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How to find my Kindle serial number? --
I have a KPW2, unfortunately, the screen is broken, how can I find my KSN now?
VitalSource eTextbook to pdf --
i have already bought your software
Activation key: P9EWYFF-VG98NN-GJR62B-ZEFXQP-SP77UJW
does if convert VitalSource bookshelf to pdf file ?
Registration Code --

I have bought:
Epubor Ultimate for Mac on sep 16, 2015
Single User License
Licensed to: stefan.knudsen1@gmail.com

Registration Code
Epubor Ultimate for Mac

but every time I try to use the program the license has expired, and now I have retrieved it three times and I'm not able to retrieve any more.
Why does my license expire so often?

can it remove drm from scribd books --
I have scribd account so can it remove the drm from scribd books
Unsupported DRM --

I download DRM removal for free trial and want to decrypt some EPUB files, when I drag them to the software, most of them are decrypted, but only the rest one failed and I get the error message "your book is protected by a kind of DRM we do not support".

It's strange. I can read all of them via Adobe Digital Editions. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

How to uninstall Epubor on Mac? --
I have installed the software on Mac, and there are something wrong with it. I want to uninstall and reinstall it to solve the problem. But how can I uninstall the software? I'm not very good at Mac. Please help.
Unknown DRM --
Hi I just downloaded a new epub book using ADE 4. When I tried to converted it. It says unknown DRM. Any suggestions with this issue please? Thank you
Can I Send EPUB to Kindle by "Send to Kindle" Service?
What's the difference between Ultimate and All DRM Removal? I want to purchase a DRM removal tool and don't know buy which one.
eBook conversion failed --
I used the free trial today to convert my epub books to mobi, all was working well. It worked for about another 80 books but now just keeps coming up with a 'failed' message beside the book whenever I try to convert the format.
How can I recover my license --
My license is invalid, I want to recover it by myself. How can I use the feature on the software?
Failed to remove DRM from PDF files --

I can read the PDF in ADE, but I cannot decrypt it with the software:

decrypt failed:DeDRM4PDF - Ultimately failed to decrypt. please make sure you can read this ebook on Adobe Digital Editions at first. DeDRM: Build C562
start to decrypt Oeffentliches recht - kurz gefasst.pdf
DeDRM4PDF: Key found.
Ready to start decrypting.
DeDRM4PDF: Encryption key invalid... trying others.
DeDRM4PDF - Ultimately failed to decrypt

What can I do to decrypt my PDF files?

Good E-Reader said that (in their blog) they launches a 13.3 inch device, really? Will it supports Kindle formats? How to buy books? I really want to buy a bigger e-Reader for Manga reading.
Does the license can be moved from 1 computer to another computer? I just purchase a new computer.
I sync my Kindle files via Kindle app and get some "fragment files" not azw format. Epubor Kindle DRM removal cannot recognize it. Is this the new format of Kindle files? I just want to decrypt some Kindle files.
I can't convert the books --
I've got my nook books on my computer but it won't convert them because of my name and password.
Ultimate not opening --
Upgraded to Ultimate and now not responding. Using Mac OS version 10.11.5
unknown DRM error --
I got unknown DRM error and could not remove DRM of eBook which I've bought at BookLive store. Is there anything to solve this problem?
My first language is not English, but I bought a Kindle from American Amazon, how can I change the default language to my native language?
Removing DRM hangs? --
I am trying the Epubor Ultimate 30 day trial with the latest Kobo Desktop app on Windows 10.  It shows the list of the Kobo books but I can't drag a book from the right to the main window.  I can double-click the book but then I get a window that states 'DRM is removing, please make sure you can read the ebook on your computer at first'.    This window never closes. I can read the book through the Kobo app.  What am I doing wrong?
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