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What is kindle page refreshing? Kindle includes a mechanism for dealing with ghosting called “Page Refresh”. This feature works great for eliminating ghosting. Then what is "ghosting"? Eink displays can sometimes have a problem with ghosting when reading books that have large number of charts and illusions. The previous text or graphics remains on the newly displayed pages. That's why kindle add this kindle page refresh option.

kindle page refresh

What's the pros and cons of using kindle page refresh?

Pros and cons of turning kindle page refresh

1. It works great for eliminating ghosting.

2. Each page is rendered from clear slate.

3. You'll not be distracted by the ghosting.

4. It will slow down the speed of page turn.

5. It will use more battery.

Pros and cons of turning page refresh off

1. The speed of page turn is much faster than turning page refresh on.

2. You may see some strange ghosting.

3. It will take less battery.

4. You may be distracted by the ghosting.

How to turn on and off kindle page refresh?

It is east to turn on or off kindle page refresh. Below is the detailed steps:

1 Navigate to "Settings" menu.

2 Tap "Reading options".

3 Toggle "Page refresh" on or off according to your own needs.

kindle page refresh option

You can turn off or on kindle page refresh anytime.

Friendly tips:

    1. If you rarely-to-never have a problem with page ghosting, you can extend your battery by turning off page refresh.

    2. The Kindle will still do a full refresh occasionally with the setting turned off, usually at the start of new chapters, and it doesn’t eliminate flashing when navigating menus.

    3. PDFs and comics will flash with every page turn even if you have the page refresh setting turned off.

    4. However, even without kindle refresh enabled, it’s highly unlikely you will ever encounter any problems. If you do, you can always turn it back on.


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