3 Ways to Read Kobo Books on PC/Mac

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Left your Kobo eReader behind? Not a problem - you can still read your Kobo ebooks on a computer with a nice big screen. You won't lose out on features like highlight, make notes, and bookmark. Here are all methods on how to read Kobo books on PC or Mac.

read kobo books on pc mac

Method 1. Read Kobo Books with Kobo Desktop for PC/Mac

Kobo is a popular ebook store and it also offers users an official desktop app to access Kobo ebooks. The Kobo desktop app lets you read and buy ebooks on your PC or Mac. Reading Kobo books with Kobo desktop for PC/Mac has become the first choice for many users.

Step 1 Download and install Kobo Desktop for PC/Mac at first.

Kobo Desktop for PC Download Kobo Desktop for Mac Download

Step 2 Sign in Kobo Desktop with your account.

sign in kobo desktop

Step 3 Download Kobo Books to your PC/Mac computer. To download a single item, click the download icon on the book cover. You can also select multiple items to download as group.

download kobo books from kobo desktop

Step 4 Read Kobo books with Kobo Desktop for PC/Mac. You can right-click the book to select "Read now" or just double-click the book cover to open the book.

read kobo books with kobo desktop

1. Nicely designed interface.
2. A full range of functions, including changing text styles/sizes, alignment, margins, line spacing, theme, and more.
3. Highlight and add notes.

1. Only support Kobo ebooks. Other ebooks cannot be added to Kobo desktop.

Method 2. Read Kobo Books with Adobe Digital Editions for PC/Mac

Kobo ebooks can also be downloaded from your Kobo library on the Kobo official site. The book will be downloaded as .acsm file. ACSM files can only be opened via Adobe Digital Editions. Let's see how to read the Kobo ACSM files with Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 1 Go to the Kobo library on the Kobo official site in a web browser.

Step 2 Click on the three dots button in the bottom-right corner of the book cover, and click "Download" in the drop-down list. Then the book will be downloaded as an ACSM file.

download kobo books from kobo official site

download acsm file

Step 3 Download and launch Adobe Digital Editions. Then authorize your computer with an Adobe ID.

Adobe Digital Editions for PC Download Adobe Digital Editions for Mac Download

authorize Adobe ID

Step 4 Open the Kobo ACSM file with Adobe Digital Editions. Just drag the acsm file to ADE or double click the acsm file, and it will be opened by ADE by default.

open kobo acsm file with ADE

Step 5 Start reading Kobo books with Adobe Digital Editions.

read kobo books with ADE

1. Pleasant and easy interface.
2. Support Kobo books with Adobe DRM.

1. It frequently freezes and crashes.
2. Slow and choppy page scrolling.

Method 3. Read Kobo Books with Any eBook Reading App

Don't want to read Kobo books with either the Kobo desktop app or Adobe Digital Editions? If you are an avid ebook lover, you must own a lot of ebook titles and have your own favorite ebook reading app for computer. For example, a lot of people like using the Kindle app, or the ibooks (called Apple Books now) to read and manage their ebook contents. How to read Kobo books with any ebook reading app as you like? Go on reading. Here is the ultimate method for you.

Step 1 Download Kobo eBooks to Computer. There are two ways to download Kobo books to PC/Mac, from Kobo desktop app and the Kobo official site. You can just follow the steps on the above 2 methods.

Step 2 Remove DRM from Kobo eBooks. All kobo eBooks are DRM-protected. Therefore, in order to read Kobo books with other ebook reading apps, you should first remove the DRM protection. Here Epubor Ultimate, the best Kobo DRM Removal & Kobo Converter, can help you to remove Kobo DRM and convert Kobo ebook format with only one click.

Download Epubor Ultimate for a Free Trial

All the downloaded Kobo books will be automatically detected by Epubor Ultimate. You can just drag and drop them from the left to the right window to remove Kobo DRM.

  • 1. Kobo books downloaded from Kobo for PC/Mac will be shown under the "Kobo" tab.
  • 2. Kobo books opened with Adobe Digital Editions will be shown under the "Adobe" tab.

You can also click the Convert button to convert your Kobo books to PDF/Epub/Mobi/AZW3/TXT format. (e.g. If you want to read Kobo books with Kindle app, choose Mobi or AZW3 format as the output format; If you want to read Kobo books with iBooks, choose EPUB.)

remove kobo drm

Step 3 Read the DRM-free Kobo ebooks with your favorite ebook reading app.

Here I take my favorite Epubor Reader as an example. Just add the decrypted or converted Kobo books to the program and then start your reading journey. Epubor Reader is the most beautifully designed ebook reader with really powerful functions in a user-friendly interface. It supports multiple ebook formats, including EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PRC, TXT, etc and offers a fully customizable reading experience.

read kobo books with Epubor Reader

1. Read kobo books with your own favorite ebook reading app.
2. Read and manage all your ebook in one place.

1. DRM must be removed from Kobo ebooks.

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