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What are Kindle Popular Highlights? Kindle Popular Highlights are the most highlighted passages that readers have added to their Kindle books. When you view Kindle Popular Highlights, you will see the number of highlighters, and the highlighted texts are marked with a dashed line underneath them. Like a coin with two sides, some people appreciate this feature, while others dislike it because it can be distracting. In this guide, I will show you how to turn off Kindle Popular Highlights regardless of the kindle device you are using. I have listed all the Kindle devices and apps you may be using and provided step-by-step instructions so you can easily follow the right one.

kindle popular highlights

Turn off Kindle Popular highlights on Kindle e-ink device

Touchable Kindle devices, like Kindle paperwhite, kindle voage, Kindle Oasis and so on

1. Go to the Home screen, and tap the three dots at the top right corner and then tap "settings".

kindle settings

2. Tap "Reading Options".

kindle reading options

3. Tap "Highlights & About This Book".

kindle highlights

4. Switch "Popular Highlights" to "Off".

turn of kindle highlights

Non-Touchable Kindle devices, like Kindle keyboard

1. Go to the home screen of the Kindle, and click for menu key and then click on "Settings" option.

kindle settings

2. Turn to page 3 to find the "Popular Highlights" and turn off Popular Highlights on the old non-touchable Kindle devices.

Turn off Kindle Popular highlights on Kindle Fire

1. Swip down from the top of the Kindle fire and tap "Settings"-->>"Application".

kindle fire applications

2. Scroll down to find the "Reading settings" and Tap it.

Kindle fire reading settings

3. Find the "Popular Highlights" and turn off "Popular highlights" toggle on Kindle fire.

turn off Kindle popular highlights kindle fire

Turn off Kindle Popular highlights on Kindle for PC

1. Run Kindle for PC, click "Tools" at the top menu bar and then select "Options" at the drop-down list.


2. Then click on "Annotations" and uncheck the box under "Popular Highlights" as below picture to disable the Kindle popular highlights on Kindle for PC.

TURN OFF kindle popular highlights kindle for pc

Turn off Kindle Popular highlights on Kindle for Mac

1. Run Kindle for Mac, and click on "Kindle" at the top menu bar. Then select "Preference" at the drop-down list.

kindle preference

2. A new window will pop up, click on "Annotations" and then uncheck the box before "Enable Popular Highlights" to turn off the popular highlights on Kindle for Mac.

turn off kindle popular highlights on kindle for mac

Turn off Kindle Popular highlights on Kindle for Android

1. Open Kindle for Android, tap "More" at the bottom right corner and tap "Settings" option.

turn off Kindle popular highlights android

2. Scroll down to find "Popular Highlights" options and uncheck the box to disable the Kindle popular highlights on Kindle app for Android.

turn off kindle popular highlights android

Turn off Kindle Popular highlights on Kindle for iOS

If you are using Kindle app on your ipad or iPhone, please follow the below steps.

1. Run Kindle for iPAD or IPhone, go the bottom left corner to tap "Setting" and then scroll down to select "Other" option.

turn off kindle highlights ipad

2. Tap to turn off the popular highlights on Kindle for iOS.

turn off Kindle popular highlights ipad

FAQs on Kindle Turn off Highlights

Q: How to highlight on kindle?

A: To highlight on kindle devices or app, you can just follow the step-by-step guide: How to Highlight on Kindle.

Q: Is there any easy way to manage and export my own kindle highlights or notes?

A: Sure, it is easy to manage or export your kindle highlights or notes with Epubor Kclippings.

Wrapping up

If you find Kindle Popular Highlights annoying or disturbing, simply follow the instructions above to turn them off. Alternatively, if you have any other questions about Kindle Popular Highlights, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and we'll do our best to help you figure it out.

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06/14/2020 04:27:45
Hey! This is exactly what I was looking for - using Kindle app on iOS - but there is no “other” in the settings section. The app must have been updated, as I’m seeing the same instructions from other sources as well. I can usually cruise around and find a solution on things like this, but I haven’t found one yet. Any updated tips?
06/15/2020 08:57:17
What's your Kindle app for iOS version?
06/16/2020 13:28:29

I have the current version - 6.31

However, after about 30 min in a chat with two different Amazon “help” associates, I did get an answer!

For those who find themselves lacking an “other” as I was, open a book and go to the “Aa” (font) and there should be a “Popular Highlights” toggle there. No idea why it would be under font, but at least I was able to turn it off!

I haven’t checked whether that setting stays true for all books or if it needs to be updated every time a new book is opened.

06/17/2020 08:51:28
Thank you for your feedback. And we're happy to hear that you've solved the problem.
08/13/2021 18:53:57
Thank you! We've wrestled with this for hours!
11/5/2021 09:53:13
Thank you!! Ridiculous that it's hiding in font section!! Appreciate your comments
02/14/2022 00:28:40
thank you for this! hate to have to do it for every book but so happy i can get the annoying highlights turned off...FINALLY! thank you, thank you!
02/27/2024 20:59:58
This does not work
For 2 reasons
Currently on iPad you have to go to a, ie the font setting, and then go to more and then you can supposedly turn off popular highlights
But they always come back
Total nightmare
Sometimes you have to call Amazon to sort it
07/14/2021 08:03:57
I have been trying to turn off popular highlights on my kindle paperwhite. Following the above procedure on the reading options screen I get only two options: Page Refresh and Vocabulary Builder. None of the other option appear. My firmware version is Kindle 5.13.6.  I find the popular highlights exceedingly annoying.
07/14/2021 08:23:28
After posting my comment I read the other comments which I should have done in the first place. The comment by Andrea solved the problem, thanks Andrea. Turning off the popular highlights must be done while the book is open selecting the change font option and then select more. Not very intuitive and not likely that I would ever have found it on my own.
08/29/2021 23:40:10
Thanks you solved an annoying problem I’ve endured for months since the “upgrade.” Not the popular highlights problem, I’d turned that off previously, but the highlights menu appearing Every Single Time! I highlighted something necessitating not one but two taps to dismiss it.
Hooray now I can read, highlight and just keep reading without all the little menus blocking the text.
Again thank you.
08/30/2021 10:08:18
You are welcome. We are glad to know this article can help you. Have a nice day.
11/7/2021 11:59:32
Thank you. I really struggled with this!!
10/7/2023 00:33:10
This is great. Except i am getting highlights every Page in a book, they are not my highlights, and I’ve turned off popular highlights. Is Amazon recirculating files? They should have had a global turn off ALL highlights feature.
02/1/2024 09:42:00
Thanks guys, you are awesome! Helped a lot! : )
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