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Recently, Kobo has released its new eReader--Kobo Elipsa. The Kobo Elipsa is Kobo’s first ereader to come with a larger 10.3-inch E Ink screen, and it’s also their first stylus-equipped note-taking model. It is a fully functional eReader as well as an note-taking device.

Now on the market, the most prominent large-format note-taking ebook readers is Remarkable 2 which is also a 10.3-inch e-ink tablets with a stylus.

Comparisons between the Kobo Elipsa and the reMarkable 2 e-reader are inevitable. Which is better: Kobo elipsa vs remarkable 2? To learn more about the differences between these popular eink devices, continue reading our guide.

kobo elipsa vs remarkable

Specifications of Kobo Elipsa and Remarkable 2

No. Kobo Elipsa Remarkable 2
Price $399 $399
Panel E-ink Carta 1200 E Ink Carta
Resolution 1872 x 1404 resolution (227ppi) 1874 x 1404 resolution (226 ppi)
Screen size 10.3" 10.3"
Storage 32GB 8GB
Processor Quad-Core 1.8GHz Dual-Core 1.2GHz ARM
Battery 2,400mAh 3,000mAh, up to 2 weeks
Weight 388g 405 g
Dimensions 193 x 227.5 x 7.6mm 187mm x 246mm x 4.7mm
Stylus Stylus and sleepcover included Standalone ($79 for stylus)
Function eReader, eNote eNote
Dimensions 193 x 227.5 x 7.6mm Foxit PDF Reader & Converter
Supported formats EPUB, EPUB3, FlePub, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR. Supports PDF and DRM-free ePub files

Pros and cons of Kobo Elipsa and Remarkable 2

kobo elipsa remarkable 2
Kobo Elispa Remarkable 2



The 10.3' E Ink screen looks great, and it has an evenly-lit frontlight.

Pleasant writing experience, and the device has a textured coating that feels nice and adds grip.

Fully-featured ebook app provides a better reading experience than other large-screen E Ink devices.

It has the same kobo e-Reading software that is on all of their other products. You are able to login to your existing account and sync all of your past purchases.

Overdrive is available so that you can just check ebooks out of your local library's collection.

Pocket is also available, which syncs blog articles directly to Kobo Elipsa.

It also supports Dropbox. The Dropbox integration is smooth and any notes you take on Elipsa show up anywhere else you access them in your Dropbox folder. All notes can be exported as PDFs right to your Dropbox.

Light weight and sharp text makes it comfortable to read for hours.

You can freehand draw, take notes, edit PDF files and also ebooks. It offers the best pen-on-paper experience and making the writing experience feel natural.

It uses its own app for transferring documents between the tablet and a mobile device or computer, and everything is kept synchronized in near real-time.



It does not provide a way to export notes and highlights added to ebooks and PDFs.

There is no way to change the color temperature.

The note taking functionality is not as advanced as the reMarkable 2, nor does it have a layering system. The writing experience is fairly basic, with a noticeable amount of lag.

It is heavy and large once you put its included cover on and stash the surprisingly weighty stylus at the top.

It has some trouble with note continuity when making switches between formatting features. If you write notes in the margin of an ebook and later turn the screen, transitioning to landscape mode, your notes will end up all over the place. They do not anchor to the text or page location in any way.

Requires using a Remarkable account/app to transfer and sync content—it doesn’t support syncing with 3rd party services like OneNote or Dropbox.

There is no digital bookstores, you have to sideload the content.

No web browser, no front light, limited storage space.

More of a notepad than an ereader, with fewer reading features than a dedicated ebook reader like a Kobo Elipsa. It lacks a self-illuminated screen—a feature even the cheapest e-readers now offer.

The stylus costs your extra money because it is not included in the reMarkable 2 pack.

Verdict: Kobo Elipsa vs reMarkable--Which one to choose?

Given both tablets costs $399, price is not the key point to make the decision. Please remember the Kobo Elispsa pack include a stylus and cover while the reMarkable 2 doesn't. However, it is better to decide which one to choose depends on how you plan to use them.

1 If you need a dedicated note-taking device and the near perfect pen-on-paper experience, reMarkable should be your prefect choice.

2 If you just need a big screen eBook reader for reading ebooks, Kobo Elipsa should be on your purchase list.

3 It you want an all-in-one e-ink device, letting you read ebooks and taking notes, there will be no better choice than Kobo Elipsa.

So what's your choice?


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10/30/2021 19:47:16
Remarkable has also now introduced a (rather hefty) subscription or services like wifi transferring documents, writing to print conversion, cloud storage etc that it previously offered free
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