Step-by-step Guide: How to Stop Kindle Update

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disable kindle update

You jailbroke your Kindle Paperwhite the last night, then you went to sleep. But this morning you found that it was auto updated back to the current firmware version again, and you lost your jailbreak!

So question comes, is it possible to disable auto updates on Kindle? How to stop our Kindle from updating automatically? This step-by-step guide is the best answer.

Why I Dislike the Kindle Update

Different from Kobo, Google, or other eBooks vendors, Amazon updates Kindle firmware with OTA (over the air) method.

On one hand, this method of updating does really help us enjoy all new features and functions within one minute, and saves time a lot. But on the other hand, just because of the uncontrollable auto updating (without notification), it isn't always something that all users appreciate, especially if we root or jailbreak our Kindle. An auto update will turn all of our hard work into ruins.

dislike kindle auto update

One more thing, some of us will find that after we updating our Kindle to the newest firmware software, we will meet problems when reading, or downloading files, while we won't meet the same problem when we were using the older version (for example, the Kindle kfx 2018). Why should we all use the latest software on our Kindle while we are pleased with the previous one?

To avoid these, all we need to do is to prevent Amazon from updating the Kindle firmware. Here are 5 methods to stop Kindle update automatically.

Method 1: Turn airplane mode on

Once amazon released a new firmware software, our devices like Kindle paperwhite, Kindle Fire HD, will be updated automatically once wi-fi connected well. So it's certain that if we turned wi-fi off (turn airplane mode on), the update will stop soon.

Click on "Settings" (the gear icon) at the top of Kindle, then choose the plane icon "Airplane Mode".

turn kindle airplane mode on

When airplane mode is on, we are unable to update the Kindle any more unless we turn the wifi on again.


If your Kindle has 3G, it will be connected to Amazon via 3G even though the wifi is off. But don't worry it will not download an update over the 3G network.

This method is the easiest one, but every coin has two sides, when we stopped the wifi connection, we stopped all the services Amazon provided at the same time. We use the wifi quite a lot, buying kindle books, sending articles to Kindle, and so on.

Method 2: Create the OTA blocker directory (folder)

To prevent OTA updates, we can create the OTA blocker directory (folder) name to the top of visible USB storage.

Step 1: Connect Kindle device to computer (pc or mac).

Step 2: Create an empty folder in the root folder, and name as "update.bin.tmp" (if firmware version older than 5.6.x), or "update.bin.tmp.partial" (since firmware version 5.6.x until 5.8.x).

create the OTA blocker folder

Step 3: Download or downgrade any released firmware version from Amazon official download server with the wifi on.

Friendly tips that based on my own experience:

1, There are a lot of people met problems when downgrading Kindle firmware, I will highly recommend you check the device model first before downlograding. Different device, different bin file to download.

2, We can also create both OTA blocker folders. It does no harm to our device or the storage.

3, Amazon tries to prevent this type of update blocking, so whether this method will work for all the firmwares depends on your own tests. As far as I known, we are unable to downgrade firmware from 5.10.2 to previous version unless jailbreaking the Kindle.

Method 3: Prevent updates from Kindle for PC/Mac

Kindle for PC/Mac makes it possible to sync our Kindle contents without a Kindle device. But once Amazon released a new version of this reading app, we will also be forced to update automatically, too.

To prevent auto update from Kindle for PC, please click on "Tools" -> "Options" -> "General", then uncheck the auto update please.

stop auto update on kindle for pc

Then next time when Amazon tried to update our Kindle for PC app, you will receive a dialog "Software Update Available". Select "Skip this version", then you won't be updated to use the latest version of Kindle app.

skip kindle app update

To disable Kindle updates on Mac, please open the Kindle for Mac app on your computer first, then "Kindle" -> "Preferences" -> "Updates".

stop auto update on kindle for mac

Uncheck the auto updates please.


If what you are using is the latest version (current version of Kindle for Mac from official server is 1.28), you won't see the "Updates" option. That's normal as it's nearly impossible to update to a version that hasn't been released, right?

