The Easiest Way to Offline Download Deezer to FLAC

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Deezer is an excellent music streaming service that allows you to explore and enjoy FLAC music in high-fidelity sound. Although FLAC is not as popular as MP3, it is always the first choice for people who care about sound quality. So many music fans want to know how to download Deezer to FLAC for offline listening. Just keep reading, and you will find a perfect solution here!

What do I need to download Deezer music to FLAC?

As you know, with a Deezer Free account, you can only listen to 30-second song snippets in the Deezer app, let alone download lossless FLAC music from Deezer. If so, before you have your favorite songs in FLAC stored locally, you need to be prepared to achieve this goal.

(1) Become a Deezer subscriber

As we mentioned previously, only paid subscribers can access music with HiFi audio quality from Deezer. The first thing you need to do is create a Deezer account and choose a subscription plan.

deezer subscription plans

Deezer offers different membership plans: Deezer Premium, Deezer Family, Deezer Student, and Deezer Free. They include different features that can net you some benefits. So you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The Deezer Premium and Deezer Family plans have HiFi built in, which means you're able to enjoy exceptional Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) sound for all your favorite songs in Deezer. Therefore, a subscription to Deezer is a must if you would like to get lossless FLAC-based audio tracks.

(2) Install the Deezer Application (Mobile app or Desktop app)

As a streaming music service, Deezer is largely compatible with most iOS or Android devices, desktops, smart speakers, smart TVs, and so on. Just download the Deezer application and sign into your Deezer account, and then you can enjoy the best audio experience Deezer offers!

The Deezer app provides you with different levels of audio quality, from 64 kb/s to 1411 kb/s, and you can also set the quality of your downloads. However, higher-quality streams may cause stuttering during playback if your connection speed is limited. As long as you are a Deezer subscriber, you're allowed to download your favorite music from the Deezer app.

Note: All the downloaded music tracks are only playable within Deezer itself, which means a built-in Deezer app is required regardless of the device you want to stream from.

(3) Deezer Music Downloader & Converter Tool – Epubor DzSave (Recommended)

Is it possible to back up my favorite music from Deezer forever and access the local FLAC files at any time? Yes, of course. There are so many ways on the Internet, such as online Deezer downloaders, web extensions, audio recorders, or third-party Deezer music downloaders.

However, if you still have no idea what is the best and don't want to spend time testing them one by one, here we pick out the easiest and most convenient Deezer music downloader, which enables you to download or capture music files with original high-quality from Deezer and save them as FLAC files.

How to download Deezer Music to lossless FLAC files in 3 easy steps?

Epubor DzSave is designed for Deezer subscribers to download Deezer songs, albums, and playlists as FLAC files. It not only works at an impressive 30X faster speed but also preserves source sound quality with zero quality loss.

Step 1 Download and install the Deezer Desktop and Epubor DzSave

Download Epubor DzSave for free:

Epubor DzSave must work with Deezer Desktop application, so you need to install Deezer Desktop on your computer first.

deezer desktop interface

Step 2 Launch Epubor DzSave and sync your favorite Deezer music

After you log into your Deezer account and run Epubor DzSave, it will automatically sync your favorite Deezer tracks, including playlists, albums, artists, and podcasts.

deezer sync music

Step 3 Download and convert Deezer music to FLAC

Next, drag and drop the music you would like to download to the right area, then select FLAC as the output format, and click "Download to FLAC" to download these Deezer music to FLAC format on your computer.

dzsave converting

Once the downloading is finished, you get the local FLAC music files from the output folder by clicking "Succeeded" or the blue folder icon on the right bottom.

dzsave success

Bonus Tips:

If you like listening to podcasts on Deezer, you can also use DzSave to download the episodes as local files and enjoy your favorite podcasts anytime!

FAQ about downloading Deezer music to FLAC

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What audio quality Deezer provides?

A: The audio quality provided by Deezer depends on the subscription plan you have. And the audio quality also differs depending on the devices you're using. There are four levels, from 64 kb/s to 1411 kb/s.

Q: Can I directly get music from Deezer FLAC files?

A: No, you're not able to access local FLAC files in the Deezer app, even if you enabled the offline mode and downloaded Deezer songs. The best way to download and keep your Deezer music is to use a Deezer music downloader, such as Epubor DzSave, to save your favorite songs in FLAC format locally.

Q: Do FLAC files sound better than MP3 files?

A: Yes, FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a lossless compression format, and it generally offers better sound quality compared to MP3 files.

Q: Are there limitations on sound quality from Deezer music?

A: No, Deezer provides every subscriber with FLAC music in high-fidelity sound, unless you are a Deezer Free user.

Q: Which device can I enjoy Deezer FLAC on?

A: Deezer FLAC streaming is supported on multiple devices that are compatible with the FLAC audio format, including the desktop app, web player, iOS, and Android, when your network connection is fast and stable enough. Of course, it's better to download Deezer music to FLAC as local files for offline listening.


Now you can easily use Epubor DzSave to download and convert Deezer music to FLAC format. With the help of this excellent tool, you're able to keep your favorite music permanently. What are you in doubt about? Just try it now! Let's enjoy FLAC music in HiFi audio quality provided by Deezer and grab an exceptional listening experience.

Download Epubor DzSave for free:

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