How to Read Google Play Books on PC

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Maybe you haven't got an E-ink Reader now. Or you just like to read and enjoy your Google books on your computer because of the big screen or other reasons. Then it's good for you to know some ways to read Google Play books on PC. Next I will tell you how to do it.

If you are interested in reading Google books on Mac, please read How to Read Google Books on Mac.

1. Read Google Play Books on PC in Browser

Google doesn't offer the reader app for PC like Kindle for PC, Nook for PC etc. And we can't download the Google books directly to our computer to read. We have to read those books in the browser. In other words, read Google Play books online. We can read books on Google Play using our computer by visiting the site play.Google.com/books.

After you go into the site above, click on the "Shop" icon and then look for a book you like to read. If it's charged, of course you should buy it first. If it's a free book, you can read it in the browser immediately. Click the arrows on the bottom right corner of your browser window to turn pages or use the page slider at the bottom of your window.

read google play books on pc

You can choose many books you like, and they will be listed in the "My Library" column. Later when you want to read the books, just go into the site and click on the book's cover to open it. You can also upload other EPUB books on your computer to it and read. Uploading is simple. Just head over to your personal collection inside Play Books and click “Uploads” icon in the top right sidebar. A window will pop up prompting you to select or drag the eBooks you’re interested in. Then they will be displayed in the library, together with your purchased books.

my library

2. Read Google Play Books on PC with eReader Apps

Situation 1: Read with Adobe Digital Editions

1Purchase and download Google Play books to computer.

Purchase the book you want, then go to the book information page and choose "How To Read".

how to read

Then scroll the page to the bottom of it. There are two options for you: DOWNLOAD EPUB or DOWNLOAD PDF. You can choose the format you like. Either is ok.

choose epub or pdf

After the download finishes, you will get an .acsm file. It can't be read directly because the acsm file is not a true book, and you have to download the real book with Adobe Digital Editions. Please follow my steps.

2Download and install Adobe Digital Editions. And authorize your computer with an Adobe ID.

If you aren't prompted to authorize ADE the first time you open it, you can go to "Help-->Authorize Computer" to start the process manually.

authorize computer

Then it will pop up a window. If you have an Adobe ID, enter it along with your password. If you do not have an Adobe ID, click "Create an Adobe ID" to make one. Once you're done, return to the "Computer Authorization" dialog box and enter your Adobe ID and password. Click "Authorize", your computer is now authorized with your Adobe ID.

Why I'm unable to authorize Adobe ID with my google vendor id?
When creating Adobe ID, please select "Adobe ID" as your eBook vendor, but not the google vendor id. Though we don't know why but 80% of readers reflcted this works well.

3Open acsm in Adobe Digital Editions.

Find your acsm file, double click on it and then ADE will download the book automatically. Here I click on one acsm file. Then this window pops up, and this means ADE is downloading the true book. The downloaded books are in EPUB or PDF format. After downloading the books, you can open and read them in Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

downloading book

Situation 2: Read with Any Other eReader Apps You Like

There are many other eReader apps that can offer us better reading experience, you may not like Adobe Digital Editions when comparing it with others. If you don't like to read books in ADE much, you can consider reading the books you just download with other freewares you like. But you need to remove DRM from these books first. With the DRM restriction, you can only read the Google books you purchase in ADE. After removing Google Play books DRM, you can also transfer your Google books to your another computer to read without doing anything else. (Of course then you can transfer them to the tablets or E-ink readers that support EPUB or PDF format accordingly to read freely.) Also you can share your good books with your families and friends as the books are locked by DRM anymore.

1Get All DRM Removal Tool and remove books' DRM.

Download the tool for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Download and install it on your computer. Run this program, it will load your Google Play books to the book list of the program. Just drag and drop the books from the right to the left. During this very short process, the book's DRM will be removed. (This is the most convenient way to remove Google Play books DRM without doing anything else.)

remove book drm

Then the decrypted books will be listed in the left part. You can right-click on your book and choose "Explore output folder" to see where your decrypted books are saved.

explore output folder

2Read these Google Play books on PC with any other software you like.

Now you get the DRM-free Google Play books, you can read them with any other reading software you like. Such as Calibre, Sumatra PDF, FB Reader etc. They also offer us good reading experience. You can choose one you like. Personally I like the feeling of reading with Sumatra PDF this software (Hope this name does not mislead you, as it supports many eBook formats not only PDF). You can have a brief look at the picture below.


Tip One: As you get DRM-free EPUB or PDF books now, you can transfer and read them on other portable devices, too.
Tip Two: If you want to make the full use of Google Play books, you should never miss Google Play 101: Up to 16 Golden Tips and Tricks You Must Know.

Download DRM Removal for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download



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Hi. Thanks for the guide.  It took me awhile to figure things out but I tried downloading a free ebook then followed your guide and now I could read an ebook from my computer without squinting my eyes! Game changer! Thanks again!
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Absurdly difficult to download, save and read a book on Windows 10.
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