Three Methods to Read Kindle Books on PC

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Amazon is really a good platform to purchase the eBooks and audible audiobooks. If you have many Kindle eBooks but do not have a Kindle e-ink device or tablet, reading Kindle books on PC will be a good choice for you. Compared with the eReaders or tablets, computers will enable you to read eBooks in full-screen which will be excellent experience for reading graphic novels or comics. Another reason people choose to read Kindle books on PC may be because it is convenient to reference texts in their works.

But how to read Kindle books on PC? Here I will introudce three methods to read Kindle books on PC. Besides the defualt Kindle reading app(Kindle for PC), you can also read kindle books with Kindle Cloud Reader or third parting reading apps.

read kindle books pc

1. Read Kindle Books Online with Kindle Cloud Reader

If you do not want to download any software to your computer for reading Kindle books, I will show you how to read Kindle books on PC without app. Kindle Cloud Reader is a web app developed by Amazon for reading Kindle books in any compatible web browser. Below is the step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Log in Kindle Cloud Reader.

Visit Kindle Cloud Reader via your web browser. To be mentioned, Kindle Cloud Reader is not compatible with all web browsers, but only the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari(Mac) and Internet Explorer.

Put in your Amazon Kindle account information and then click on "Sign in" button to log in your Kindle Cloud Reader.

sign in kindle cloud reader

If this is the first time you log in your Kindle Cloud Reader, you will be asked to set up Kindle Cloud Reader for Offline Reading. You can click " Enable Offline" to activate the offline reading, or click on "Not Now" just ignore this setting.

read kindle books offline

If you enable the offline reading, a new window will pop up to require you to install a browser extension or plug-in. Once finished the installation, you can even read the books downloaded via Kindle Cloud Reader when you are offline.

Step 2. Read Kindle books with Kindle Cloud Reader.

When you log in your Kindle Cloud Reader, you will go directly to the library where displays all Kindle books on your Kindle account. To read Kindle books, just double click the book cover to open it. If you've never read this book on any other device, you will go to the first page of this book when you open it. Otherwise, you will go to the last location when you were left at other devices. What's more, thanks to Amazon Whispersync technology, you are able to sync your furthest page read, notes, and marks across devices. Therefore, it is easy for you to start again from your furthest page or find your highlights and notes.

read kindle books with Kindle cloud reader

Kindle Cloud Reader also allows you to make bookmarks, change font color and background color and so on. Although it does not have many powerful reading features as the desktop reading apps, it can meet your basic reading requirements. It can be considered as an alternative of desktop reading apps if you really hate to install software on your PC.

Pro Tip: If you have downloaded Kindle books via Kindle Cloud Reader on Chrome, you can export Kindle Cloud Reader books to DRM-free mobi file with the help of Epubor KCR Converter.

Download Epubor KCR Converter for free:

2. Read Kindle Books on PC with Kindle for PC

As the biggest eBook vendor, Amazon also offers desktop apps to their users to access their eBooks. Consequently, reading Kindle Books with Kindle for PC becomes the first choice of many people who want to read Kindle books on PC.

How to read Kindle books with Kindle for PC?

Step 1. Download and install Kindle for PC.

Go to the Amazon official download page to download the Kindle for PC and install it.

Step 2. Register the Kindle for PC with your Amazon account information.

Launch Kindle for PC, and the register window will pop up. Put in your Amazon account information and then click on "sign in" button to finish the registration.

register kindle for pc

Step 3. Download the Kindle books to your PC.

When you finish the registration, your Kindle books will be displayed at the library under "All" tab. To download the Kindle books, you can either double click the book cover or right click the book cover, and then tap "Download" to start the downloading. When the book has been downloaded completely, it will be open automatically. And you can also find the download Kindle books under "Downloaded" tab.

download kindle books via kindle for pc

Step 4. Read Kindle books with Kindle for PC.

