Remove DRM from ACSM Purchased Online

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Most time we will download a .ascm file after purchasing an ebook online. It has .ascm file extension and is the Adobe key to download the .pdf or .epub document.

[Video Guide First] Remove DRM from ACSM

How to download EPUB or PDF ebooks with ACSM

Step 1: Download Adobe Digital Editions(ADE).

Step 2: Register an Adobe Account, Authorize your ADE Copy with Adobe Account.

Step 3: Open .acsm with authorized Digital Editions to Download eBooks.

Double click .ascm file, and it will be opened with Adobe Digital Editions as default, and it will open a window to show the ebook is downloading (You must connect the network).

After downloading EPUB or PDF with .ascm file, the ebooks will be protected by Adobe Adept Protection. You can't copy the ebook to any other devices unless the device supports Adobe DRM, and you must read it with your Adobe Account.

Adobe Digital Editions is supported by the Devices Sony Reader, Kobo, Nook, Samsung E-Reader, Jink, HanWang, Acer, LumiRead etc . Read this article to know more: Digital Editions Supported Devices

That means you can transfer the ebooks to these e-readers.

After downloading the ebook, you can delete the .acsm or back it up for downloading ebooks again.

How to Remove DRM from ACSM

Some body asked how to remove DRM from .acsm and find a software called ACSM DRM Removal, which is the mean of how to remove DRM from Adept EPUB and PDF, because the ebooks are protected by Adept DRM, but not .acsm file.

Since you've already downloaded the .acsm file to epub or pdf, here comes to the DRM removing. Just download and install the best ACSM DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate.


Launch Epubor Ultimate, and all downloaded acsm file will be displayed at the left column under "Adobe" tab. Just drag the books from left to right column, your books will be decrypted as the below picture.

remove DRM from EPUB file

After the DRM has been removed, you can read the acsm ebooks on any devices with any ebook reader software. 



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