How to Read Kindle Books Without a Kindle or Kindle App

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I don't have a Kindle eReader. Is it possible to read Kindle books without a Kindle? I do know that there is an official Kindle app for Android/iOS/PC/Mac, but the reading experience is not so satisfying. Is there any way to read Kindle books without a Kindle eReader or Kindle App?

You may have heard that Amazon Kindle books can only be read on the Kindle supported devices, like Kindle eReader or Kindle App. But it's not exactly correct. There are several ways that we can find to read Kindle on a non-kindle device. Here the reason why I write this blog is to share with you 3 effective methods to read Kindle books without a Kindle device or Kindle App.

read Kindle without Kindle

1. Read Kindle Books Online/Offline in Kindle Cloud Reader

If you want to read Kindle books on PC/Mac without installing any program, you can take this method to read Kindle books just in a browser. You can choose either reading online or offline in Kindle Cloud Reader. The browsers that support Kindle Cloud Reader include: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Step 1 Visit Kindle Cloud Reader (read.amazon.com) in your browser and sign in with your Amazon account.

The first time you visit Kindle Cloud Reader, you would be asked to set up Kindle Cloud Reader for offline reading. You can click "Enable Offline" to activate the offline reding, or "Not now" to skip it.

Notes: It's highly suggested to enable the offline reading, because once you enable the feature, you can read the downloaded Kindle Cloud Reader books even without an internet connection. The steps to enable offline reading may differ a little between different browsers. If you fail, you can learn How to Enable Kindle Cloud Reader Offline for a detailed guide.

set up kindle cloud reader for offline reading

Step 2 Read Kindle Books Online/Offline in Kindle Cloud Reader.

When you log in your Kindle Cloud Reader library, you can see all your purchased Kindle books are there. You can just click the book cover to open a book to read online in a browser.

read kindle online or offline in kindle cloud reader

If you have enabled offline reading in Step 1, you can still right-click the book cover and choose "Download & Pin" to download the Kindle books. Then next time, you can read your Kindle books offline without an internet connection.

download and pin book

Pro Tips If you have downloaded Kindle books from Kindle Cloud Reader via Google Chrome or the latest version of Microsoft Edge, you can convert Kindle Cloud Reader to Epub/PDF/Mobi/TXT books with the help of Epubor KCR Converter.

Download Epubor KCR Converter for Free

2. Read Kindle Books on Non-Kindle eReaders

What if you have a non-Kindle eReader and want to read a Kindle book on the non-Kindle device? Officially, Amazon Kindle would only allow you to read Kindle books on Kindle supported devices. All Kindle books are DRM-protected and in special Kindle format which are not supported by any other non-Kindle eReaders.

To unlock your Kindle books to read in other eReaders freely, you should never miss out Epubor Ultimate, the best Kindle DRM and Kindle Converter. With the tool, you can easily remove Kindle DRM and convert your Kindle books to ePub/PDF/Mobi/TXT/AZW3.

Detailed Guide: How to Remove DRM from Kindle KFX Books.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

decrypt ebook with Epubor Ultimate

You can also read the detailed tutorials of reading Kindle books on the most popular non-Kindle eReaders:

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3. Read Kindle Books with Non-Kindle App

If the above 2 methods cannot satisfy your need, you can also read Kindle books with non-Kindle ebook reading app. There are lots of eBook Readers for PC/Mac/Android/iPhone. Except the Kindle app, almost all the other ebook reading apps only support ePub and PDF format. Therefore as the Method 2 introduces, you should also remove Kindle DRM and convert Kindle to ePub with Epubor Ultimate in order to read Kindle on a non-Kindle app.

Detailed Guide: 2 Methods to Convert Kindle eBooks to EPUB.

convert ebook formats

Here are tutorials for you to read Kindle books on some popular non-Kindle ebook reading apps:

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