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DRMed kindle fire booksIt's well-known that Amazon is one of the biggest ebook stores and there are numbers of free ebooks available on it. If you have got a Kindle fire, I'm sure you won't miss the Amazon books because you can directly read Amazon books on Kindle fire whether they are DRMed or not. But for books from stores beyond Amazon, you have to install other reading apps. So in this article, when I talk about Kindle fire books, I specifically refer to books from Amazon.

Sometimes reading Kindle fire books freely doesn't mean you have actually owned them. Your Kindle fire books may be wiped by Amazon if you have obeyed the rules. Besides there are also other risks, which I will explain clearly later. So you purchase your books with your hard-earned money but you don't own them, then why not strip DRM from Kindle fire books for your own use? Imagine that if your Kindle fire books are DRM-free, then you can freely read them on other Kindle devices or share them with your friends and families who own Kindle devices? More importantly, you can actually own your Kindle fire books no matter what happens.

In the following part, I will give you top reasons for removing DRM from Kindle fire books in part 1. If you have already had a good knowledge of them, you can go directly to part 2 about how to strip DRM from Kindle fire books.

Reasons to strip DRM from Kindle fire books

Reason one: Violate the terms, lose your ebooks

Maybe you have heard about such a case. A woman from the Netherlands got quite shocked when she finally came to know that her Kindle was wiped by Amazon and her account was banned. It's likely that the retailer considered her account was involved in obeying some terms of service. Although she had made several attempts to get answers from Amazon, her books were gone at last.

Since Amazon hasn't provided clear rules about which action you do will violate their terms, you have the risk to lose your Kindle fire books at any time. Then why not strip DRM from your Kindle fire books for your own use and under your personal control?

Reason two: Can't share books by logging in with same account on too many devices

Nowadays more and more people begin to read ebooks on various devices, like smartphones, tablet and computers instead of mere e-readers? You may own a Kindle e-reader, a Kindle fire and your personal computer. If you purchase books from Amazon, you can read your ebooks on your devices by logging in with your Amazon account. What if your families and your friends want to share your books without having to pay for them? By logging in with the same Amazon account? But actually Amazon account is only allowed to be registered on no more than six devices.

If your Kindle fire books are DRM-free, you can easily share your Kindle fire books with your families and friends who own Kindle devices or tablet without any limitations.

Reason three: Incompatible with non-Kindle e-readers

For DRM-protected Kindle fire books, you can only read them on Kindle e-readers, tablets or any other tablets by installing Kindle for PC/Mac app. It's impossible for you to read your ebooks on non-Kindle e-readers. If you have newly bought a Kobo Glo, you will still have to read your Kindle fire books with your old Kindle devices.

However, if you strip DRM from your Kindle fire books, and convert them to EPUB or PDF format, you are likely to read your Kindle fire books on any devices.

Reason four: Once bookstore closes down, your ebooks gone

Before Amazon, there are many places to purchase books. However, most of them shut down after they went out of business. For customers who haven't copied their books before the bookstore closes down, their books were gone. We can't make sure these popular bookstores like Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Google Play will be in good running condition all the time, but we do need to take measures in case of that happens.

Just by removing DRM from Kindle fire books, you can make backup of your books and you won't lose them even the bookstore shuts down.

How to strip DRM from Kindle fire books

I have provided four top reasons for removing DRM from Kindle fire books in part 1. I'm sure you will have no doubt about whether you should remove DRM or not. As long as you remove DRM from Kindle fire books for your own use, you don't need to hesitate. So in this part, I will give you detailed steps about how to remove DRM from Kindle fire books with ease.

Why I introduce this Kindle DRM Removal instead of Calibre? As you know, using Calibre you have to install another plugin to remove DRM. Besides, it requires some technique to operate. But according to my experience, this Kindle DRM Removal can help you remove DRM from Kindle books within seconds with ease. You don't need to install other plugin.

Download Kindle DRM Removal for free:

Step 1: Install this tool and run it. Then follow the instructions to load your default Kindle fire books in the "Kindle" item at the right side of the interface. Or click "Add" button or directly drag your books into this tool. (If you have just now purchased your books from Amazon, download them via Kindle for PC/Mac first.)

Step 2: After you load your Kindle fire books into this tool successfully, your books will be decrypted automatically within seconds.

strip DRM from kindle fire books

Step 3: You can find your decrypted Kindle fire books in the default path. In order to locate your decrypted books more easily, you can also preset your output folder by hitting the"user icon"-->> "setting" icon-->>"output"--"Output path".

preset decrypted output folder

It's easy to use, right? Then don't hesitate and hurry up now to strip DRM from Kindle fire books for backup or sharing your books with friends and families. If you also want to read your Kindle fire books on non-Kindle e-readers, you can convert Kindle fire books to EPUB by using Ultimate DRM eBook format Converter--Epubor Ultimate which helps you one-click to decrypt eBooks from Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo and Google online eBook stores in batch and convert ebooks to EPUB, PDF or MOBI format.

Download Ultimate Converter--Epubor Ultimate for free:



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