You can just double click the book you want to read under the "Downloaded" tab to open it. As you can see in the below picture, there is a menu bar on the top. This menu bar contains many reading functionalities, such as go to location or table of content, change the font size, color, or style, change reading mode and so on. Furthermore, it also enables you to place bookmarks, highlight text, add notes and flashcards.

kindle for pc reading options

Besides reading your own amazon account Kindle books, you are also add books to Kindle for PC to read them.

3. Read Kindle Books on PC with Third Party Reading App

Besides Kindle for PC, there are also many powerful Reader apps for PC are really popular among eBook lovers. I bet you've already had your favorite Reader app installed at your computer for reading and managing your eBooks. Is there any way to read Kindle books on PC with your favorite Reader app? Sure, it is. Let me introduce the easiest way to read Kindle books on PC with the most popular Readers.

Step 1. Download Kindle books to your PC.

To download the Kindle books, you can follow the guide in Method 2 to download the Kindle books to your PC.

Step 2. Remove DRM from Kindle books.

It is universal known that almost all Kindle books purchased from Amazon website are protected by Kindle DRM. The DRM protection limits eBooks to be read on Kindle associated devices and apps. To read the Kindle books with third party reader, we need to remove the Kindle DRM at first. Here I want to introduce most powerful DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate which combines the eBook DRM Removal with eBook convesion function.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

Launch Epubor Ultimate, and you will see the extremely neat interface with the necessary function. The easy-to-use feature enables the newbie can use this software smoothly.

Click the Kindle tab, and you will see all your downloaded Kindle books stored at default "My Kindle Content" folder will be displayed at the left column. If you download the books via Kindle e-Ink devices, Epubor Ultimate will also detect and load these book under "Kindle name(like Voyage, Touch, according to your Kindle device name)" Tab.

To remove the DRM, just drag the books from left column to the right column, the books will be decrypted automatically. You will see there is a "Decrypted" at the end of each book. Click "Decrypted", you can open the folder stored the DRM-free Kindle books.

convert KFX ebooks

Step 3. Convert Kindle books to any format.

Different Reader apps support different eBooks format. Before you adding the Kindle books to your Reading apps, you need to convert the Kindle books to your reader supported formats.

Epubor Ultimate supported eBooks formats include TXT, MOBI, PDF, EPUB and AZW3.

output formats support by Epubor Ultimate

When the Kindle books has been decrypted, just select the output format and then click on "Convert to xxx" button to convert your Kindle books to the format you want. When the conversion has been done, the output folder with converted eBooks will pop up automatically.

convert Kindle books

Step 4. Read Kindle books with your favorite Reader apps on pc.

Now you can add the DRM-free or converted Kindle books to your favorite reader app. For different formats, you can use different reader. As for me, I purchase a lot books from Google play and borrow many books from library, so I read many books with Adobe digital editions. Therefore, I remove DRM from Kindle books, convert Kindle books to epub and then add kindle books to ADE for better management and reading. Below is how my Kindle book displayed in my Adobe digital editions. Not bad, right?

output formats support by Epubor Ultimate

Bonus Tips:

1. For reading epub books, you can follow the guide how to read epub on pc.

2. For reading mobi books, there are 5 best mobi readers for your choice.

I know that the method 3 seems a little bit complex than the above two methods. According to my personal reading habits, I always want to keep my eBooks in one Reader apps although I purchase eBooks from multiple eBook vendors in different eBook formats and with different DRM protection.Why? Because if all my purchased books in one library, it is convenient for me to manage them. That's one reason that why I highly recommend you to remove Kindle DRM and read Kindle eBooks with your favorite Reader apps.

Another reason is reading Kindle books with Non-Kindle apps means I need to remove DRM from these Kindle books at first. When I get the DRM-free Kindle books, I can back up these books to my computer no matter what happens to Amazon. It is sort of backing up my Kindle books.

Are you still hesitating? Just download the Epubor Ultimate to free your ebook and read your Kindle book on any Reading app Now!

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

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