Remove Nook DRM with Only 1 Click

Support Windows 8 & 10 Support Current Nook DRM

Nook DRM Removal is definitely your best choice to remove Nook DRM. It removes DRM from purchased B&N Nook epub books quickly and easily. The latest version even allows you decrypt Nook books with 1-click.

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Note: This Nook DRM Removal only works for current Nook DRM. We do not guarantee this DRM Removal tool will work if Nook has changed its DRM scheme again in the future.


Key Features of Nook DRM Removal

One-click to remove Nook DRM

Batch Conversion & fast conversion speed

Automatically scan and sideload download Nook eBooks

Nook DRM Removal Key Features

How to Remove Nook DRM with Nook DRM Removal?

Step 1.Make sure your Nook books have been downloaded. Nook Windows app (on Win 8, 10 or 11) is the only valid method to download Nook books.

Step 2. Input Nook account information to Epubor Ultimate for generating a Nook decryption key file. To do this, click User Center>>Settings>>Nook, input your Nook email and passwords, and then click on "ok" button.

input nook account

Step 3. Go back to the main interface of Nook DRM Removal. Drag and drop the Nook books from the left to right column, the Nook DRM protection will be removed successfully. There will be "Decrypted" at the end of each book title.

remove nook drm

Frequently Asked Questions on Nook DRM Removal

Q: What if I have Windows 7 or Mac?

A: Since Nook has discontinued the Nook for MAC/PC and Nook Study, the only way to download Nook books is via Nook windows app on Win 8 or 10 Platform. You are not able to download Nook books on Window 7 or Mac.

Q: Is it safe to give out my Nook account information?

A: Your Nook account information will be only used for generating Nook key files to decrypt Nook books successfully. Your information will never be leaked out or used for other purpose. It is just for one time use.

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