Kindle Jailbreak Apps and Hacks

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kindle jailbreak apps and hacks

As Kindle fans, some of you must be tired of the screen saver of Kindle and some may want to remove the ads from Amazon. Kindle jailbreak will be a good choice, but it can do much more than that. Jailbreaking brings increased functionality of the Kindle device. With Jailbreak, you can add your own fonts, better program for comics, an improved PDF reader which makes it possible to read ePub and other formats on Kindle, and Kindle app hacks to personalize your Kindle. There are also may other Kindle apps and hacks you can install after jailbreaking your kindle. Today, we will list the most widely-used Kindle apps and hacks after Kindle Jailbreak.

How to Jailbreak Kindle

As we can get so many benefits from Kindle Jailbreak, you guys must be hardly wait to jailbreak your Kindle. About jailbreaking Kindle device, we recommend you read the existed article on our site: How to Jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite - 2017. This article gives detailed description about how to jailbreak Kindle device.

Kindle Jailbreak Apps and Hacks

In this part, we will list the most widely-used Kindle Jailbreak apps and hacks. But before using these hacks, please ensure you back up everything on your Kindle.

2. KUAL Extension
     MobileRead Package Installer (MRPI)
     Battery Status
3. Kpvbooklet
4. Reader Apps
5. Layout and UI Hacks
     Fonts hack
     Sceensaver hack
6. Others
      Kindle Collection Manager

1 KUAL: Kindle Unified Application Launcher

This is a launcher app, in which anybody can plug into to provide new?buttons?and?menus?through?extensions. With those buttons and menus, you can use KAUL as a configuration UI for your stuff. KUAL listed as a required dependency because a number of hacks ship with a KUAL extension. As long as your FW >= 2.3, the KUAL can run on it.

Kindle 7, KPW 1/2/3, KV installation:
Firstly, download the KUAL-v2.7.zip and unpack it.
Secondly, copy the azw2 file to the document folder of your Kindle. If your device runs on FW 5.x, use the KUAL-KDK-2.0.azw2 file. If your device is older, use the KUAL-KDK-1.0.azw2 file.
Thirdly, eject the Kindle device and open the Kindle, you will see a title “ Kindle Launcher”.

Kindle 8, KO installation:
Firstly, you have to install MobileRead Package Installer (MRPI).It is a technically a KUAL extension and that we are in effect doing things in reverse.
Secondly, find the Update_KUALBooklet_v*_install.bin at the unpacked KUAL-v2.7.zip file and copy it the mrpackages folder, which you'll find at the root of your Kindle.
Thirdly, eject your Kindle and open it. Enter ;log mrpi in the Homescreen's searchbar , and wait for MRPI to install KUAL. When the UI finishes restarting, you should end up with a KUAL entry in your Library.

2 KUAL Extension


The helper extension is a small tool set.

Firstly, unpack the kual-helper-0.5.N.zip and copy it to the root of your device. You will find an extensions folder with a helper subdirectory in it. Each extension lives as its own subdirectory inside the extensions folder. Extensions should always be packaged this way, but if they're not, unpack them inside the extensions directory instead.
Secondly, enter KUAL and click on helper+, you will enter into small tool set. Click “PREVENT ScreenSaver” to forbid Kindle to falling asleep while click “ALLOW ScreenSaver” can recover the sleeping setting.

MobileRead Package Installer (MRPI)

This is a KUAL extension which designed to break through the restrictions imposed on OTA packages by FW5.5.x. Because the Kindle firmware does not allow install the plug with .bin files directly, MRPI can help the installation process.

Firstly, unpack kual-mrinstaller-1.6.N.zip file.
Secondly, copy extensions and mrpackages to the root directory of your Kindle via USB. If there is already a extensions folder on your Kindle, you just have to copy the content of it to the original extension folder.
Thirdly, eject Kindle from computer, you will find MRPI in KUAL’s Helper menu.

Battery Status

As a Kual extension, it will display the battery status of your Kindle as percentage more than a battery bar. With it, you can know exactly how much battery is left.

To know the installation, please just go to read the article on our site: 3 Ways to Check Kindle Battery Percentage.

3 Kpvbooklet

KPVBooklet is a Kindle booklet for starting KoReader and updating last access and percentage finished information in Kindle content catalog entry of the opened document. KPVBooklet is licensed under the MIT license.

To install this apps, please check the article :How to Install and Use Koreader on Kindle? It introduces how to install KPVbooklet on Kindle.

4 Reader Apps


Want to read epub or PDF files on Kindle? Try Koreader, it not only helps you read EPUB books on Kindle but also will re-format a PDF book (even for scanned PDF file). The re-formatted PDF book will suit your Kindle screen pretty well, with Koreader you needn’t to zoom-in and zoom-out on PDF files anymore.

