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I know there are standard Kobo Dictionaries over there, but I'd like to load some custom dictionaries on my Kobo eReader as the preloaded ones sometimes lack many words. Any idea?

kobo dictionary download and install

When you are reading, press and hold the word you'd like to look up. An underline will appear beneath the word. To check the definition, just lift your finger from the screen. It is super easy to define unfamiliar words. That's how dictionary works on Kobo device. Also, it helps us understand that why so many people want to install dictionaries on kobo eReader.

If you look up words quite frequently, the ability to get instant access to a dictionary is the high priority. If you are looking for kobo custom dictionaries, you come to the right place. In this article, you'll learn where to download the Kobo dictionaries and how to install them on your kobo eReader.

Kobo Dictionary Download

Do you know that your Kobo eReader includes several dictionaries in different languages that you can add or remove. Here you will not only discover the Kobo built-in dictionaries, but also the very popular Kobo custom dictionaries.

1 Download Kobo built-in dictionary

Step 1 Go to the Home Screen of Kobo.

Step 2 Tap the three lines icon at the bottom of the screen, and the tap Settings.

Step 3 Tap Language and dictionaries. Then under Dictionary, tap "Edit". Here you'll go the "Manage Dictionaries" page and you'll see all your installed dictionary and ready to download dictionaries.

Step 4 Just tap the "+" besides the dictionary and press "Save" to download the kobo built-in dictionary.

Watch the video tutorial here to learn how to download Kobo built-in dictionaries:

For some reason, you may not download them on your device correctly. In this case, you can download the dictionaries manually. Here I've listed the Kobo built-in dictionaries, including download link:

English : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml.zip

German :  http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-de.zip

German-English : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-de-en.zip

English-German : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-en-de.zip

Spanish : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-es.zip

Spanish-English :http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-es-en.zip

English-Spanish : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-en-es.zip

French : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-fr.zip

French-English : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-fr-en.zip

English-French : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-en-fr.zip

Italian : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-it.zip

Italian-English : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-it-en.zip

English-Italian : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-en-it.zip

Dutch : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-nl.zip

Japanese : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-ja.zip

Japanese-English : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-ja-en.zip

English-Japanese : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-en-ja.zip

Portuguese: http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-pt.zip

Portuguese-English : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-pt-en.zip

English-Portuguese: http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-en-pt.zip

Portuguese-English : http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-pt-en.zip

English-Portuguese: http://download.kobobooks.com/ereader/dictionaries/dicthtml-en-pt.zip

2 Download kobo custom dictionary

Besides the built in dictionaries, here I've also collected many useful custom dictionaries. If you are interested in installing kobo customer dictionaries, choose one from the below list:

Chamber's Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language (London) 1908>> Chambers1908.zip

Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (US) 1913 Websters1913.zip

Thanks to the MobileRead Forum contributors, here is the complete list of the Kobo custom dictionaries they've contributed.

Kobo Dictionary Install

After downloading the kobo dictionaries, it is your turn to install them on your Kobo eReader.

Step 1 Connect your kobo to your computer.

Step 2 On the Kobo go to the ".kobo\dict" folder, and rename "dicthtml.zip" to "dicthtml.backup.zip". This backs up your existing English dictionary (which I assume you already have installed).

copy and paste kobo dictionary

Step 3 Download any of the Kobo custom dictionaries mentioned above to get the dicthtml.zip file. Then copy and paste it to ".kobo\dict" folder on the reader.


  • 1. Don't unzip the dicthtml.zip file.
  • 2. In order to get your Kobo device to recognize the dictionary files, you have to use it to replace an existing original dictionary. To do this, you have to use the file name of an existing original dictionary. If you don't do so, the dictionary name would be messy code like the following picture.

kobo dictionary name messy

Step 4 Eject your kobo from computer.

Step 5 Open any book, press and hold the word to display the definite of this word.

look up words

To change the dictionary, just tap the arrow beside the dictionary to display more installed dictionaries. Now just tap it to change your default dictionary.

change dictionary

FAQ on Kobo Dictionary

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Dictionaries not working on Kobo eReader? I'm also getting "No definition found" for every English word.

A: Basically, you just need to delete it and reinstall the dictionary. That is unchecking all your selected dictionaries and then clicking "Save". Then check the English dictionary, and click "Save" on your kobo device. Sometimes, you may need to connect your kobo eReader to your computer and sync the dictionary and update via the Kobo desktop application. If the above steps are not working, reboot your kobo and repeat the above steps.

Q: How to add dictionary to kobo desktop application?

A: When you launch Kobo desktop application, it will automatically sync all your books, dictionaries and updates. So it is unnecessary to install dictionary to kobo desktop application manually.

Q: Does dictionary work on pdf files?

A: The dictionary may not work in some books such as PDFs, books you borrowed from a public library, or free books you found on the internet. So dictionary does not work at all on pdf files.

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Thank you very much for collecting all of these links and explaining the process!

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