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AZW3 is a file extension exclusively for Kindle eBooks that are mainly downloaded from the Amazon website. It’s totally a Kindle format which is supported by Kindle devices only. Is it possible to open AZW3 file online in a browser? To be honest, there are not many online AZW3 readers available on the internet. Here are the only 3 online AZW3 readers we've found and fully reviewed. If you really want to read AZW3 files online, you shouldn't miss out on this post.

Notice: Most of the Kindle AZW3 files are protected by DRM. It's the DRM that limits you to read Kindle books on Kindle devices only. Only when you remove the Kindle DRM with Epubor Ultimate will you be able to read AZW3 files online.

Detailed Guide: How to Remove DRM From Kindle AZW3 eBook Files

online AZW3 reader

1. Epubor Reader

Epubor Reader, strictly speading, is a desktop app. However, here I would like to share with you at the first place because it can be said to be the best AZW3 reader. It supports multiple ebook formats including AZW3, EPUB, MOBI, PRC, TXT. It offers a fully customizable reading experience, for it's easy to change font size and background colors. As a simple AZW3 reader, it even allows you to add highlight, bookmark, and make notes.

Epubor AZW3 reader


1 Change font type, font size and background colors.

2 Easy to add highlight, bookmark and make notes. Highlights and notes can be exported.

3 Comfortable reading experience with a beautifully-designed interface.

4 Support AZW3, Mobi, EPUB, PRC, TXT format.


1 Doesn't support DRM-protected AZW3 files.

2. Online AZW3 Reader

Online Reader is a site where you can read hundreds of file formats online for free. It's a combination of online AZW3 Reader, online PDF Reader, online Word Reader, online Excel Reader, online PowerPoint Reader, PSD Reader, etc. In terms of the online AZW3 reader, it's acceptable, but not that perfect. The biggest drawback is the instability. Sometimes AZW3 files cannot be uploaded successfully, not alone to read them.

azw3 online reader


1 Adjustable page width.

2 Rotate clockwise.

3 Switch to presentation mode.


1 Not stable. Sometimes the azw3 file cannot be successfully uploaded.

2 Cannot highlight, bookmark or add note.

3 Customization options for font types and background color are not available.

4 Contain ads.

5 Doesn't support DRM-protected AZW3 files.

3. MOBI Viewer and Reader

MOBI Viewer and Reader is an online reader primarily for Kindle Mobi format e-books. But it also supports reading AZW3, AZW4, AZW6, PRC and more Kindle formats. This tool offers easy navigation and it's easy to use. You can quickly open and read AZW3 files in your browser without any special software, but the result can be very unsatisfying. For example, sometimes the images cannot be displayed normally. And the ads on the page are annoying.

Mobi viewer


1 Change font size.

2 Adjust page width.


1 Images cannot be displayed normally.

2 Cannot highlight, bookmark or add note.

3 Customization options for font types and background color are not available.

4 Contain too many ads.

5 Doesn't support DRM-protected AZW3 files.


Above are the 3 online AZW3 readers that I'd like to introduce to you. Frankly speaking, all of them are not that perfect, but these are the only 3 online AZW3 readers I could find. If you have any other recommendations, don't forget to leave a comment and share with us.

Notice: If you want to read your Kindle books elsewhere, remember to download Epubor Ultimate first to remove DRM from your Kindle books.

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