How to transfer Nook ePUB books to Sony eReaders

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nook to sonyMaybe you have some ebooks in ePUB format from B&N, but you received a Sony Reader as a gift a few days ago. How do you read B&N/Nook books on Sony Reader?

The following guide is about how to transfer Nook epub books to Sony Reader.

If your Nook books have DRM protection, maybe your Sony Reader is not able to read them. Because a part of Nook books are protected by Nook DRM, while Sony Reader only supports Adobe Adept DRM protection.

As a result, if you want to read all your purchased Barnes&Noble Nook books on your Sony Reader, the most reliable way is to strip your B&N Nook book's DRM.

Transfer Nook DRM protected books to Sony Reader.  

1.Download your purchased Nook books to computer

Download Nook reading app for computer here: For Windows, For Mac

Install the program and run it , click "Refresh" button to sync all your purchased books to your computer. Then click the cover of your Nook books to download them to your computer.

sync nook books

2, Find your downloaded Nook books in your hard drive.

Default Nook content path for Windows desktop software:C:\...\Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks\Your email address

Default Nook content path for Windows 8/10 app:c:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local\Packages\BarnesNoble.Nook_[several digits]\LocalState

Default Nook content path for Mac:Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks\Your email address

3, Make these books readable for Sony Reader

As Barnes & Noble uses two kinds of DRM protection: Adobe DRM and Nook DRM, while Sony can read Adobe DRM. Therefore you only need a tool for removing Nook DRM to help you achieve this goal.

Click the button to download the program, and click here to learn how to remove Nook DRM with this program:


4, Transfer the decrypted books to Sony Reader

After the program successfully removing the protection on your Nook books, double click the book's title in the program's interface, then choose "Explore the output file", you will get the decrypted books.

Then plug your Sony Reader to your computer, copy & paste those books to your Sony Reader's drive, then you can read the Nook books on your Sony Reader without any obstacle!

sony ereader5, Transfer Adobe DRM protected books to Sony Reader

1) Keeping your Sony Reader plugged to your computer with USB cable. Nook for PC will detect the eBook device and a "My library" dialog box will pop out. Then please click "Authorize Device" and "Finished". At the same time you will see an icon of Sony Reader appearing in the left column under "My library".

2) Click on the Nook ePUB eBooks you want to transfer on the right side of the screen and keep holding the mouse button down. Drag the mouse until the arrow is over your device's icon in the left pane. Then let go.

3) The "Copy Documents" dialog box is displayed and the title is transferred. When the transferring process completed, the "Copy Documents" dialog box will close. Then You can unplug the Sony eReader.


Transfer Adobe DRM protected books to Sony Reader

The method above is suitable for a people who has purchased lots of Nook DRM protected books in B&N store. But if you have also purchased many books in B&N store which are protected by Adobe DRM, you should follow these steps.

To read Nook books on Sony Reader without stripping the copy-protection, you should confirm that the book is protected by Adobe DRM.

plug sony to adeHow to do it? Download the book through Nook for PC/Mac, and find the book in your computer. (For my Win XP computer, I find them in "My Documents\My Barnes & Noble eBooks").

Then install Adobe Digital Editions, this is a manager and reader for all Adobe protected books. Open the Nook book with ADE, if you can read it smoothly, then congratulations, you are able to transfer the book to your Sony Reader, but if not, then this book is protected by B&N Nook DRM, you can only read it by Nook app, unless you strip its DRM.

Then how to transfer the DRM protected books to your Sony Reader? As I mentioned before, ADE is more than a eBook reader while it can also manage and transfer your Adobe protected books. So you can ust this app to transfer your Nook books to Sony Reader.

Plug your Sony Reader to computer and open ADE, then turn to the library interface, you will see the Sony Reader's icon showing up in the left sidebar. Refer to the right image (we take Sony PRS-300 for example).

Now click "All Items" in Bookshelves column, you will see all the books you have loaded into ADE, find the book you want to transfer to your Sony Reader, simply drag the item to the Sony Reader Icon, then you will see a window showing you the transfer process.

If everything goes well, click on the Sony Reader icon, you can see the book displays in the main window. Now you can read your Adobe protected ePub / PDF books on Sony Reader now.

ade transfer books to sony

What if you want to transfer Nook books to other eReaders?

Maybe you don't have a Sony Reader, but a Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo, or even other eReaders not that popular. You can also transfer Nook books to them.

For transferring Nook books to other eReaders, the majority of works are the same with the guide above. But there are still some differences between them, please read these tips carefully:

1, Some eReaders like Kindle supports neither Adobe nor Nook DRM, so you need to remove both these two kinds of DRMs on your Nook books. You can one click to remove both of these two DRMs with only one program.

2, For some eReaders, you may not be able to transfer them with Nook for PC/Mac. But almost all the eReader can be connected with computer by USB cable, so you can transfer those DRM free books to your eReader easily.

3, If your eReader doesn't allow you to connect to computer and form a removable disk, then I guess it must have a WiFi / 3G net connection, you can transfer the books to your eReader with some cloud store service like DropBox, etc.

4, If your eReader doesn't have a USB function or any net connection, you need to throw it away then get a new one.



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