The 3 Best Cloud Reader to Read eBooks Online for Free

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Do you want to read ebooks online without downloading? Do you want to manage your purchased ebooks online? If your answer is “Yes”, you come to the right place. There are many cloud ebook readers allow users to manage ebooks online and read ebooks via browser. In this article, I will share the 3 best Cloud Readers providing the fully functional reading experience. Just pick one for yourself.

best ebook cloud reader

Kindle Cloud reader

The first cloud reader comes to my mind is Kindle Cloud Reader, also called Amazon Cloud Reader which was free and web-based. If you purchase kindle books a lot, Kindle Cloud Reader is the ideal opportunity to read and manage your ebooks online. What's more, it has the core reading function, such as highlights, notes, change fonts and font-size or search within a book, remember your reading location etc.

amazon cloud reader


1 You're allowed to enable kindle books for offline reading.

2 You can copy the highlights without leaving the web browser.

3 You can sync the reading activity among different kindle ereaders or reading apps.

4 Your purchased kindle ebooks will be automatically added to kindle cloud reader.


1 You cannot read and upload your personal documents on Kindle cloud reader.

2 You cannot create collections to categorize your kindle books.

Google Cloud Reader

Just like Amazon cloud reader, Google play books also allows you to read ebooks online via web browser without downloading. Besides the purchased book, you can even upload your own ebooks to Google play books for reading and managing. By this way you can corral your ebooks from different sources all together for better management. As a cloud reader, Google play books also enables you to change the font, text size, layout, line spacing, skip to chapters, search in the book and bookmark.

google cloud reader


1 You can upload your own (DRM-FREE) PDF and EPUB to Google Cloud Reader for reading.

2 You can create the bookshelf to categorize your books.

3 Your bought Google play books will added to google cloud reader automatically.


1 You cannot enable Google play book for offline reading, but always keep the internet connected.

Tolino Webreader

Besides Google and Kindle, have you ever heard of Tolino? Tolino reader is another big eReader producer with its own ecosystem. You can purchase Tolino Reader and ebook from Tolino shops, read on mobile with Tolino reading app, and even read online via browser with Tolino webreader. With the Tolino Cloud service, your purchased ebooks and audiobooks will display at your Tolino library. You can even upload your personal content to your Tolino webreader and sync them to your other Tolino devices and Apps with the same account. As for reading, you can set the font, font-size, background color, reading mode and text align and more.

Tolino Webreader


1 It allows you to read drm-ed and drm-free epub, pdf, and txt format ebooks.

2 You can upload your epub, pdf, and txt books to Tolino webreader for reading.

3 You can purchased from different ebook stores which belongs to Tolino ecosystem.


1 Tolino webreader are only available in a few countries, such as Germany, Netherland.

2 You are not able to read ebooks offline via Tolino webReader.

3 You cannot categorize your ebooks by collections on Tolino webreader.


These are the 3 best cloud readers I want to share today. All these cloud ebook readers offer a quick and convenient way to read ebooks, but some of them only can read the books purchased from its own stores, but others allows users to upload personal file for reading. You can choose the one fit you the best to read your ebooks online. As for me, Google Cloud Reader is my best choice, it not only can read the purchased google play books but also my personal files freely on computer, mobile and tablet. Which cloud ebook reader will you pick?


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