How to Speed Up Kindle Paperwhite

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Sometimes you may find that your Kindle Paperwhite is slow to respond and takes forever to turn a page of your ebook.

Kindle eReader is not built for speed but for reading.

We have to admit that Kindle eReaders have less powerful processors than other types of devices, so they are not optimized for speed. Still, there are some tricks that can speed up your kindle. In this article, you’ll discover the possible reasons that slow down your Kindle Paperwhite, and solutions to speed up your Kindle Paperwhite.

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Reasons that your kindle is running slowly or even freezing

1 Since the Kindle eReader is designed for reading Kindle ebooks, it can handle ebooks well. But if you transfer many image-heavy ebooks or pdfs from other sources, it will take longer to turn on pages and slow down your reading speed.

2 If you are trying to download multiple files at once, this will cause the device to slow down and affect its performance.

3 If your kindle is running out of space when you are trying to download ebooks, your kindle may not download your kindle books properly and even respond slower than usual.

4 If you are trying to visit the internet with your Kindle web browser, the kindle device will respond slowly as kindle is not a normal tablet which you can freely use the browser.

Of course there are still many other possible reasons that may cause your kindle paperwhite running slowly and even freezing, we will not point them out here.

In the next part, let’s share some useful troubleshooting tips on speeding up kindle paperwhite.

Solutions to speed up kindle paperwhite

Solution 1 Restart your kindle.

If you haven’t started your kindle properly in months, then you should choose this option. You may think you’ve always turned it off after your reading, but the fact is you are just putting your kindle into a low-power standby mode.

To restart a Kindle, just press the power button for 6-7 seconds. You will see the option to restart your device, just press it and maybe this will fix the problem.

If restarting your kindle device doesn’t work, try to reboot your kindle paperwhite. Press and hold the power button for about 40-45 seconds. Then your kindle paperwhite will turn black and then it will restart.

restart kindle paperwhite

Solution 2 Update the kindle paperwhite firmware.

Usually, your kindle should automatically update to the latest version if it is connected to wifi well. Anyway, if your kindle paperwhite is not updated correctly, you can do this by tapping the “Menu” button>> “Setting”>>tap the Menu button again on the Settings page. If the “Update Your Kindle” is grayed out, your kindle is installed with the latest firmware. Otherwise, just tap “Update Your Kindle” to update your kindle paperwhite to the latest version.

update Kindle

Solution 3 Free your Kindle internal memory space.

Too little memory space may cause serious problems with Kindle Paperwhite performance.

Regularly check the Settings of your Kindle to see if you have enough free space. If you don’t have much free space, you can go to “Downloads” and get rid of some large files and documents that you no longer need.

Solution 4 Convert outsource ebooks to azw3 or mobi format.

It is common that you may get the ebooks not only from the kindle store. So if you read ebooks from other sources, make sure you convert them to azw3 or mobi format that is supported by kindle paperwhite. Some files, such as photos and videos, make sure they are on external memory (like SD memory card).

convert googleplay book

Solution 5 Upgrade your kindle.

If you are using very old kindle models, even if you’ve done all the above things, your kindle may still be running slow. So just upgrade your kindle to the latest kindle paperwhite or Oasis.

Solution 6 Contact Amazon customer support.

If you just purchased your kindle recently, there is a great possibility that there are some hardware issues with your kindle. In this case, contact Amazon customer support to get further assistance or even ask for the change.


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