Method 4: Disable OTA updates on rooted Kindle Fire

To stop your Kindle fire (or Kindle fire HD) from updating automatically, the method 1 that keep wifi off is the easiest way. This part is for those rooted Kindle tablets.

Step 1: Have ES File Explorer installed.

Step 2: Open ES File Explorer. From the menu bar choose "Device" -> "System" -> "etc" -> "security". From there, you will find a file named "otacerts.zip".

stop auto update on rooted kindle fire

Step 3: Delete this file or move it to other places. That's OK.

The key to this method is to keep the otacerts.zip file not be in the "security" folder. Once otacerts.zip file taken away, we won't receive updates over the air any more.

Method 5: Not update the Kindle app via Google Play

By general, apps including the Kindle app we installed from Google Play will download updates automatically (auto-update). But sometimes we won't wish all the apps to be updated to the newest version because it will slow down our phone or tablets.

So this part I will show you how to manually disable auto-update Kindle app in Google Play.

Steps are easy. Open the Google Play Store app, tap on the 3-bar menu icon on the top left. Then, "Settings" -> "Auto-update apps" -> "Don't auto-update apps".

stop kindle android update

Note that this will stop the auto-update on all apps, including the Kindle for android app.

Above all are all the good solutions that I share with you to stop Kindle auto update. Of course, there are other methods you can also have a trial.

Method 6 Full your Kindle storage.

Method 7 BackDoorLock hack plugin on jailbroken Kindle.

But I won't highly recommend you use above 2 methods because they will make our device run slowly. What's worse, it's a little difficult for some people to use the plugin method as it should be based on Kindle device mode.

Impact of Preventing an Update

Somebody will worry about the safety if we stopped the auto update on Kindle. But in my opinion, if your Kindle works well without the latest update, there is no need to worry about the safety risk.

In fact all of the methods shared above are safety for you to take a trial, and you can also stop those actions whenever so that you can keep updating to all the new Kindle services and features.

In a word, if you want to stop an auto update on your Kindle, do as what you want!


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01/19/2019 10:47:31

Hi Angel Dan,
Thanks for this article. Do you have any advice about Kindle for Android?  I have have automatic updates set for books, which seems to be OK. That doesn't seem to update the app itself. Would it be a good idea to not update the app via Google Play, at least for now?



01/22/2019 14:57:46

Yes you can.

Open the Google Play Store app, tap on the 3-bar menu icon on the top left. Then, "Settings" -> "Auto-update apps" -> "Don't auto-update apps".

But this will stop all apps auto-update.

04/5/2019 04:25:50
My reader just updated in airplane mode. I am sick of this crappy reader as it is - and it updated while I was reading, it wasn't even resting.
06/3/2019 19:15:30
Hm... well my kindle is trying to update and just freezes, trubleshooting is not helping, he just starts updating again and freezes again...any ideas? help :(
06/4/2019 10:15:21
It seems the update bin is not right for your kindle or has not been downloaded successfully.
Please download the right software update bin for your Kindle device and try again.
11/27/2019 07:16:41
My Kindle App (on my Mac laptop) continues to update every single day even though I have unchecked the box for updating automatically. I delete it. Install the old version.  Uncheck the update box.  Next time I open it has automatically updated.  I don't know how to stop this.
11/27/2019 09:42:02
That did happens, but it is rare. We still have not found any workaround for the issue you mentioned. Once we found it, we will share it in the article, ok?
11/27/2019 09:47:17

Also, I notice you mentioned: you uncheck the auto updata option>> delete the current version>> install the older version, right?
Please just delete the current version>> install the older version>> uncheck the auto update option.

When running the app if a dialog pops up indicating that a newer version is available chose the option to "skip this version".

Hope this can help you fix this issue.

