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02/21/2016 17:14:39
So say I buy a year of "Ultimate Converter for Windows" I could upgrade to lifetime for the difference? Looking at it now, the year is $24.99 and the lifetime is $49.99. I would pay the $24 now and before my year is over I would pay about $25 to get lifetime?
02/21/2016 22:59:19


When did you buy the 1-year license for Ultimate? If you just purchase it, you can directly place a new order for lifetime license, we will refund your previous order.

If have any other questions, please contact support@epubor.com for help.

11/20/2017 03:31:13
Installed the trial version on my mac, worked great. Paid for full time version, put in my email after ayment to unlock, program does NOT work any more. I only get a failed message.
11/24/2017 15:46:48
Please contact our customer service about this issue VIA TICKET or support@epubor.com. They will help you fix it.
11/28/2018 20:13:20
I  ordered  lifetime  licence for windows  they sent  me  mac version after many  attempts  to  contact  co  all  I  got  was  auto reply and  they compleatly  ignore  my  request for  a  refund
beware  when  buying  outside  eu,  I  will bring  this issue  to  the  attention of the Chinese  embassy  here  in  Ireland the  money  is  taken out of  your  account  with  the  click  of  the  mouse compare  that  to many  hours of  typing  
11/29/2018 15:07:03
1. If you received Mac version license, this must be because what you purchased is Mac, but not the Windows version. You purchased the wrong version.
2. But we can help you update your order from Mac to Win, and the sent you a license for win.
01/23/2022 09:25:19
This software doesn't work. Don't waste your money
02/2/2022 13:15:30
Hello, I have been trying to reach you via live chat, ticket and email and none seems to get through. How can I contact you? Regards, Yana
02/7/2022 14:31:05
Sorry for the late reply. We are out of office and just back. Please check your mail box now to get your problem fixed.
07/29/2022 02:12:43
This review will probably not be published, as my last was not. Both Epubor and their payment processor 2Checkout will not refund your payment if the software fails. Maybe the software will work, maybe it won't. They will give you the runaround until you throw your hands up in despair. I'm currently out 55 bucks because of these jokers. Buyer beware.
04/1/2023 22:58:37
Seems to be working. I am getting the 20% viewable with the trial version.
10/30/2023 22:48:19
Muito bom o app.
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