Solved: How to Save My Tidal Music to SD Card

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In the age of streaming music services, while people can directly listen to Tidal songs in the Tidal app, some audiophiles tend to download and save Tidal music to an SD card for offline listening. In this way, you can not only relieve your phone's storage but also enjoy your favorite Tidal songs at any time on your preferred devices. So how do I save Tidal music to an SD card? Just keep reading, and you'll get the best solution!

Method 1: Download Tidal music to SD card on Android devices

Tidal offline mode is only available on mobile devices. If you're a paid Tidal HiFi or HiFi Plus subscriber, you're allowed to download Tidal music for offline listening in the Tidal app. And you can also select the SD card as the destination to store downloaded Tidal music on your Android device.

Step 1 Ensure that your SD card is properly inserted into your Android device.

Step 2 Run the Tidal app and tap the gear icon to access "Settings".

tidal android settings

Step 3 Scroll down and tap "Downloads", then find the "Downloads Destination" and tap on it.

tidal downloads destination

Step 4 The setting window will pop up automatically, please select "Memory card" as the download destination.

tidal download memory card

Finally, all downloaded Tidal music files will be automatically saved to the SD card on your Android device.

For those who have less internal storage space, it's a good way to free up space and help your devices run smoothly. However, due to DRM, you don't actually own the music files on your SD card. And it is not as convenient as you imagine to save music to an SD card in the Tidal app.

Note: Issues you may occur when you download your Tidal music to SD card on Android devices.

  1. The Memory card option is not showing in the Tidal app on Android devices. (The SD card is not showing up in the download destination.)
  2. Playing songs from an SD card can take many minutes (There is a massive delay when playing songs downloaded to the SD card).
  3. The downloaded songs are not visible in the playlist.
  4. Downloading to an SD card is incredibly slow.
  5. The downloaded content to the SD card still shows up in internal storage.

If you encounter other problems when you download your Tidal music to your SD card on Android devices, your comments are welcome!

Why we don’t recommend you save your Tidal music on SD card from Android device?

You may encounter many problems if you want to save the downloaded content to your SD card. As we all know, Tidal is known for its superb sound quality. However, better audio quality means a larger file size. Your smartphones or tablets can fill up quickly if you download more and more Tidal offline content.

On the other hand, due to DRM, you don’t actually own these songs you downloaded and saved to the SD card. They’re available within the Tidal app, and you can only access those Tidal downloads during your subscription to Tidal.

When the SD card on your Android device is full or damaged, your downloaded content will disappear. Is there a better way to avoid this situation? Yes, of course! The best way is to download tidal music to your computer, and then move them to an SD card.

Method 2: Download Tidal music to computer and move to SD card(The Best Solution)

With the help of Epubor Tidal Downloader, you're able to download and save your favorite Tidal music to your computer, no matter whether you use Windows or MacOS.

Download Epubor Tidal Downloader for free:

Step 1: Download Tidal music to PC/Mac by Epubor Tidal Downloader

Before you download your Tidal music, don’t forget to install the Tidal desktop client on your computer. Then run Epubor Tidal Downloader, and all the songs from your Tidal collections will be automatically synced to the program.

get tidal collection

Add the songs you would like to download and select the format you need to convert, such as MP3, MP4, AAC, and FLAC. Then just click "Download to XXX", and the Tidal music will be downloaded to your computer in the format you prefer.

drag tidal playlists

Step 2: Transfer & move Tidal downloads to SD card

After the downloading process is complete, you will find the converted files in the output folder by clicking "Succeed" or the blue folder on the right bottom.

tidal downloader mp3

Insert your SD card into the memory card reader, and then plug it into the computer. Then you can drag and drop the converted Tidal music files to the SD card, and finally, you will own a complete copy of your favorite Tidal songs, albums, and playlists.

move music to sd card


By following the methods above, you should be able to save Tidal music to your SD card on an Android device or directly to the SD card. Keep in mind that if you want to get DRM-free music and back them up as local files, don't hesitate to choose Epubor Tidal Downloader! It can help you not only download and convert your favorite Tidal music to multiple formats but also allow you to move them to an SD card for use on any device you prefer.


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