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Is it possible to read Amazon books on SONY eReader? Of course, you can make it. As we know, Kindle books are protected by DRM and Sony's e-Readers don't support the Mobi format. In addition, Sony reader won't let you install Kindle app. In consequence, this guide will show you how to read Kindle books on Sony eReader with two methods.

Method 1: Convert Kindle books to Sony eReader

As long as you convert Kindle Books to epub files, you can transfer the files to Sony eReader for reading. And you can follow below guide to convert Kindle books to ePub.

1Download Kindle books via an older version Kindle app

If you are using the latest Kindle app, please downgrade them to an older version Kindle App. Or you are not able to remove DRM from Kindle books. You can install 1.24 or below version Kindle for PC/Mac to your computer here.

After downgrading to an older version Kindle app, you can start downloading your Kindle books.

2Install Epubor DRM Removal to your computer

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

3Convert Kindle books to ePub

Launch Epubor Ultimate, click Kindle tab on the left panel, then all of your Kindle books that are downloaded via older version Kindle app will show up under Kindle tab. Next add Kindle books to the right main window to remove DRM. Lastly, choose ePub as the output format, then click Convert to ePub, and you will get ePub files.

convert drm free books with epubor ultimate

When the conversion complete, you can find your ePub files by clicking Succeeded or the book folder icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

Method 2: Convert Sony eReader to Android tablet

1) If you are a computer expert and want to take a risk to root the Sony eReader PRS-T2/PRS-T1. And use it like a real Android tablet. There is a step-by-step guide to introduce how to achieve your goal.

2) There is also a forum to teach you how to make Sony Reader based on Android OS.

3) And there is a page meant to collect info regard to modifying the Sony Reader in the mobiread.com.

4) Once you turn Sony eReader into Kindle as well as an EPUB Reader. you can install Kindle for android and read Amazon kindle books on Sony eReader whether the books are protected from DRM or not.

Convert Sony eReader to Android tablet

In comparison, Epubor Ultimate is the best choice for you to read Kindle books on Sony eReader freely.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free



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04/19/2015 16:47:13
Worked perfectly. I am able to read Amazon books. Just follow the instructions properly. Install Amazon PC app sync your data, install epubor browse to amazon books and remove dram. I want to root my sony ereader need more details. If you provide more information would be absolutely magnificent. Love the software great job.
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