How to Split An EPUB File

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EPUB is a popular e-book file format that provides a standard digital publication format for publishers and consumers. The format has been so common that it is supported by many e-readers and reading applications. Sometimes, you might need to split an EPUB file into smaller parts in order to share with others conveniently. Well, the web online tool provides a function that can split your EPUB file into individual files. Besides, you can also split your EPUB file with calibre EpubSplit plugin. So this guide is going to show you how to split an EPUB file into individual files online and offline.

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TipsHow to Get DRM Free EPUB File?

1. If your EPUB files are DRM protected, you can follow this guide to remove DRM from your EPUB files (Note: Only EPUB files purchased from Kobo/Nook/Google Play Books are supported).

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2. If your DRM free files are not in EPUB format, you can use Epubor Ultimate to convert your file to EPUB for free.

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1. Split EPUB with Online EPUB Splitter

1. Free Online GroupDocs.Splitter

GroupDocs.Splitter free online app is a powerful document splitter. It can split EPUB, PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, VSDX, HTML, RTF, XPS, ODT, ODP and many more document formats. You can choose your own way to split EPUB documents: extract specific pages, split EPUB into several multi-page documents, etc.

With GroupDocs.Splitter, you can separate EPUB document pages fast and easy. First, select and upload your EPUB file for splitting. Then specify desired page numbers and click Split button. Once your EPUB is split, click on Download button to get the split file(s).

groupdocs online document splitter

2. Conholdate File Splitter

Conholdate suite provides an all-in-one solution for all types of documents because it offers the ability to merge, split, create, edit, print, view, annotate, compare, sign & convert between a wide range of popular document formats. Their Conholdate file splitter, powered by flexible and feature-rich GroupDocs.Splitter API, allows you to split PDF, EPUB, HTML, DOCX, and more files. You can also split epub into multiple one-page documents or extract all selected pages as single document.

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NoticeFree online splitter tool might be rather time-consuming and unstable, especially when you upload EPUB file to the website(it hung for a long time during the uploading process). However, this problem can be avoided if you use calibre to split epub file.

2. Split EPUB Offline with Calibre EpubSplit Plugin

Calibre EpubSplit plugin provides the ability to create new EPUBs by splitting off part of an existing DRM free EPUB format eBook. Compare to online epub splitter tools, calibre epub split function is more efficient and hassle-free. Next, let's try to use the EpubSplit plugin to split EPUB file into individual files.

Step 1You need to have Calibre installed and setup.

You can jump to step 2 if you already install Calibre on your computer.

Step 2Download the latest version of EpubSplit plugin zip and install the plugin.

Launch calibre, then go to Preferences (in calibre toolbar) > Plugins > Load plugin from file. After the plugin EpubSplit successful installed, you need to restart calibre for the plugin to take effect. The newly added EpubSplit plugin will appear on the toolbar.

plugin epubsplit successfully installed

Step 3Split off part of an EPUB into a new book.

First, right-click on the epub file you want to split and select the EpubSplit icon on the toolbar.

split epub into a new book

Second, highlight the sections you want to split and click New Book(make one new book containing the sections selected above).

make new book containing the selected part

The new book has been created and default metadata filled in.

new split epub was created

All the new created split files will show up on the main interface of calibre.

new created split file

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