How to Remove DRM From AZW3 Files

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I have many purchased kindle books in AZW3 format, but I want to know is there is anyway to remove DRM from these azw3 files?

AZW3 is a format for Kindle eBooks that are downloaded from Kindle eReader devices (the firmware is not higher than 5.6.x.x) or downloaded directly from the Amazon website for the Kindle eReader. If you directly copy and paste those AZW3 file to your computer and want to share them with others or convert to EPUB/PDF, you are not able to do this because these AZW3 files are protected by Kindle DRM. So this article will introduce the most efficient way to remove DRM from AZW3 files.

Note: This guide is only for AZW3 files exported from Kindle e-Readers or downloaded directly from the Amazon website via "Download and transfer via usb" for the Kindle e-Ink device.

If you don't have a Kindle e-ink device, please just Remove DRM from Kindle Books Downloaded from Kindle for PC/Mac.

Step 1. Get the Tool Ready

To remove DRM from Kindle AZW3 files, you only need one program: Epubor Ultimate. This is the one of the best DRM removal software which works well on not only kindle books, but also other main streaming ebooks like Google Play, Kobo and Nook. It supports Windows and Mac computers. So with this software installed, you can crack almost 90% ebooks on the market. So just download the free trial now to learn how it works.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free

Step 2. Download Kindle AZW3 Books to Computer

Case 1. Download Kindle books via Kindle eReader device

If you are using Kindle e-ink device to download the Kindle books, you may get azw3 format books or Kindle KFX books. How can you know the Kindle ebook format before downloading it? Here is the answer: if the firmware of the Kindle e-ink device is higher than version 5.6, when you download the Kindle books, the books will be in KFX format. Otherwise, you can get the Kindle azw3 format.

Note: To use this method, please make sure that the firmware of your kindle device is lower than 5.10.2. For Kindle eBooks downloaded via Kindle whose firmware is higher than 5.10.2, they will be encrypted with a new DRM scheme which cannot be removed by any tool.

Case 2. Download Kindle books directly from Amazon website via "Download and transfer via usb"

If you download the Kindle books via Kindle for PC/MAC, or Kindle device with a firmware higher than 5.6.x, there is a great possibility that the downloaded books will be saved in Kindle KFX format which is not supported by many popular readers even with the DRM removed. That's why we choose to download the Kindle book as AZW3 format from Amazon website.

1. To use this method, please ensure you have kindle eink device registered with your Amazon account.

2. ebooks downloaded via Amazon website will be in AZW3 format. Choosing to download Kindle books in this way, you will avoid the new Kindle KFX format.

First of all, log in to your Amazon account and click on "Your Content and Devices".

manage device and content

Then you will see all your books under the "Content" tab in the "Manage Your Content and Devices" page.

manage your content and devices

Click on the "Action" button at the right side and you'll see all actions you can do to this book. Just select "Download & transfer via USB".

download actions

A new window will pop up to show your registered Kindle devices. Just select your Kindle e-ink device and click the "Download" button to start to download the book. When your book has been downloaded, it will be in AZW3 format on your computer.

download and transfer via USB

Step 3. Remove DRM from Kindle AZW3 Books

1 Connect your Kindle e-ink device to your computer.

Epubor Ultimate can automatically detect your connected Kindle e-ink device and your downloaded Kindle books in the eReader. You can see all your Kindle titles displayed in the left side column with the Kindle's model name.

If your Kindle e-ink device is not at your hand right now, please go to the Amazon.com to find your Kindle serial Number and then go to User center>> Setting>>Kindle>>fill in the Kindle serial number.

input kindle serial number

2 Drag your Kindle AZW3 files from your computer to the right main window of Epubor Ultimate.

remove kindle kfx drm

Now, you can see your Kindle AZW3 eBooks are decrypted immediately.

You can also learn how to download kindle ebook as azw3 format and then remove drm via Youtube tutorial.


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09/7/2017 01:46:00
Worked great! Too bad it's only a free trial.
09/14/2018 08:59:29
Worked much, helped me much, tks.
07/25/2020 13:59:35
Amazon closed my account because a hacker got my information and made several purchases. I can't log into my Amazon account to access my books on my laptop or phone, but my Kindle is still logged into my account and can access my books. Amazon support says "the account is closed, so we can't help you".  Unfortunately, my Kindle is updated to 5.12.3.  Is there anything I can do?
06/10/2021 02:08:09
Babba bia :)
06/19/2021 12:18:45
I never really understood (liked) the "import function" for books into a reader (any reader). Many readers actually make duplicates of the books in One's computer. First time they scan the entire disk(s) which can take a long time (if One has a lot of books). Next problem: The books can be well organised in folders and when imported into a reader there is just a hundreds of pages non stop of titles (usually with title page images) - much harder to find a particular book
03/12/2022 19:56:06
Does this method work on Monterey, please? I've just bought a new Mac and don't want to mess about with Terminal if it's not going to help...
03/14/2022 10:15:26

Epubor Ultimate still work well on Mac OS 12. You can just download it and have a try. For the detailed instructions, please follow this guide: https://www.epubor.com/updating-kindle-for-mac-to-132-or-higher-will-prevent-you-from-removing-kindle-drm.html
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us.

05/10/2022 19:05:51
Why not use Calibre with DeDRM plugin! :)
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