How to Read EPUB on Mac

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EPUB is a widely used ebook format with a highly versatile design that you can read on any device, in spite of the platform it is running. If you prefer reading EPUB books on your Mac, there are many methods you can take to access them. Following are all methods on reading EPUB on Mac.

read epub on mac

Notice: Before guiding you through the body part, I'd like to remind you that a lot of EPUB book files (such as Kobo, Google Play, Adobe and Nook ebooks) are protected by DRM. If you want to read such DRM-protected EPUB books with any EPUB reading tools on your Mac, you need to remove DRM from EPUB at first. The best EPUB DRM Removal and EPUB Converter you can make full use of is Epubor Ultimate In additional to removing DRM from EPUB, you can also use the tool to convert any ebook format to EPUB or vise versa.

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Method 1. Read EPUB with Apple Books

When it comes to reading ePub on Mac, the first and the easiest method we can think of is by using Apple Books (called iBooks previously). Apple Books is a pre-installed program on every Mac, and provides an excellent reading experience. It not only allows you to read ebooks you've purchased from Apple's bookstore, but also the ePub books you've got from other places.

Step 1. Check Apple Books installed properly on your Mac.

Step 2. Add ePub files to Apple Books.

There are two ways to add ePub files to Apple Books. The first one is to right-click the ePub file and choose "Open with Books.app". Then your ePub books will be added to Books successfully.

open epub with apple books

You can also open Apple Books at first, navigate to "File" >> "Add to Library" and a window will pop up asking you to load the files. Just select all your ePub books, press "Add", and they will be automatically appear in the Apple Books library.

add epub to apple books

Step 3. Select a book in the library to start to read with Apple books on your Mac.

epubs in ibooks library

Method 2. Read EPUB Online with Online EPUB Readers

Besides Apple Books, reading ePub books online in a browser can be another good choice. The advantage is that no other software needs to be downloaded or installed. You just need to add your books locally to the online readers.

There are many online EPUB readers on the internet. Here take my favorite fviewer EPUB viewer as an example. As a free online EPUB reader, fviewer EPUB Viewer is a great tool since it's very easy to use and website is quite stable. Steps to use this tool are as belows.

Step 1. Open a browser on your Mac and visit the site: https://www.fviewer.com/view-epub.

Step 2. Select the ePub file locally stored on your Mac or input an URL to view the online EPUB file.

add epub to online epub reader on mac

Step 3. The book will be automatically opened in the browser and you can start reading.

epub viewer on mac

Method 3. Read EPUB with Other EPUB Reading Apps for Mac

Reading epub with online EPUB readers is very convenient, however, the functions of them are very limited. For example, you may not highlight, make notes, bookmarks. More importantly, every time you want to read, you should add the book to the online reader once again and again. So if you want more features and functions, we highly suggest you using EPUB reading apps.

Besides Apple Books, there are many other EPUB reading apps for Mac that work very well. You just need to download and install the EPUB reader to your Mac, and add your EPUB books to the program, then you can start reading.

Here in this place, I would like to take my favorite Epubor Reader as an example. As a beautifully designed ebook reader for PC/Mac, Epubor Reader is equipped with really powerful functions in a much user-friendly interface.

Step 1. Download and install Epubor Reader to your Mac.

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Step 2. Add your EPUB books to Epubor Reader by a simple drag & drop or clicking the "+" Add button in the bottom-right corner.

epubor reader

Step 3. Start to read EPUB with Epubor Reader on your Mac. There are many customized settings that you can change to satisfy your needs such as font size, font type, background colors, layout and more. You can also add notes, bookmarks, and highlight in a much easy way.

read kobo books with Epubor Reader


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