12 Must-Read Audible Saving Tips and Tricks--Not Only for the Beginner

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You may be attracted to Audible by the Audible 30-day free trial and start to listen to audiobooks. If you dig deeper, you will get more. I know many of you may have enrolled in Audible Membership for many years, but there are some tricks buried deep than you expected. With these tips and tricks, you can get much better audiobook listening experience and even save money on audiobooks.

Audible Saving Tips and tricks

Tip 1 Get two credits via 30-Day free trial

No matter you are intending to continue the membership or not, you should register to get the 2 free credits via the 30-day free trial. Before you end your membership, you should use the two credits to purchase two Audible books and download them to your computer. It means you can get two free audiobooks via Audible 30-day free trial. Why not give a shot? You will lose nothing but win two audiobooks for free.

Tip 2Put your account on hold

Compared with cancelling the membership, there is a better option--putting your account on hold. You can put your account on hold for no more than three months each year. During this period, you can still experience the priviledge as a membership, such as listening to your library of books, spending your existing credits, and getting discounts in the store. But you will never receive 1 credit every month. You can keep your membership on hold if you do not want to get credit each month.

Tip 3Ask for the silver membership

You may never find any thing about the silver membership because the Audible wants to keep this membership secret and as a backup plan to keep their users. This is no quick access to this silver subscription, you have go to Audible customer service page and then start a chat to ask they downgrade your memebership to silver. There is also another way to enroll in silver subscription. When you click on the option"cancel my sunscription", you will be required to choose the reason. Select "It's to expensive" and continue to the next page. There may be the following options for you: the silver option, cancel option, and free credit option. Please check the detailed information of Silver membership and Golden membership. What's the main difference is Silve membership only cost $14usd every other month( get 1 credit every other month) while the golden membership charge you 14.95$ every month (get 1 credit each month).

Silver membership

Audible Silver Membership Plan is $14.00 every other month
Get 1 audio credit every other month.
Save 30% on all audio every day.
Enjoy our Great Listen Guarantee. Members that are not satisfied with their choice can return an audiobook for another title up to 1 year after purchase.
Rollover and keep up to 5 credits at a time for as long as your membership is active
Receive advance notice of exclusive sales and promotions.
Enjoy a complimentary weekday audio subscription to The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.
Unlimited streaming access to Audible Channels.

Golden membership

The Gold Monthly membership is $14.95 per month.
1 credit per month.
Access to our exclusive membership benefits including:
Great Listen Guarantee. Members that are not satisfied with their choice can return an audiobook for another title up to 1 year after purchase.
30% discount to get any Audible books.
Member only sales.
Enjoy a complimentary weekday audio subscription to The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.
Unlimited streaming access to Audible Channels.

Tip 4Subscribe Audible Escape to Enjoy Unlimted Audiobook Listening

Audible Escape, a new name for Audible Romance Package, is a real unlimited audiobooks subscription which allows you to get access to a huge number of romance audiobooks with unlimited listening. You can borrow up to 10 audiobooks at a time. However, you can listen to those 10 in a day and return them whenever you like to exchange for another 10.

For new Audible Escape subscribers, first 30 days free. After one month, it costs $12.95 per month. If you are a Kindle Unlimited or Audible member, it costs only $6.95 per month. It would be a good choice if you want to enjoy unlimited audiobook listening. If you are really want to turn to this subscription plan, please read the Audible Escape Guide.

Tip 5Return the Audible books you do not like

Audible has this special policy: Great Listen Guarantee. Members that are not satisfied with their choice can return an audiobook for another title up to 1 year after purchase. If you are not satified with Audible book you purchased, you can return it or exchange it for a different audiobook within 1 year of the original date of purchase. If you are really want to use this tips, please read this article--How to Return Audible Books on Mobile & Desktop.

Tip 6Spend 4 credits at once to get a $10 credit

If you accumulate 4 credits and spend them all at once, you will get a $10 credit.

There are also some other deals to get credit. Here is one--"Get a 10$ coupon when you use 3 of your credits by June 26".

Tip 7Don’t Use Audible Credits if Audible Book is $14.95 or less

Since you have to pay for 14.95$ for Audible membership to get 1 credit, if you spend the credit on the audiobook less than 14.95$, it seems that you are not maximizing the value of the credit.

Tip 8Watch for Audible’s special deals

Since Audible offers special deals and daily deals, you really should visit the site frequently to see what they are offering.

Sometime, you will come across 2-for-1 deals. You can keep your credit until there's a 2-for-1 deal with the books you want. What is 2-for-1 deal? 2-for-1 deal means that you can purchase 2 audiobooks with 1 credit or purchase 2 audiobooks while get a third freeone.

Add the Audible books you want to purchase to your wishlist. You will get the notification when they are on sale.

You need to sign up to get those deals to be emailed to you. So keep your eyes on your emails and do not miss out these special deals.

Tip 9Remember your Credit limit

If you do not use the Audible credits, they can roll over, but do not exceed the maximum. Do you know how many credits can you keep in your account? It depends on your membership. Please remember that if you have exceed the limit, your older credits will be removed. That means you will lose your money.

Membership Plan Rollover Limit
Gold Monthly 6 Credits
Gold Annual 18 Credits
Platinum Monthly 12 Credits
Platinum Annual 36 Credits

Tip 10Purchase Audible credit at discounted price

If you are a avid listener, you may need this trick. If all your given credits have been used up, but you want to purchase the new audiobooks. You can go to this page to buy extra credits at the discounted prices. At there, you have to buy 3 credits at once at the discounted prices. Also, the prices for credits will vary for different membership.

Here is the price.

Membership Plan
Extra Credit Price
Gold Monthly
Gold Annual
Platinum Monthly
Platinum Annual

Or if you do not want to purchase 3 credits at once, you can purchase the audiobook directly at 30% discount as the membership.

Tip 11Purchase Audible books at discount price while you've already have the Kindle books

Method 1: Get audiobook companions for your Kindle eBook
If you want to purchase the auidobook version for your Kindle eBooks, please go to Amazon Matchmaker. The Amazon match maker will scan your Kindle library and show different audio companion available for your Kindle eBooks. Ususally, the upgrade price is much lower than you purchase the audio book directly from the Audible.

Method 2: Buy Kindle eBooks while adding audible narration
Thanks to Amazon Whispersync program, you can save a lot of money. If you buy a whispersync for voice enabled kindle eBooks, you can get the Audible version at a huge discounted price. Not all Kindle books have this whispersync supported version.

If you borrow Kindle books from Overdrive with your local library card, you can also get the Audible version for the discounted price. This is really a big trick, but only available for United States. In other area, OverDrive does not offer the Kindle book version.

Tip 12Go through the steps to almost cancel your membership

Audible always tries to keep you as a member and pull you back in if you are going to cancel your membership. If you are going to leave, you can read this article to follow the steps--How to Cancel Audible Membership . please ensure you have use all the credits in your account. When you try to cancel the membership, just choose "It's too expensive". If you've been the membership for long time, you will get really surprised offer, such as 3 months membership for 1$, 2o$ gift card and so on. People will get different offers but one thing for sure is that you will save a lot by this way.

There must be many great tips and tricks about Audible I missed in this article. You are welcome to share them with us in the comments.

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