Kindle vs iPad

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When it comes to ebook reading devices, Kindle is the most famous and desired brand and you won't go wrong with it. However, Kindle is not the only choice you can consider. iPad is actually a worthy contender of Kindle. For certain kinds of users, iPad can be better than a Kindle in many aspects. Curious about which device you should purchase? Keep reading to get the answer.

Kindle vs iPad

1. Visual Comfort

Visual Comfort is really important when you are reading for an hour or more. One of the biggest benefits of Kindle eReaders is that the screens are purpose-built for hours of reading time. Thanks to the e-ink display, Kindle's screen is much easier on the eyes, and you won't get tired. It's also suited for outdoor reading because it doesn't reflect light. However, iPad suffers from that problem severely. The impact of the LCD screens of iPad on eye health is a known phenomenon. Your eyes are looking straight to into the source of the light, and the iPad is more likely to cause you headaches or, more seriously, damage your eyes.

In order not to be eye-strained, it's suggested using Kindle if you read ebooks for long hours at a time.

2. Selection of eBook Stores

In terms of the selection of ebook stores, iPad is far superior to Kindle. on iPad, you have a lot of options for the reading apps. You can purchase and read ebooks with the built-in Apple Books app. Or you can download any ebook reading app in the App Store, such as Kindle, Kobo, Google Play Books, Nook, Overdrive, and much more. All of these apps allow you to purchase ebooks and offer ebook reading function. One thing to be mentioned is that once you buy an ebook in one ebook platform, you will have problems with moving it to another one, unless you make an ebook file conversion.

For Kindle users, there are not so many options. By default, you can only read Amazon-purchased ebooks on a Kindle device unless you can convert your ebook to kindle format. That is to say, Amazon Kindle Store is the only choice of ebook store for Kindle owners.

Bonus Tips:

3. Ecosystem

If you only purchase ebooks on the Amazon store, Kindle is a good choice. But if you love Apple's ecosystem, especially when you have other Apple devices, iPad is better for you. All your data including your books can sync seamlessly across your devices. Your book notes also synchronize between your iPad with your Mac or iPhone. You don't have to worry about losing your data since they are all stored safely in your iCloud. If you mistakenly delete some files, you can even recover them easily with the help of some recovery tools, which is impossible for a Kindle device.

4. Functionality

Both Kindle and iPad are designed to accomplish various functions. What you want your device to do will heavily influence exactly what device you need to purchase.

Kindle eReaders are ideal for reading ebooks but not for much else. That's fine for those who just want to read books and periodicals. However, if you're also looking to check your email, play video, monitor your business's marketing activities and more, a Kindle isn't for you. What you need is a more functional iPad. iPad is a full-color device with apps and tons of functionality for business, productivity, games, and also making newspaper and magazine reading more enjoyable. Its rapid refresh rate allows for easy, clean integration of interactive content, such as videos, images, and web-based archives, and lets you jump around from article to article at your own pace.

5. Battery Life

Regardless of what device you are using, battery life is important. One of the advantages of a Kindle e-ink device with less functionality is longer battery life. It lets you read for up to 8 weeks on a single charge. While Kindles grant users weeks of battery, iPad lasts for mere hours or days at best. Why? iPad is designed to run multiple apps at the same time. It has bright, full-color screens that are made to play games and consume media. All these mean that you will never get the battery life that you see on a Kindle.

Kindle or iPad? How to Choose?

Choose Kindle if:

1 You are concerned about the eye strain.

2 You are a loyal user of Amazon Kindle Store.

3 You read for long hours at a time.

4 You read novels at most.

5 You want to be concentrated.

Choose iPad if:

1 You like the Apple ecosystem.

2 You want to access to multiple ebook stores.

3 You read textbooks, comic books, graphic novels, or any image-rich books.

4 You want to make notes and annotations while reading.

5 You want a multi-functional device, not only for reading.

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