11/27/2019 10:08:17
Thank you for your quick reply.  I uncheck the "update automatically" button after I install the old version.  It's the first thing I do when I install it.  I never get the pop up that gives me to option to "skip this version" when I open it again.  It simply tells me that the new version has been installed.  So strange! I'll keep doing what I have to do :)
11/28/2019 10:06:48
That's really strange but it did happen some some customers. For now, we don't find any solution for this. Anyway, If we do, we will share it in this article.  Thank you for your understanding.
02/12/2020 20:14:15
I have exactly the same issue as Sara with Lindle for PC overiding the do not update tick box
07/24/2020 23:02:43

I had the same problem. I found an entry on another forum (can't remember where) that showed the additional step you need to take. Worked for me but YMMV.

C:\users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Amazon\Kindle\Application

NOTE: The AppData folder is normally hidden so you'll need to make sure you're showing hidden items.

Scroll down and find the file "renderer-test.exe" This is apparently the file that's performing that auto update.

RENAME IT - e.g. I chose "renderer-testBLOCK.exe" but I suppose any other name would work.

Good luck!

07/27/2020 03:14:19

This worked for me.

I had v1.24 installed and started experiencing problems so I uninstalled it. After I reinstalled it every time I clicked on the Kindle icon on my desktop the sneaky little thing automatically updated my version to the most current one even though I had checked the do no update box.

I would uninstall it, reinstall it, check the box and after I closed it and reopened it it would have updated me.

I renamed this file and now I can use my old version again.


01/28/2021 21:07:09
Thanks for the tip Steve. It seems to work.
01/29/2021 09:29:09
Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to know that this can help you. Have a nice day!
11/22/2021 09:35:49
Worked for me too.  I renamed it to OTA Update - Blocked.exe and it has worked for me on my PC.  Thanks for that.  It's bee really frustrating.
12/3/2019 14:36:21

what are the steps to stop all tablet upgrades thru your router?
what site domains need to be blocked?

thank you

11/2/2020 08:07:03
I am told the Kindle for PC will auto-update all odder versions, and Amazon has implemented it so you cannot stop it. is that true, and is there a work-around, if so?
11/2/2020 10:32:27
Thank you for asking. You can try to download to older version and uncheck the update option.
If you kindle has been update to the latest version, you can follow this method to handle kindle kfx drm: https://www.epubor.com/how-to-deal-with-the-new-kindle-update.html#method3
01/27/2021 04:43:58
I'm running Ultimate on a Win10 PC. This software works just fine but it's Kindle I'm having a problem with. Specifically how to get it to stop automatically updating. I'm trying to run an older version and after installing it I uncheck the box for automatic updates. However, just as soon as I close the older version and then open it back up Kindle updates to v1.3x which means Ultimate doesn't work. This just started happening in the last month or so and I'm assuming Amazon, in their infinite wisdom, found a way to make sure to update Kindle no matter whether the box is checked or not.
I've also gone into the registry and the entry for "autoUpdate" is "false". I've made several other changes to the registry but to no avail.
Does anyone have any idea how to stop the automatic updates?
01/28/2021 10:05:29
Thank you for using our software and sincerely sorry for this issue.
1. Please uncheck the auto-update box before uninstalling the newer version. Then uninstall newer version, and re-install older version, uncheck the auto-update box again.
2. If the above method doesn't work, please just follow the guide>> https://www.epubor.com/how-to-deal-with-the-new-kindle-update.html to remove kindle drm from latest kindle for pc.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us.
Have a nice day.
11/11/2021 07:39:33
My kindle does not show up when plugged into my computer, so I cannot fix it to stop doing these ridiculous updates to my Kindle Paperwhite. This update just happened today because I needed more books and I was not impressed with it when I opened it to read the current book I was reading and it was full of crap I don't need or want. They are doing what MS has done to computer and I can fix that so it is just a simple computer after all the crap is removed. But to install an update like this without asking if we want it, is just plain rude! It wasn't broken. They didn't fix anything, why did they do this? I can't find the book I was reading. There are also a few on here I didn't download!
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