About the installation, please read the existed article on Epubor website: How to Install and Use Koreader on Kindle?


This is an improved manga reader for the Kindle. The program natively supported CBZ files.

First of all, you have to install the developer’s key.
1, Download kindle-adqdevkeys-0.1.zip from here and unpack it.
2, Copy the correct update_adqdevkeys_*_install.bin to the root of the kindle over USB. It'll be the same code as for the rooting.
3, Eject the Kindle and go to [HOME] -> [MENU] > Settings -> [MENU] > Update Your Kindle.
This time, the update will succeed, and will install my developer keys into /var/local/java/keystore/developer.keystore. In case you already are an official KDK developer, any existing developer.keystore file will be backed up into that directory.

Then install the Mangle to your Kindle
1, Download mangle-0.2.zip from here and unpack it.
2, Extract it to your computer with the full directory structure.
3, Copy the extracted directory structure onto the root of the kindle USB drive. (e.g. "mangle.azw2 should end up in your kindle documents folder).
4, Disconnect, and wait for the home screen to refresh.
5, When all has been done, "mangle" should appear as an option.

5 Layout and UI Hacks

Fonts hack

This will allow you to customize the fonts used by your Kindle, be it in books, or the UI. This hack supports Kindle Touch/PW1/PW2/KT2/KV/PW3/KOA/KT3.

Firstly, unpack the zip file kindle-python-0.14.N-r13420.tar.xz and copy the Update_python_0.14.N_install_pw2_kt2_kv_pw3.bin or Update_python_0.14.N_install_touch_pw.bin to the mrpackages folder of your Kindle.
Seconldly, eject & unplug your Kindle, andand click the Kindle launcher-->.Helper -> Install MR Packages. Then wait for the installation to finish.
Thirdly, unpack the zip file kindle-fonts-5.16.N-r14380.tar.xz, you will get a folder. Connect your Kindle to your computer again. Copy Update_linkfonts_0.13.N_install_pw2_kt2_kv_pw3.bin or Update_linkfonts_0.13.N_install_touch_pw.bin to mrpackages folder of your Kindle device.
Fourthly, eject your Kindle and click Kindle launcher-->.Helper -> Install MR Packages. Then wait for the installation to finish.
Fifthly, if you want to change the fonts used by the hack, you'll have to upload them in the linkfonts/fonts directory, strictly following the usual naming scheme. (Type_Style.ttf).
Lastly, you'll have to restart your Kindle in order to properly take your new fonts into account.

Sceensaver hack

This hack will allow you to customize the screensavers (or sleep screens) used by your Kindle. You can replace screensavers with any images or the cover of the last book you opened. This hack supports Kindle Touch/PW1/PW2/KT2/KV/PW3/KOA/KT3. But it won’t work on Kindle with special offers.

Firstly, ensure you have installed the KUAL and MR Package Installer. Download the kindle-linkss-0.24.N-r14393.tar.xz file and uppack it.
Secondly, copy the correct Update_linkss_0.24.N_install_pw2_kt2_kv_pw3_koa_kt3.bin file to mrpackages folder of your Kindle. If you are using KPW1 or Kindle Touch, please copy “Update_linkss_0.24.N_install_touch_pw.bin” file.
Thirdly, eject & unplug your Kindle, and click the Kindle launcher-->.Helper -> Install MR Packages. Then wait for the installation to finish.
Fourthly, connect your Kindle to computer via USB, you will find a linkss folder. To change your custom screensavers, upload the pictures to the linkss/screensavers folder that has been created by the hack. You'll have to restart your Kindle in order to take your new screensavers into account.
Note: The name of the uploaded images as bg_ss00.png?bg_ss01.png … bg_ss9.png. And these images should be saved as specific format and size.
Touch / KT2 / KT3:-->>PNG, 600*800,
KPW / KPW2: -->>PNG, 758*1024,
KV / KPW3 / KO: -->>PNG, 1072*1448.

6 Others

Kindle Collection Manager

Collections Manager offers a much more flexible way than the built-in one to manage?Kindle Touch?and?Kindle PaperWhite?collections.

To install this hack, you can download it here and can follow the instruction of article on our site: 6 Ways to Create and Manage Kindle Collections.

Today, we introduce these most widely-used Kindle Jailbreak plugs. If you find some powerful hack, you are welcome to share with us in the comments.


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01/3/2018 01:37:15

When I try to open KUAL, I get an error saying "Error - this device is not authorised as a test Kindle by the developer of this item. Please contact the developer."

What have I done wrong?

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