among all those good and bad DRM Removal tools, Epubor Ultimate is the most reliable and easy-to-use eBook DRM Removal and eBooks Format Converter on the web. It can convert Kindle/Google Play/Nook/Kobo books effortlessly, including bol.com books as well.

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Step 1Download bol.com books to your computer.

1. Download Kobo desktop app from Kobo website.

2. Install Kobo App to your computer and sign in to Kobo.

3. Download bol.com books to your computer via Kobo desktop app.

Step 2Download DRM Removal -- Epubor Ultimate to your computer.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 3Remove DRM from bol.com books.

Run Epubor Ultimate software, click Kobo Tab in the left sidebar to load all of your downloaded bol.com books to the software. Next add bol.com books to the right main window to remove DRM.

ultimate downloaded kobo books

Step 4Convert decrypted bol.com books to Mobi/AZW3/PDF/EPUB/TEXT.

After decrypting bol.com books, you can convert to other formats, like Mobi format. Then you can transfer the converted books and read your bol.com books on Kindle devices as well. Basically, you can read bol.com books on any reader app and device as long as they are converted to corresponding format by Epubor Ultimate.

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Isn’t that amazing to find out that Epubor Ultimate can also decrypt bol.com books? This makes the experience of reading bol.com eBooks even great.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free



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