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How to find my Kindle serial number? --
I have a KPW2, unfortunately, the screen is broken, how can I find my KSN now?
VitalSource eTextbook to pdf --
i have already bought your software
Activation key: P9EWYFF-VG98NN-GJR62B-ZEFXQP-SP77UJW
does if convert VitalSource bookshelf to pdf file ?
Registration Code --

I have bought:
Epubor Ultimate for Mac on sep 16, 2015
Single User License
Licensed to: stefan.knudsen1@gmail.com

Registration Code
Epubor Ultimate for Mac

but every time I try to use the program the license has expired, and now I have retrieved it three times and I'm not able to retrieve any more.
Why does my license expire so often?

can it remove drm from scribd books --
I have scribd account so can it remove the drm from scribd books
Epubor VitalSource Downloader --
Epubor VitalSource Downloader is not accessing all of my titles for download. I can only access the most recently purchased lifetime purchase. There were 2 more titles I bought before that, and I can still access them through VtialSource. Is this a glitch?
Please refresh your browser? --


I purchased Epubor Vitalsource downloader. I was trying to convert a textbook into a pdf file, but it failed. There was a output file, in which there is a phrase "Please refresh your browser" with a picture of a robot on all pages. I tried many times, but all failed. Please let me know how to solve this problem.


Recently, I have updated my Kindle for PC to version 1.25, I can not remove my Kindle DRM any more. Is this some new Kindle kfx drm? How to handle this new Kindle kfx drm?
Unsupported DRM --

I download DRM removal for free trial and want to decrypt some EPUB files, when I drag them to the software, most of them are decrypted, but only the rest one failed and I get the error message "your book is protected by a kind of DRM we do not support".

It's strange. I can read all of them via Adobe Digital Editions. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

Free Trial Activation --
The website says that there is a 30 day free trial, but the program asks for a registration code. How can I try before buying?
Unknown DRM --
Hi I just downloaded a new epub book using ADE 4. When I tried to converted it. It says unknown DRM. Any suggestions with this issue please? Thank you
How to uninstall Epubor on Mac? --
I have installed the software on Mac, and there are something wrong with it. I want to uninstall and reinstall it to solve the problem. But how can I uninstall the software? I'm not very good at Mac. Please help.
how to find old version --
I don't like the new version, how do I go back to my old version. 10.7.4
how to convert iPublisher files (ipef) --

cordial greetings, I would like to know if in the future you are going to include the format (ipef) within your application.

thanks for the info

Does the license can be moved from 1 computer to another computer? I just purchase a new computer.
conversione file lcpl --
ho scaricato un file lcpl come faccio a trasformarlo in mobio in epub?
eBook conversion failed --
I used the free trial today to convert my epub books to mobi, all was working well. It worked for about another 80 books but now just keeps coming up with a 'failed' message beside the book whenever I try to convert the format.
What's the difference between Ultimate and All DRM Removal? I want to purchase a DRM removal tool and don't know buy which one.
Can I Send EPUB to Kindle by "Send to Kindle" Service?
Do you know how to make those personal documents appear/sync  on the Kindle for Mac app?
Failed to remove DRM from PDF files --

I can read the PDF in ADE, but I cannot decrypt it with the software:

decrypt failed:DeDRM4PDF - Ultimately failed to decrypt. please make sure you can read this ebook on Adobe Digital Editions at first. DeDRM: Build C562
start to decrypt Oeffentliches recht - kurz gefasst.pdf
DeDRM4PDF: Key found.
Ready to start decrypting.
DeDRM4PDF: Encryption key invalid... trying others.
DeDRM4PDF - Ultimately failed to decrypt

What can I do to decrypt my PDF files?

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