Read mobi on iPad

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The MOBI format is the same as AZW without different DRM scheme adopted by Amazon. If you download eBooks from Amazon on your Android Phone, the eBooks format are .PRC format as usual. The PRC extension can be modified as MOBI format. This Guide will teach us how to read mobi on iPad and remove DRM from Mobipocket (mobi, prc).

MOBI eBook Reader for iOS

In fact, there are two eBooks reader software for iOS which support MOBI format. The Kindle app for iPad can read only unprotected MOBI (PRC) books and other format, so does the eBookMobi app. By the way, this app requires charge.

MOBI for iOS

Load mobi to iPad

Any unprotected mobi eBooks can be transferred to iPad. At the same time, only compatible MOBI eBooks Reader app can be able to read it.

1Method 1: Transfer mobi via email

For small size eBooks, the simple effective way is to transfer them from iMac to iOS devices. Drag mobi books to our email attachments and send them to our iPad Mail app.

Input mailbox address of the recipient on iOS devices. Just click on the attached icon in the email and tap “Open in kindle” to open MOBI books. Make sure that the eBooks file type is supported by our eBook Reader for iOS. We can delete the attachments from email and they are still in the Kindle app.

Transfer mobi via email

2Method 2: Transfer mobi via Safari

Sometimes we can download MOBI books to iPad via Safari directly. For example, we click the download link from email, or tap download button from free e-book sites. Then the browser will prompt us to save it to kindle app in the local devices. Once it finished downloading, select “Open in kindle” to transfer books.

Transfer mobi via Safar

3Method 3: Transfer mobi by sending to kindle

Maybe someone will ask why I introduce this method. If we download mobi eBooks from iPad and open it directly, this files are only located on the local device. They can’t be synced to other devices or added to the kindle cloud.

Now we can download mobi eBooks from iMac. Install Send to Kindle for Mac, then Drag and drop them on to the Send to kindle icon for mac. Follow Amazon’s instructions step by step, send them to the Amazon's Cloud storage. It will sync to our registered Kindle app on iPad.

Switch to the kindle app on iPad. Open it and the books will appear on Kindle for iPad app by clicking “All Items” or “Docs” icon.

read mobi on iPad

Convert mobi to iPad

Maybe iPad users are tired of a variety of different formats supported by eBooks Reader app in tablet interface. If they are addicted in apple UI design and tend to use iBooks app, try to use Ultimate eBooks Converter freely. It’s simplest to convert eBooks with protected or protected DRM to iPad EPUB.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Use calibre alternative to convert mobi to iBooks epub. It allows us to add cover to converted mobi eBooks and edit eBook Metadata by user choice. There is a detailed tutorial introduce how to make iBooks EPUB books step by step.

Convert mobi to iPad

When finish converting, it will navigate users to find the converted mobi eBooks automatically. Now just follow this guide to transfer mobi to iPad via email, Open in “iBooks” and enjoy read the Apple user experience.


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