Remove Barnes & Noble Nook DRM

Want to remove Nook DRM? This Nook DRM Removal is definitely your best choice. It moves DRM from purchased B&N Nook books quickly and easily, the latest version even allows you decrypt Nook books without clicking any button.
Notice: Nook officially changes the DRM method since March 2015, we proudly announce that our Nook DRM Removal is the first software to decrypt the new Nook DRM, with the most advaced funtion on the market. For regular users, please update the version. And this is the guide for how to remove new Nook DRM.
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Easier than your imagination

The Nook DRM Removal has an intuitive and friendly interface, so anybody can use this easy-to-use program smoothly. Just drag Nook books from the left side to the main window, there will be "B&N DRM"at the end of each book. Click on "B&N DRM", and input correct Nook account information, all the Nook books will be DRM removed.

Auto Scan & Import Library

Epubor Nook DRM Removal finds and sideload all your purchased Nook, books automatically in the left side of the software.

One Click for Everything

Several necessary settings are required at the first running. Then all the following times you only need to click the "Remove".

5X Faster Batch Decryption

Epubor software one-time batch helps you remove the DRM. The whole process is very fast, without waiting for.

Remove B&N Nook DRM needs your account information

In old days, the Nook DRM is generated upon your billing credit card and cardholder's name. Barnes & Noble changes it since 2015.
Now the Nook DRM is generated upon your Nook account's information, the account email and password. Therefore, to remove Nook DRM, you must input your Nook account information.

Absolutely safe to remove DRM

Some users are concerned about the security problem as they need to input Nook account email and password in our program.
Please don't worry about that, we only use these information for one time to generate a decryption key, all the following decryptions will only use the key file.
And we will never collect or send these information to anywhere, everything is just stored in your own computer.
safe to remove Nook DRM

What's New

What's New about v3.0.9.1028 - 10/28/2017

1) Repair some bugs;


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