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I have purchased an ebook from www.weltbild.de. It asks me to read the book via Tolino web reader. What is Tolino Reader? Can I just transfer Tolino eBook to kindle, as Kindle is the only eReader I own?

If you are an avid eBook reader, you may have heard the Tolino Reader which became the standard eBook reader in countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Tolino reader is compatible with eBooks from various online stores, such as Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel, eBook.de, Bücher.de, Mayersche, Osiander, Orell Füssli and Libri. You can also access eBooks from public libraries that use the Online system.

However, Tolino reader does not support eBooks from Amazon, Apple Books, or Google Play. Meanwhile, Tolino eBooks cannot be read on Kindle, Kobo, or reMarkable, which are popular mainstream eReaders.

How to overcome the obstacle of transferring ebooks between Tolino and Kindle? In this article, we will share the easiest way to remove DRM from Tolino ebooks and read Tolino ebooks on Kindle, Kobo, or other eReaders with ease.

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Step 1: How to Download eBooks from Tolino Library

Before downloading the eBooks from the Tolino library, we should know which ebook vendors use the Tolino web Reader.

This will help us determine if your ebooks are included or not.

Tolino's cooperating ebook vendors include:

  • Thalia
  • Weltbild
  • Hugendubel
  • Buchhandlung
  • Osiander
  • eBook.de
  • Independent bookstores across Germany
  • and more...

tolino cooperated ebook seller

To download Tolino books, make sure you have already purchased the books from any of the aforementioned online ebook stores. Here, I will use weltbild.de as an example.

1 Login into Weltbild.de and then hover over "My Account" and select "My tolino library" from the drop-down menu.

go to tolino library

Here you'll see all your purchased books, including ebooks and audiobooks.

tolino web library

2 Find the book you want to download, click the three dots next to the book title to display more options. Here, select "Download" to download the book.

download weltbild ebooks

A new window will pop up, click "Request download link."

request download link

Just a few seconds, the "Download" button will appear. Click it to download your ebooks.

download button appear

Now you'll find that the file you downloaded is an .acsm file, not the actual content. To convert the .acsm file to the epub format, you'll need Adobe Digital Editions

download weltbild ebooks to ascm

Some ebook stores, like ebook.de, don't require you to go to the Tolino web reader to download your ebooks. You can simply find them in your account under 'My eBooks.' There, you will also find a download button available. Alternatively, you can click the 'Download' button to download the ACSM file here.

download ebook.de ebooks to ascm

3 Convert acsm file to epub/pdf ebooks.

To convert acsm file to real ebook content, please download the Adobe Digital Editions first.

Download ADE for Windows Downlaod ADE for Mac

For the first-time ADE user, you need to create an new Adobe ID and authorize the ADE with your Adobe ID. It is free.

authorize adobe ID

Next, drag your .acsm file to Adobe Digital Editions, and it will begin the process of downloading the ACSM file and converting it to EPUB or PDF format.

download acsm to real content

Now your Weltbild ebooks have been downloaded to your computer in either PDF or EPUB format.

Can we simply transfer these EPUB or PDF files to Kindle or other eReaders now? I don't think so. These EPUB or PDF ebooks are all encrypted with Adobe Adept DRM. Therefore, we need to remove DRM from these ebooks first and then transfer them to Kindle eReader.

Step 2: How to Remove DRM from Tolino eBooks

As we mentioned earlier, Tolino ebooks are encrypted with Adobe Adept DRM. Therefore, before transferring them to a Kindle eReader, we need to remove the DRM from Tolino ebooks.

To accomplish this, Epubor Ultimate is the best option as it is the leading ebook DRM removal and format conversion software. It can handle Adobe DRM, Kindle DRM, Kobo DRM, and Nook DRM. If you have purchased ebooks from other ebook stores, Epubor Ultimate can serve as a one-step tool to remove DRM from almost all of your ebooks.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

1 Launch Epubor Ultimate and click on the "Adobe" tab in the left panel. The ebooks that were downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions will automatically load into Epubor Ultimate and be displayed here.

2 Drag the books from the left side to the right side, and the DRM will be removed. The status will change to 'Decrypted'. If a book is DRM-free, there will be no indication or message.

remove drm from tolino

Optional step: Convert Tolino to AZW3 or MOBI format.

If you want to use the usb cable to transfer these Tolino books to kindle, you can just convert these books by clicking "convert to azw3" button. Or you can skip this step, if you plan to use the send to kindle service.

convert tolino to kindle

Once the conversion has finished, the "Succeeded" will appear. And you can click the output folder icon to find your decrypted and converted Tolino books.

Step 3: How to Transfer Tolino eBook to Kindle

1 Transfer Tolino to Kindle via USB cable.

To transfer your Tolino books to kindle, you can just connect your kindle to your computer via usb cable, and then copy and paste the converted kindle format(azw3 or mobi) files to the "Document" folder.

Pro tip: You can also transfer the decrypted Tolino books to Kobo, reMarkable via USB cable.

2 Send to kindle.

If you use the "Send to kindle" service, you can directly send the decrypted epub or pdf files. There is no need to convert the decrypted books into kindle format.

send tolino to kindle

After a few seconds, you will see this book appear in your Kindle library.

read tolino to kindle

Download the tool for free:


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