How to Set Book Cover as Kindle Lock Screen

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Do you know that kindles are now able to display ebook cover on the lock screen?

Amazon has rolled out this features in April, 2021, and a few weeks later this feature is now available globally. This feature is what most of the users who has jailbreaked their kindles for. Although it is a simple software update, the kindle feels more like a book than a piece of hardware. But not all kindle devices support this feature. In this article, I will share the kindle devices that support this feature as well as how to turn on and off its feature.

set book cover as kindle lock screen

Kindle models that allows you to display a book cover as kindle lock screen

Kindle (8th, 10th Gen)

Kindle Paperwhite (7th, 10th Gen)

Kindle Oasis (8th, 9th, 10th Gen)

Kindle Voyage (7th Gen)

You need to use an ad-free kindle

The Display Cover feature is available on the without-ads versions of select devices. That means if your kindle device is enrolled in Amazon’S special offer program, you are not able to activate this feature. Please don’t worry because there are still ways to turn your kindle to ad-free version by the following steps:

1, To do so, log in to your Amazon account and go to Manage Content and device. Select “Kindle,” and then the device that you want to remove offers from.

remove kindle ads

2, Then, click “Remove Offers,” and pay the $20 fee.

Learn more ways to remove ads from Kindle eReader, just read How to Remove Ads from Kindle eReaders, Kindle Fire.

Make sure your kindle firmware is updated at least to version 5.13.5.

To display the book covers on the kindle eReader, your kindle device should be running at least the 5.13.5 firmware.

To update your kindle firmware, tap the "Device Options", go to Advanced Options and select Update Your Kindle.

How to set book cover as your kindle lock screen: Step-by-step guide

After the above preparation, now we come to setting kindle ebook cover as kindle lock screen. Kindle will show the ebook cover you are currently reading. And it works with most books, magazines, comics, and manga purchased from Amazon, but also sideloaded ebooks too.

Go to your Kindle "Settings" >> "All Settings".

Navigate to "Device Options".

Turn the "Show Cover" toggle to "ON".

If you want to turn off this, just turn the "Show Cover" toggle to "OFF".

display cover kindle

How to Switch Between Different Kindle Covers

Since kindle only shows the book you’re currently reading instead of letting you choose from your library, you can simply select a different book to read. Then your kindle lock screen will change accordingly.

Book cover doesn't show as lock screen

Some users reported that their kindles have been updated to the latest firmware, but cover options still not appeared. It could be the following reasons.

Reason 1, After updating your kindle software, please restart your kindle and then check whether this cover option is available or not.

Reason 2, This feature is not available in everywhere. Cover option won't be available until Amazon enables the region which it seems to recognise from the account the kindle registers to.  According to the some users feedback, this feature is available in the following regions: UK, US, Ukraine, indonesia, Brazil, Canada,  India, Japan and Mexico. Also, some users said they can not find this feature in Netherlands,  New Zealand, and France. For this issue, you need to wait until the Amazon has rolled out this featur in your region.

Now just enjoy your reading on your kindle.


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